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  • Jay + Janie

    We are so honored that you are considering our family as part of your life journey. We may just be getting to know each other but we can say with certainty that you are a strong person that we admire greatly. The love you have displayed already for your child is unwavering and completely selfless.

  • Chris + Amanda

    Hello! We are Chris and Amanda (Mandy). We are two goofy and lovable people excited to grow our family. Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about us. We hope our stories will make you laugh. We hope you may smile when you relate to some of our quirks, but most of all we hope you see the real us.

  • Stephen + Sela

    We are in awe of your strength and compassion and are honored to be considered part of your child's life. Life presents all of us with different journeys, and we feel lucky that our path will cross with yours in such a profound way. We want you to know that this means the world to us and we share in your desire to give your baby a life filled with love, support, and opportunities. We are a nurturing family with a lot of love to give, and we will love your baby with all our hearts.

  • Tim + Emily

    Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. It is an honor, and we are incredibly thankful for your consideration. We cannot begin to understand what you are thinking and feeling. We know that you must already be so in love with your child to choose adoption. It is a choice that takes strength, honesty, compassion, and of course, love. If chosen we will love and build your child up to his/her greatest potential every day of their life and never take being their adoptive parents for granted. We will pray for you in this difficult decision as God leads you to the right adoptive parents for your child.

  • Steve + Beth

    Honesty. Heart. Hustle. Home. We can promise you that with us, you will get all of that. How we come together with you to create our chosen family may be a beautifully messy journey, but we will work together to build mutual trust & understanding.

  • Michael + Lisa

    We are grateful you have courageously chosen an adoption plan for your child/children. They may not have our eyes and they may not have our smiles, but they will have all of our hearts.

  • Mark + Jennifer

    Our story begins with a neighborhood game of basketball and Jennifer's wonderful matchmaking Uncle Steve! He introduced us and we talked for hours. We connected instantly over our love of animals, Food Network cooking shows, and of course, basketball! Since then we have had many adventures and have 4 dogs we love very much. We'd like to tell you more about our life together and hope to one day learn more about you and your hopes and dreams for yourself and your child.

  • Jason + Summer

    Dear Birth Parents: We admire your courage and selflessness in making an adoption plan for your child and we are humbled that you might entrust us. We will strive to be the best parents we can be to your child and promise to commit ourselves to having a home full of love and possibilities.

    With hope and promise, Jason and Summer