Sarah + Scott

We cannot thank you enough for the sacrifice you are considering in order to make someone else's dream of having a family come true. It is so generous and selfless to make a loving plan for your child that blesses other people as well. Thank you for being so unselfish and brave in considering this loving plan for the child growing inside you today.

This is our story

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Sarah and Scott met at a church function for young adults. They shared a passion for playing games, learning about their faith, and spending time outdoors. Scott noticed how kind and caring Sarah was, and Sarah was drawn to Scott's quiet, genuine personality. After a couple of years of being friends, they decided to start dating. They went on plenty of walks and nature hikes, spent hours playing games and chatting in coffee shops, and most of all, loved spending time with each other's family. Scott proposed in July of 2018, outside one of their favorite coffee shops on a riverfront. Sarah said yes, and in March of 2019, they were married!

This is our why

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We have always wanted to welcome a child into our family, and when that didn't happen right away, we started to think about adoption. Adoption is nothing new to our family. Sarah's grandparents fostered and adopted many children, and two of our friends have also adopted babies through Gladney. So adoption seemed like the best option for us, and we are so excited about it! We can't wait to welcome a child into our home, our family, and our hearts. Our entire extended family is hoping and praying for our adoption as well.

About Scott

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Scott is a kindhearted and generous man. Thoughtful and serious, he loves solving problems and taking care of those around him. While some may think he's quiet, he can get pretty excited when playing a competitive card or board game. He loves to read history books and watch movies about historic events. Scott is eager and excited to become a father and be able to protect, provide for, and raise a child with his wife, Sarah.

Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings

Favorite place to be: Hiking

Hobbies: reading history books, watching movies, hiking

Something silly about me: I start singing a Rolling Stone song ("You Can't Always Get What You Want") when winning a card game.

Something serious about me: I work hard to save money to provide for my family.

About Sarah

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Sarah is a very kind and nurturing person who loves to spend time with others, especially children. She is a generous friend, who loves to help her family and friends with whatever they need. She loves caring for children, listening to them, and playing with them. She has a large family with 10 nieces and nephews who all love to spend time with her. Sarah is eager and excited to stay home and spend her time being a mother by loving, caring for, and raising a child with her husband, Scott.

Favorite movie: The Music Man

Favorite place to be: With my family

Hobbies: Crocheting, reading, puzzles, piano, hiking

Something silly about me: I always listen to Motown music when I mop the house.

Something serious about me: I think it is very important that children are seen and heard and given the right kind of attention.

Our home

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We live in a safe community with lots of things to do including bike riding, farmers markets, lakefront walks, and parks. Our parents and siblings all live nearby within 25 minutes and we are always getting together to go on fun outings, nature hikes, or just to visit at each others homes.

What we enjoy

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We love to hike, find waterfalls, and walk in streams everywhere we go. We often travel to different state and national parks to explore our beautiful country. Some of our favorite places to go are the Smoky Mountains and Desoto State Park. We also love to go to the beach with our extended family. Our family takes many vacations together and getting to spend that time exploring and playing together with our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews is one of the highlights of our year.

Our Family

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We have very good relationships with all of our family members. We get together with Scott's parents often for a home cooked meal, a fun outing, a trip to the farmers market, or just a nice long chat at our favorite coffee house. Scott's parents are very supportive of our decision to adopt and can't wait to welcome their first grandchild into the family. Sarah's parents and siblings are all very excited about our adoption journey as well. Our oldest niece asks us all the time when she is going to be able to meet her new cousin. Sarah's parents have a home 25 minutes away in the country where we all get together almost every weekend to spend time together with her 5 siblings and their children, eat good food, and play outdoors with the kids. There is a hill for climbing, trails in the woods to explore, a creek to play in, and a pond to fish in. When everyone is tired out, it's time for a bonfire under the stars or some time inside making puzzles, playing games, and reading books.


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We look forward to carrying on our own family traditions as well as making new ones with our child. One of Sarah's favorite childhood traditions is the reading and prayer time that her Dad led with all her siblings every night before bed. Eating dinner as a family is an important tradition for both of us as well. Getting a real Christmas tree, going Christmas caroling, and baking cookies for Santa are some of Sarah's most loved traditions even now. Scott looks forward to reading books to our child and sharing his favorite movies as our child grows up.

Thank you!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family! We are praying for you and for the decisions you have to make. We believe that God has a loving plan for you and your child, and we will be blessed and grateful if that plan includes us.

God bless,Sarah and Scott

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