The Adoption Process

We know this is not an easy decision. It’s not easy to carry your child to term or to choose another family to parent your child. But make no mistake - these sacrifices make you a very special mom. Because of your love and courage, your child has everything needed to start a beautiful life.

Types of Adoption

Adoption has evolved in exciting ways, and expectant mothers have more choices than ever before.

Relationships with the adoptive family looks different for everyone. There are different degrees of openness in your relationship with the adoptive family. One is not better than the other. It is up to you, with the help of your caseworker, to figure out what level of openness is right for you and your child


You will receive periodic updates about your child through letters and photos from the adoptive parents. Most expectant mothers with Gladney choose semi-open adoption, which can offer them assurance that a child is thriving in the adoptive family.


You will discuss with the adoptive parents your dreams for your future relationship with your child. Together, you will decide on a plan for periodic visits and communication, whether through letters, photos, calls, or emails.


A closed adoption means that you have chosen not to stay in contact with the adoptive family after placement.

We Know You Have More Questions

Finding answers is your first step toward making the best decision for you.

Frequently Asked Questions