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  • Hunter + Melissa

    Hello! We are Hunter and Melissa. This journey has been full of new emotions for us and we can not even imagine the emotions you are currently experiencing as well. We know we can not grasp the depth of your emotions and everything you are navigating during this time. Even though we are not able to feel those same emotions, we would still love to learn and understand as much as we can about what you are facing. We want to share this journey, the ups and downs, with you.

  • Martha

    I was raised by my parents to be honest, kind, thoughtful, loving and open to all those I meet. I know that my entire family, my great community of friends, and my church home would all have open arms to love and support a child that came into my life. I promise that your child would be raised in a home where they felt the love of God and family every day.

  • Asher + Alissa

    We are a family who enjoys having fun, is laid back, and most of all loves big! We LOVE our daughter Annie, and cannot wait for the next opportunity to welcome another child into our home. We love adventure, being outside, our dog Ella, and our friends and family.

  • David + Sun

    We hope that you would consider us as prospective parents. We have prayed for years that God would bless us with a child and are now convinced that God has provided adoption as a way for us. Through these difficult circumstances is a great blessing that we will be so grateful for and cherish. You could be a blessing to us, and we respect the decision that you are making. We understand that you must be going through a difficult time, and it takes courage to do what you are doing. We will work hard to be a blessing to this child. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be parents!

  • Stephanie + Jonathan

    We want to thank you for taking a moment to get to know us! First, we want to say that no matter the specific path you choose, we respect that these are difficult decisions and admire your strength. This journey is such an incredible rollercoaster of emotions, and we hope you feel as supported as possible throughout it. We want you to know that we are a loving couple who truly work as a team to make every day more joyful and the tough times not as tough. We embrace each day as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Jason + Summer

    Dear Birth Parents: We admire your courage and selflessness in making an adoption plan for your child and we are humbled that you might entrust us. We will strive to be the best parents we can be to your child and promise to commit ourselves to having a home full of love and possibilities.

    With hope and promise, Jason and Summer

  • Monica

    A mother's love for her child is nurturing, patient, kind, protective, forgiving, and lifelong. Your ability to put those feelings aside for the better of your child is the most amazing sacrifice and act of kindness, love, and protection that I could ever know. I commend you for your courage and for the incredible sacrifice that you are embarking on out of truly unconditional love. If chosen to be your child's adoptive parent, I vow to embrace them with an abundance of love and support for their eternal life.

  • Julius + Erica

    Without even knowing you yet we are excited to introduce you to our family and provide insight into our lives. Understanding this time is not easy for you, it is our hope that we will be able to help you make the best choice you can for the future.