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  • Steve + Rachel

    Have you ever felt like the universe conspired to make something happen? That's pretty much how we feel about meeting each other. Out of nowhere, Rachel reconnected with an acquaintance from college. Steve happened to be friends with him. A blind date was arranged that consisted of an awkward dinner and a hilarious game night. We quickly bonded over sarcasm, laughter, and sports.

  • Matt + Marcie

    Hello from our family! Our names are Matt, Marcie and Brayden. We cannot even begin to imagine the feelings and emotions you have or will experience as you consider making an adoption plan for you and your baby. The weight of your decision is not lost on us! We admire your courage, strength and love for your child. We hope you have support as you navigate the path you wish to take! Please know that no matter what you choose, we wish you, your child, and your family all the best. If you do choose to get to know us more, please know we cannot wait to meet you and learn more about you and your life!

  • Cody + Allison

    We wish we could grab a cup of coffee with you and just listen to your full story beginning to end. We don't know the sadness and heartache that you've already endured, but we do know that you are incredibly brave if you are even looking at this profile right now. We firmly believe that God can take whatever sorrow and pain you have and weave them into something beautiful. He can rewrite stories and redeem the broken pieces in your life and ours. If you ultimately choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, know that we will cherish your child and provide the best opportunities we possibly can. We will prioritize laughter, learning, and love in our home.

  • Eric + Kate

    Get Busy Livin' is our motto for our life together that began over 11 years ago when we met on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee with instant energy! In 2011, we married our best friend and could not image a world without each other. We are eager and ready to share our love and passion for life with children through adoption. With that we have the highest level of admiration and respect for the selfless path you have chosen. As people of faith, we believe experiences in life happen for a reason and the greatest challenges turn out to be the greatest blessings. Thank you for considering us. We are excited for the opportunity to share more, learn about you, and welcome you and our child as eternal members of our Family!

  • Kevin + Katie

    Even though we don't know you yet, we have been praying for the health and well being of you and your baby. No matter what you decide, we sincerely hope the best for you and your child. We cannot truly understand what you are going through, but we know you are having to make a very difficult choice. It is obvious to us that your decisions are being made from a place of love and compassion. You already are a caring parent.

  • Stephanie + Jonathan

    We want to thank you for taking a moment to get to know us! First, we want to say that no matter the specific path you choose, we respect that these are difficult decisions and admire your strength. This journey is such an incredible rollercoaster of emotions, and we hope you feel as supported as possible throughout it. We want you to know that we are a loving couple who truly work as a team to make every day more joyful and the tough times not as tough. We embrace each day as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Chad + Karen

    We are high school sweethearts and have been married for 10 years! We have always known that adoption would be a part of our story. We stand here and cherish this experience as our two stories meet. If you chose us to parent your child, we would work through the opportunity to have some openness in the adoption where we can all uphold the best interests of the child in whatever form that takes. Regardless of the decision you make, we want you to know how courageous you are!

  • Drake + Claire

    A quick look at us...We've been together 10 years & married for 3 years. Our pup is named Otis, and we are hoping to grow our family with more children & dogs in the future. Thank you for taking the time the learn more about us and our community of friends & family!