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Everyone has their own unique story. It seems, often times, we have to make tough decisions to navigate our own personal journey. No matter where you are in this journey, know that you are doing great. We know these choices before you may seem difficult, overwhelming, or impossible, but know that we have so much respect and admiration for you because you are making these important decisions for you and your family.

Dear Birth Parents,

We are Alex and Savannah! We have been married for seven years and have been trying to grow our family since the day we said, "I do." Thank you for clicking through our profile to catch a glimpse of our lives! We hope that you see just how much love we have to give a child and the hopes we have for the future!

We know that choosing the perfect family for your baby is not easy, but know that our entire family (to include our Army family) from all over the world is praying for you! We know you are strong, selfless, and so full of love. It's for these reasons that we are confident that you will be able to navigate this leg of your journey!

The Story of Us

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Fifteen years ago, at a local Tom Thumb grocery store a boy had a crush on a girl.

Alex was hired as a grocery bagger and always managed to work his way back to a certain register. Savannah was a cashier, so, way out of his league. Throughout their year working together, they became close, creating inside jokes, sharing laughs, and just making each other's day more fun.

Eventually, Alex left for college and they lost touch for a just a few years. He eventually graduated and returned to his hometown only to find his way back to that very same grocery store where they had met. Alex knew now what he had known in his heart then... That Savannah was the girl he was meant to be with. They've been together ever since! After dating for a year and a half, Alex found his way into the Army and left for training. We were long distance for almost a year and it was tough, as it is for most, but we were still able to grow closer during that time! With all that training completed, we were able to finally get our first little townhome together in Enterprise, Alabama! Before we even had our household goods unpacked, we were already bringing family and close friends out for our small courthouse wedding. That day was perfect in every way and is absolutely something we will never forget!

Army life is difficult at times, but it does give us a unique perspective on life, family, and each other. We are a little biased, but we have been able to grow together in a way that most married couples just don't get to. We have experienced the stress of multiple moves to faraway places, deployments, and training exercises. Through it all we are stronger and so grateful for every opportunity we are given. We have been blessed with the support of not only our family, but our Army family as well; letting us see just how loved we are.

Through it all, we are stronger together. We would describe our relationship as a rock-solid commitment, and unshakable love and persesverance!

Army Life

Army life comes with many challenges. We can be far away from family and friends back in Texas, Alex's deployments and training exercises can keep us apart at times, and we move every few years for a new duty station and start from scratch. Despite all of that, it has been such a beautiful experience. We have met so many incredible people that are now family to us. The relationships we have built are truly something special. We now not only have family in Texas, but all over the world. As we move with the military, we build new friendships and often times run into old ones.

Living around or on a military base is also something special! People seem more devoted to building relationships since we all have the same challenges. Even if you are brand new to your duty station, baby showers are thrown for moms-to-be by complete strangers. Invites to birthday parties for little ones or block parties for holidays are for the whole neighborhood. Everyone wants to make sure that even though we are away from family we can always count on our Army family right next door!

Family members love visiting us as well. Alex loves to take his nieces and nephews on tours through his hangar and show them the aircraft he loves to fly! He has also been able to take his sister for a flight since she is in the Air Force. Some nights it can be a little hard to sleep right next to an airfield, but the sound of helicopters every night now rocks us to sleep!On top of the bonds we have made, we get to live and travel new places all of the time. We have lived in Alabama, Hawaii, and currently Washington state. We never really know where the Army will take us in the United States or abroad, but every place, no matter how remote, turns out to be a hidden gem for something.

We won't live this life forever and one day hope to have a forever home in Texas close to family, but we are so thankful for our Army Family and the loved ones we have all around the world.

Our Why

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The moment we were married we were so excited to start growing our family. After a year of trying, we were finally able to have our first pregnancy only to experience our first miscarriage a couple short months later. After trying for almost three more years, we knew there had to be something wrong and began exploring fertility treatments. Shortly after, we were pregnant with Elijah and it seemed like our troubles were finally over. Due to a genetic complication, he was born at 32 weeks and would spend his whole life in the NICU. We had two months and 1 day with our sweet son before he passed and are so thankful for those beautiful moments with him.

Our son, Elijah Lewis was born at the beginning of November in 2018 in Hawaii and spent his entire life in the NICU. He is a huge part of our story and who we are today. We love talking about him, sharing his story, and always ensuring he is remembered. We will forever grieve him but we focus on knowing he is with Jesus.

We love to celebrate him every year for his birthday by sending family and friends a birthday card with a little something to remember him by. This year we plan on making seed starters in the shapes of butterflies for everyone to hang on their Christmas trees. In the spring, they can plant them in their gardens. When the flowers finally bloom, they can think of him and remember him in a beautiful way all summer long.

After he passed and on his first birthday, we celebrated him by throwing flowers from Hawaiian leis into the ocean. It is a Hawaiian funeral tradition to honor loved ones that are no longer here. We hope to be able to celebrate this tradition every year on his birthday with friends and family.

After dealing with loss, hormone medications, and the cost of treatments we began discussing adoption more seriously than ever. Adoption was something that we had talked about early on in our marriage and throughout our fertility journey. Since it was always so difficult for us, we knew that adoption would always be in our future.

We want nothing more than to have a family of our own. We both have dreamed about raising children together and all the exciting and scary things that come with being a parent. We are so excited to be this far on our journey and know that we have so much to offer a sweet child!

Meet Alex by Savannah

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Alex was born in California and moved to Texas when he was 8 years old. He has a degree in political science. He is very close to his family and aside from his older sister - who is in the air force - everyone lives in Texas and California.

Alex has always dreamed of becoming a pilot and joined the military after college to achieve that dream and learn to fly helicopters! He has now flown Blackhawks for 7 years and loves every minute of it! He is a hard worker and deserves everything he has accomplished. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games with his friends, playing piano, golfing from time to time, and having friends and family over for BBQs. We both really enjoy board games and after the military days are over, Alex hopes to maybe open up a comic book/game shop one day! Have I mentioned how much he loves Sammy and Koa?!

Alex has all the qualities you would hope for in a person. He is patient, driven, smart, and is truly the kindest most positive person I have ever known. He is full of the best dad jokes, always has a smile on his face, and makes me laugh every single day. He loves to plan fun things for us to do together on the weekend and is the most thoughtful gift giver. He really does make me a better person and I believe that anyone who meets him feels the same way.

Meet Savannah by Alex

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Savannah was born and raised in central Texas. She did move around a little as a child due to her father's job but was raised in Texas! She loves almost everything about Texas and likes to poke fun at me for being obviously not born there! While growing up, she also discovered her love for Dachshunds. She got her first one when she was nine and has had only dachshunds ever since. This eventually expanded into a love for animals of all kinds!

For over ten years, she worked as a manager at a local Tom Thumb grocery store and eventually had to leave that job when the military took us to Alabama. Ever since, she has worked as a nanny and babysitter for the many military families that need help caring for their children. The hardest part of that job, by far, is having to say goodbye when she or her littles end up leaving for other duty stations. They still love keeping in touch and getting to hear from "Miss Sabannah" and Savannah still makes sure to send them a little something for their birthdays! I am always amazed at how creative she is when thinking of things to do with the kids she nannies. Taking care of children is absolutely something she was born to do!

Savannah is just the best person I have ever met. She is loving, caring, and all-around just a great person. She loves making sure that everyone is included and that everyone is having a good time wherever we are. She is quick to make friends and loved by everyone she meets. She is genuine, passionate, and not afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

Our Pets

Meet Sammy and Koa! Ideally, we would need to write a novel to share just how incredible they are, but we will try and keep it short. Sammy is our old man and is 11 going on 8 (we really have no idea how old he is...). Savannah likes to joke that he is ageless and will be with us forever. He likes a warm blanket and sleeps 23 hours a day. His favorite thing to do is to nap in the sun and be next to Savannah on the couch. He loves road trips, chasing birds (even though he can't see them too well!), and barking at the kids riding bikes outside as he watches from our front window! Savannah is definitely his human!

Koa, or Koa James (KJ) when he's in trouble, is our spunky, 5-year-old, long-haired dachshund. He was a compromise since he looks so much like the golden retrievers that Alex has grown up with! He loves playing in the sprinkler, playing fetch with his many tennis balls, and tug-o-war with every other toy he owns. He has this thing where he, on purpose, pushes his ball under pieces of furniture and proceeds to bark until we get up and play with him. We have never seen so much personality in a little sausage dog! He is absolutely amazing with children and loves for them to chase him! We taught him plenty of cool tricks, but take it from us, don't teach your dogs to speak on command! We did and now he just loves to be vocal all the time now... He's still the best though!

We are dog people through and through. We like to take them to as many places as we can and while at home, they never leave our side. They are truly the best dogs anyone could ask for.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We hope through our words and photos that you were able to see into our world and how much love we can provide a child. Your baby will be loved beyond measure. Trust that we will make sure that he or she will be given every opportunity to succeed throughout their childhood and beyond. Faith, love, and family are our top priorities for our little one.

We know this decision as well as the road leading you to it must not have been an easy one, but know that there are so many people praying for you. You're doing great, you got this!

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