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Thank you for clicking our profile! As we sit to write this letter our hearts are filled with excitement and emotion, as we know our lives will be forever changed for the better. We truly love children and have always dreamed of having a family. We are grateful for the decision that you are making as it is an indescribable gift to those of us who desire to have a family. We can never know the courage it took to make this decision. Thank you for choosing life.

We understand this must be a difficult and confusing time, and we may never completely understand all the emotions that you are experiencing. We respect your decision to place the baby for adoption. We pray for you to have the peace only God can give you and will continue to pray for you throughout this chapter of your life. As you will learn our family is a household of joy, peace, fun, faith, and most of all love.

We are blessed with a wonderful life and strong support system of friends and family. We have prayed that the Lord would bless us with a child and know that God has provided adoption as a way for us. We have so much love to give, and we cannot wait to be parents!

May the Lord bless you always (Numbers 6:24-26)

Love & blessings,Caleb & Rachel

Our Story

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Caleb & I met in person in October 2014, however we had known about each other for much longer. Our younger brothers were friends in elementary school so our families were familiar with each other. Caleb's mom had really wanted Caleb to meet me, if there was a kids party at our house Caleb's mom would call my mom and tell her to have me answer the door because Caleb was coming to pick up his brother. Caleb never came, he was too shy, he would call his little brother & tell him that he was waiting for him outside in his car. We would cross paths in high school and I was always curious about this boy that never came to the door.In October of 2014 we had finally made contact with each other via social media & agreed to meet.

Our first date was so much fun, we first met for coffee. I remember when he walked into that coffee shop our eyes met, he smiled at me & I knew he was the one. For me it was love at first sight. We talked, we laughed and ate dinner, rode on bumper boats & got ice cream at midnight, we had so much fun that night! I just remember how he made me laugh that night. Halloween was our second date & it was just as much fun. We went out for two months as "just friends", then in December 2014 Caleb asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember we went out on a date & around midnight we he pulled up to the driveway to drop me off at home, he was so nervous. He said he wanted to ask me something. He was sweating & shaking it took him forever to finally ask me to be his girlfriend. We dated for several years. while we both finished our college degrees. In April 0f 2021 Caleb took me to the beach & asked me to marry him. In December of 2021 (the anniversary of when he asked me to be his girlfriend) we got married with our family & friends gathered to share in our celebration.

What I Love About Caleb (By Rachel)

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  • Caleb is kind, sweet, loving and respectful
  • I love how he loves his family & values family
  • I love his great sense of humor. He's silly, playful & can always make me laugh
  • I love that he is devoted to me
  • I love that we share a deep faith & love of the Lord

What I Love About Rachel (by Caleb)

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  • She is sweet & kind to everyone she meets
  • She loves unconditionally & is
  • devoted to her family & friends .
  • She is faithful & unflinching to her core values.
  • She keeps me grounded in my faith. I love that Rachel loves me.

Our Dream and Prayer for a Family

There are a few reasons as to why we are choosing to adopt. We both love kids and want a family! We are looking forward to being parents and to sharing our love, time, and life experiences with them.Before we met, we had talked about having a family together and sharing the same commitment to loving and raising a family. However, I had been born with a birth defect that directly affected my reproductive system. I learned at age 15 I would not be able to have children. I was so sad and broken. Caleb was extremely supportive and said that it didn't matter. We talked about adoption at that time and felt this was the way for us to have our dreams come true. It is something that has always been close to my heart. I knew then that God had a plan for me and adoption was part of that plan.I remember as a little girl, wanting to adopt when I was grown up. I had a friend who was adopted, and I saw how beautiful it was. Today (as a adult) I have two close friends that are adopted & I've seen the impact it has had on their livesWe believe every child is created by God is worthy of a loving family and future full of possibilities. When we read of God adopting us into the family of Jesus, we can see God's heart for adoption and the love he has for children.

Before You Go

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Thank you for the opportunity to share our lives with you. We hope you know a little more about us. We promise to love and care for your baby unconditionally. We promise to provide a fun loving, peaceful, and safe home. A home where they can grow and be supported both emotionally and financially. We promise to teach them about Jesus, to know his word and to read them bible stories, so they will know how loved they are by Jesus and by us.

We hope our profile blesses you, encourages you, and ministers to your heart. May you be comforted with the knowledge that God loves you and your child and that He has a plan for both of you. We will continue to pray for you. We thank you for your time and for considering us.

Blessings,Caleb & Rachel

1 Corinthians 13:13

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