Tiffany + Joel

Dear Expectant Parents,

We know this is a challenging and unprecedented time for you and others in your life. We cannot imagine the stress you must be facing. It is our desire that as you navigate through this decision, we help you feel known, welcomed, and loved by us. While it is our dream to adopt, we also want you to know that you, as parents and family, are just as special as the child you are caring for. We know that we will adopt when the time is right. Our desire to know you, your story and help you process in any way we can. We do not want this to be a relationship that's transactional, but one that is personal and continues to grow throughout all of our lives.

Our Story

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We originally met at the greatest university in the world about 12 years ago. From the beginning, we have always been great friends. We were part of the same friend groups, lived two floors from each other, and had a ton of similar interests. As friends we would play video games together, watch anime, and enjoy all the delicious stree food around us. However, like for most people, college was a transformational time for us. Though we remained good friends, we both knew that dating each other was not in the cards during that season. It wasn't until seven years later, when Tifany was working in Dallas and Joel had come to do his Master/s program, that we both started to see each other in a different light. A lot had changed, we had both grown as people, learned what we were looking for, and realized what was most important to us. One summer night, as we were carpooling back from a friend's wedding, Tiffany worked up the courage to ask "Do you think you and I could ever work?", in classic Joel fashion there was a long dramatic pause before he responded, "Of course." Three months later we had our first date and Joel officially asked to pursue me!

Why Adoption

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We have been married for 3 years but since day one of our relationship, we have had a desire to adopt. There is so much brokenness in the world, and we believe Jesus calls us to love and care for everyone, no matter what. One way we can do that is by providing a loving home for a child, and offering more options for birth moms. We have yet to explore the path of having biological kids because we feel it is important that we adopt first, ensuring that our future child knows that they were always our first choice and loved just the way they are.

Joel Through Tiffany's Eyes

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To sum up my best friend in a couple sentences is hard, but if there is one thing I want people to know about him, it is that Joel loves so deeply. Even from when we were just friends I saw time and time again how he cares for, sacrifices for, and pursues the people in his life so intentionally. He is the type of person to drive three hours to help a friend move, or cancel his plans to be there for a friend. He is the jokester of the family, always ready to have fun, which is what makes him a phenomenal uncle (my own blood likes him more than me). Although he would never say this about himself, he is so talented - he can play piano, guitar, and sing beautifully. My favorite part of the work day is when he takes a music break and serenades me without even realizing that I am listening. All these traits will make him an even better father than he realizes, and our future kids will always have someone with whome they can be their authentic selves.

Tiffany Through Joel's Eyes

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I will use one of the most common cliches that husbands use to descrive their own wives - my wife is the best wife out here. Tiffany is a bright and radiant gem in a world that desperately needs people like her. She is loved by all due to her selfless and giving nature. She pursues and loves unconditionally and will serve out of the kindess of her heart, even if the act is not reciprocated. If she is wronged, she will be quick to forgive and to continure to love that person (I have been on the receiving end of this forgiveness, more times than I should have been). I am grateful to have her as my wife and to live this life with her. I am constantly pushed and challenged by her to live up to my potential, to love and care for everyone I meet, and it live in a biblical way. God has created her to be an amazing mother and I know our child will be nurtured and cared for.

Before You Go

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We know it may not be possible to know us comfortably while you continue to process the next best step for you. We just want you to know that we are open to having any discussion and hearing any questions or concerns from you regrading us. Our goal in this process is to live out the love of Christ, creating a safe and nonjudgmental space for everyone involved. Our promise to you is that we will raise your child in a home that loves God, loves people, and seeks to live that our with joy and authenticity every step of the way. We are praying for you and are excited to meet you!

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