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  • Jimmy + Jaime

    Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us as you make the most important decision of your life. Choosing parents for your child is an incredibly personal decision. We'd like to return the favor by giving you a personal look into our lives and the love we share for each other and our son.

  • Wyatt + Amanda

    First let us say thank you! Thank you for considering adoption as an option for you and your baby. Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your baby. While we can never fully understand the difficult decision you are contemplating, please know that we truly admire your bravery and courage in taking this step to learn more about us. We want you to know that if you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, we will provide a loving home full of laughter. We will also provide them with every opportunity to succeed in life. Please know that whichever path you choose, we want to wish you and your baby the best and know that God has a plan for everyone. We hope our profile is able to show you the love, support and nurturing that we can promise to provide. We can not wait to meet you and learn more about your life!

  • Vito + Janet

    Thank you so much for considering adoption and taking the time to learn about our family! We are Vito and Janet, a loving couple from New York. In 2014 we adopted our son, Tyler, and our lives changed for the better. We hope that this profile will give you a glimpse into who we are and our life together.

  • Stephen + Samantha

    Hi! We are Stephen and Samantha! We are so excited to welcome a baby to our family! Our hearts and home are ready to love, care for, and raise a child.

  • Corey + Lil

    We promise to enter OPEN ADOPTION with an OPEN HEART and an OPEN MIND. Our aim is to provide enough information to allow you to get a glimpse of what our life is like. We will tell our child's adoption story and keep communications open with you, if you so desire.

  • Chris + Helen

    We are so humbled and honored that you would consider us as part of your adoption journey. Though the paths that led us here may be different, we want to begin one path and walk it together, free of judgement or pain. Your sorrows will be our sorrows; your triumphs will be our triumphs. Your love for this little one can never be replaced or outdone. There is only one of you, and there will only ever be one of you.

  • Julius + Erica

    Without even knowing you yet we are excited to introduce you to our family and provide insight into our lives. Understanding this time is not easy for you, it is our hope that we will be able to help you make the best choice you can for the future.

  • Andrew + Hannah

    Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little. We want to say THANK YOU for the incredibly selfless decision you are considering. We believe that you are so very brave and courageous. We know this must be such a difficult decision and we can't even begin to understand all that you are going through, but we are so honored that you would consider us to be a part of your journey and story. So, thank you!