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  • Cody + Allison

    We wish we could grab a cup of coffee with you and just listen to your full story beginning to end. We don't know the sadness and heartache that you've already endured, but we do know that you are incredibly brave if you are even looking at this profile right now. We firmly believe that God can take whatever sorrow and pain you have and weave them into something beautiful. He can rewrite stories and redeem the broken pieces in your life and ours. If you ultimately choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, know that we will cherish your child and provide the best opportunities we possibly can. We will prioritize laughter, learning, and love in our home.

  • Hunter + Melissa

    Hello! We are Hunter and Melissa. This journey has been full of new emotions for us and we can not even imagine the emotions you are currently experiencing as well. We know we can not grasp the depth of your emotions and everything you are navigating during this time. Even though we are not able to feel those same emotions, we would still love to learn and understand as much as we can about what you are facing. We want to share this journey, the ups and downs, with you.

  • Gary + Krissa

    We want you to know that before even meeting you that we believe in you. We believe you are strong, courageous, selfless, and you are worthy. We want to reassure you that we will be the very best parents we can be to your baby. We will spend the rest of our lives loving, teaching, and raising our child to be the very best person that they can be. And we will never let them forget how brave and loving you are.

  • Phil + Erica

    Thank you for taking the time to get to know us as potential adoptive parents! We are so excited to grow our family and we are ready to give another child a lifetime of love and happiness. We hope you enjoy getting to know us, and we hope we get to meet you soon!

  • Jeremy + Stefanie

    Our names are Stefanie and Jeremy and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit through the pages of our profile. As we write this letter, we feel so many emotions and cannot begin to imagine the emotions you may feel as well. We have learned that when trying to make an important decision, talking openly about what you are thinking and feeling makes it easier to process and move forward in making the right decision for you. We hope that you have someone in your life that you are able to discuss your thoughts and feelings with openly.

  • Dave + Mandy

    Hello! Adoption represents hope and new beginnings for us. When we felt at the end of our rope, not sure where God was leading us, adoption brought a whole new level of excitement and a hope that we didn't know was possible.

  • Mike + Julie

    Our names are Mike and Julie and we want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We cannot imagine how difficult of a decision you are facing and the emotions that come along with such a decision. We believe in you and trust your judgement. You know what is best for you and your baby, no one else does... whether that is to parent or to make an adoption plan. If you do decide to make an adoption plan, we would be honored and grateful to be a part of your journey and have the opportunity to welcome your child into our home as part of our family.

  • Thomas + Nicole

    We want to take this time to introduce you to our family, and life. But first, we want you to know, that the depth and strength of your decision to consider adoption is not lost on us. Please know that we pray for your courage and comfort as you are looking for parents/a family to raise your child. We hope that you find comfort and peace in your decision. Please take your time, to get to know our family, through these pages, and we wish you the best through this journey and in your future. Love, Thomas (TJ), Nicole and Jackson