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  • Kirsten + Matthew

    Dear expectant parents,

    We both meet here with our own unique stories that brought us here. We aren't sure if either of us would have thought we would be here today, learning more about each other and even ourselves. But we are both here because we have love in our hearts. Even though we don't know each other right now, know that we support you. We pray that you have someone or find someone who understands you and makes you feel like you are not alone. As we have learned, you're never alone! There are numerous parents that are in the shoes you are currently in, with their own unique circumstances that have brought them there. We hope you find them so you feel understood! Adoption can make a child's story unique as well and can provide them with more love than just two parents. The day we adopt a child, they will always know their story and where they came from. We pray that you have a healthy pregnancy with a healthy child. You have created one of God's most precious gifts that He will ever offer this world. We pray that they feel the warmth of a mother's love. That they have hands to hold and receive many hugs and kisses. That they do not feel alone and that they are comforted with a support system that they can trust. We pray that their life is full of fun adventures filled with peace and happiness. That they receive a life full of opportunities. We can not imagine the struggles that you must be going through, but know that we admire your strength and courage. We know that it might not seem like it now, but you are very brave. Trust in yourself and know that you will make the right decision for both you and your child, whether that decision be to parent or to continue with creating an adoption plan.

    We hope you enjoy our story! With love,

    Matthew and Kirsten

  • Julius + Erica

    Without even knowing you yet we are excited to introduce you to our family and provide insight into our lives. Understanding this time is not easy for you, it is our hope that we will be able to help you make the best choice you can for the future.

  • Jess + Cory

    We are Cory and Jess, and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We know this may be a confusing and difficult time for you while you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your precious baby. We hope that you feel supported and loved no matter where you are in your journey. Feel free to let go of any pressure to "get this right" and instead, embrace this opportunity to create beautiful futures for both you and your child. We admire you so much for considering adoption.

  • Erin + Paul

    Thank you for taking the time to look over our profile. We understand you have a difficult journey ahead of you and we wish you peace as you navigate your path forward.

  • Cameron + Samantha

    First of all, thank you. Not just for the incredibly brave and selfless sacrifice you are making, but also for even picking up our book to consider us for the immense privilege of raising this child.

    It is impossible for us to put into words how appreciative we are of you and our hope is that this profile allows you a glimpse into our lives and loving home.

    With our love,

    Cameron and Samantha

  • Teddy + Tiffany

    It is difficult to put into words how thankful we are for you. We admire your courage and selflessness and we pray for you as you make this difficult decision. We cannot imagine the emotions you must be experiencing, and hope that you feel God's presence and love throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and beyond. We pray that you find peace in selecting a family to love and provide opportunities for your child.

  • Katie + Howard

    Dear Parent,

    Where do we start? Well, first, thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

    Second, you should know we are incredibly ordinary people. We pay our taxes, watch movies, floss our teeth (occasionally) and grocery shop together. We listen to music. Get lost in thought. Do chores. We open doors for others, say "Please" and "Thank you", and enjoy a good laugh, especially when they are hard to come by.

    Like we said, we're ordinary.

    And like most people, we've experienced hardships. Ours of late have centered around our journey to parenthood. Which is why we are writing what you are now reading. And while our paths through life have differed, with yours undoubtedly filled with its own twists and turns, they've led us all to here and now. This moment where we're asking you to consider partnering with us in parenthood.

    If you are open to it, we'd love for you to continue reading so you may get to know us better. We hope you'll find us to be the kind, good people our parents raised us to be. But more importantly, we hope you come away understanding that while we may be ordinary people, we're capable of and surrounded by extraordinary love. Love that your child will experience everyday.

    Sincerely, Katie & Howard

  • Erica + Chris

    Thank you for your interest in getting to know us. We will do our best through the words and pictures in this book to show you that the two of us are truly something special. We hope that by its end you'll come away feeling like a part of our family and can see us as part of your story as well. The choice you are facing right now is inconceivable. We can't imagine the difficulty of your situation, but we recognize its magnitude, and we respect and admire you for considering adoption for your child. Your bravery and selflessness are without equal. If you decide that adoption will provide the best life for your child, be confident in knowing that the family you choose will be the right one for them. We hope that no matter the path you take, you are surrounded by those you love and have the support you need. If you choose our family to parent your child, we will dedicate our lives to enriching theirs, showing them love each and every day, and doing everything in our power to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.