Pamella + Nathan

We know this is not an easy decision. We admire your incredible strength, courage, and selflessness as you go through this journey. No matter where this journey may take you, please know you are in our prayers. If chosen by you, we'd love the opportunity to hear more about your hopes and dreams for this child. In return, we'll share about our lives together and the immense love we have to offer a child. We are so excited about becoming parents and we hope that you can envision the nurturing home and family that we are dedicated to offering.

About Us

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We are best friends and partners in adventure. During the week you'll find us going for a bike ride or playing in the park with our dog. We both enjoy cooking. Most of the time we eat healthy, but we also love baking cookies and making tacos or pizza. We have an entire closet and part of our garage dedicated to holiday decorations - because nothing is more joyful than a house filled with Christmas decor. Together we love to travel. We've been to six different countries together and we like to collect art from wherever we go to decorate our home. Nathan proposed while we were hiking a glacier in Canada. We would love the opportunity to take our future children on the same hike one day. While we love adventure, we know being parents will be our greatness adventure yet.

We are fully committed to the type of adoption that is right for you, open or semi-open. If you entrust us with the privilege of becoming adoptive parents, your child will grow up knowing how strong and courageous you are.

Meet Pam

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I've always wanted multiple children and lots of family game nights. I look forward to surprising our kids with cupcakes at school and water balloon fights after school. I grew up in a household that was filled with playfulness and laughter, and I want our children to have the same. Whether building a blanket fort in the living room or playing marco polo in the pool, childhood is meant to be FUN!

I grew up to be a scientist, and I am the first in my family to receive a PhD. I hope to be an example to our children that when you put your mind to something and believe in yourself, you can achieve your wildest dreams. I am lucky to have a flexible career that allows me to prioritize my family and work from home. I enjoy cooking for my family, throwing birthday and holiday parties, and planning family vacations.

How Nathan Would Describe Pam:

Pam is kind and thoughtful. She goes above and beyond to help anyone in need. I admire the way she is always the first to volunteer in a crisis, making food for one of our neighbors or helping a friend in need. Any children we are blessed with will enjoy her love for arts and crafts and playing games. She is the perfect balance between creativity and problem-solving. She always has words of encouragement for those around her; and her love and devotion for her family and friends blows me away. Her confidence and ability to turn the everyday things into something exciting is what made me fall in love with her.

Meet Nathan

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I grew up in Tennessee with my mom, dad, and younger brother. Growing up we loved playing outdoors and riding dirt bikes. I have always loved a good adventure. After high school I joined the Military for 5 years before going to college. After college I moved to the city that I met and fell in love with my wife, where we purchased our first home, and now where we hope to grow our family. I enjoy hiking, riding my bike, and playing golf. I am always up for anything where my wife and I can get outside. I'm a huge NFL fan and watch football every Sunday during the season. Every year we go to one game in person. That is a tradition I look forward to sharing with our children.

How Pam Would Describe Nathan:

Nathan is one of the most uplifting and selfless people I've ever met and I'm lucky to call him my husband. His sense of humor makes it impossible to be in a bad mood and his smile is contagious. His cooking skills are amazing, and he is our household handyman. We recently finished a renovation and Nathan did a lot of the work himself. That's what type of man he is - always up for a challenge. He is incredibly close with his parents (who are also very awesome!). I think that's why we make the perfect pair: we both put family first and love to laugh. I know Nathan will be a loving dad, the kind of dad you can tell anything to and that can make you smile even on a bad day. Best of all, he makes great pancakes on Saturday mornings!

Our Home

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Home is where we recharge, cook yummy foods, and watch our favorite movies. We live in a quiet cul-de-sac with a nearby nature and bike trail. Our home has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We have a large lot, which is perfect for a future playset and pool. We love our neighbors and there are several young families in the area. There is an elementary school within walking distance from our house. Pam's immediate family lives within 15 to 20 minutes and we love having them nearby.

We recently began setting up our nursery, and we are excited to add more once the time comes.

Our Family and Friends

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We enjoy taking family trips with Nathan's extended family. Sometimes it includes a week at the beach or a long weekend exploring a new city. No matter where we are, it is great to have so much love surrounds us. Pam's family gets together regularly for dinners, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and baptisms. Coming from a big family means lots of cousins and lots of aunts and uncles. Family game nights sometimes include outdoor activities, like scavenger hunts and relay races. We always have a blast.

We are surrounded by our friends and family that are supportive of us expanding our family via adoption. They and their kids are excited. Most of all we can say with certainty that they are an extension of the unconditional love we have to offer.

We love to travel

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What we love about traveling is the ability to learn about foods, cultures, and languages that may be different from ours. Traveling has forced us out of our comfort zone in a good way. It has also been a testament to our relationship. Through teamwork and communication, we always figure out a way to get things done - while having fun. That's what we think will be our greatest asset as parents - our ability to work together with love & respect.

Meet Luna, Our Dog

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Luna is a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever that we have had since she was a puppy. She is a sweet dog that is excellent with children. Most of our neighbors have gotten dogs for their kids after they falling in love with Luna. Luna travels with us and likes to play in the snow and on the beach. She will enjoy having someone new to bring her toys to and love on in the house.

Our Promise

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- We promise there will be laughter and love every day.

- We promise they will know how much they are loved, by us and by you.

- We promise to be worthy role models of what it means to be good and kind people.

- We promise not to stand in the way of their greatness, to support and encourage their dreams and ambitions.

- We promise to provide them every opportunity to become whatever they want to be. Even if that means getting up early on the weekend to drive them to camps or games or seminars, we will do it. Because that is what our parents did for us.

- We promise to always be there, whether it be on the sidelines of their sports game, in the audience of their play, or to tuck them in at night - we will be there.

- We promise to tell their birth story and respect the dreams you may have for them.

- We promise to keep him or her safe, and to provide unconditional love.

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