Sarah + Paul

We are best friends. We strive to find the joy in life and love spending time together. Whether that is discovering a new game, indulging in a new cuisine, or simply being in the same room while doing separate things.

We complement each other (opposites do attract). Sarah is better with numbers, Paul is better with words. Paul always wins at Mario Kart, but Sarah always wins at Ticket to Ride. Sarah follows the recipe, and Paul makes it up as he goes. Paul likes the beach, Sarah prefers the mountains.

We work well together. We approach life's many challenges as a team, side by side, working to build the best life possible for our family. And we approach our relationship the same, always working to make it even better.

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, our lives, and our family. Wherever you are today, we hope that this profile can offer you a window into our lives and a reflection of the love we have to share with you and any future child.

We met in Maryland in 2014. Paul was finishing law school and Sarah a theater internship. Both contemplating where our lives were headed next, and neither expecting to stay in Maryland. But after just our first date, where the conversation continued well past dessert, we both could feel it. That spark. The kind that comes from shared passions, that inspires the best in each of you, and ignites the flame of forever. After that, wherever we were headed, it was together. We were married on a hill overlooking downtown Baltimore in 2017.

Sarah worked in D.C., Paul in the state capital. But with the closest relatives 12 hours away, we knew that crabcakes and cherry blossoms were not our forever home. So in 2021, we moved to Sarah's hometown in Texas and started working on growing our family. That journey has led us here, to you, where perhaps we will have the chance to share a great blessing together.

We are excited to be on this adoption journey and for the chance to grow our family! We have learned so much already and been inspired by all the love that goes into adoption, from all sides, especially the birth parents. We look forward to being advocates for adoption and potentially getting to know you better.

As you browse this profile, we hope you can see the love we have for each other, the passions we have to share, and the community we intend to build as we expand our family. Because it is through each that we intend to raise a happy, caring person, that can take on anything in this world knowing that they have all of our love and support.

About Paul

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  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park
  • Favorite Ninja Turtle: Donatello
  • Favorite Book: Lovecraft Country

Sarah says: "For our 3rd date, Paul upgraded our baseball tickets to shaded seats to make sure I didn't get a sunburn. His thoughtfulness and compassion made me fall in love with him. He will be an amazing father who will devote himself to making sure our children are happy. He's already bought 16 different books on raising children!"

Fun Fact: Have you ever eaten a raw onion like an apple? It is sort of a family tradition. It pairs especially well with good ol' southern home cooking.

About Sarah

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After a brief career in Theatre, I now work in Cybersecurity, which allows me to work from home in a job that is wonderfully flexible and accommodating. I look forward to being there when the kids come home from school each day. At work, I enjoy solving problems and have been told that I am an excellent communicator.

Paul says: "Sarah's heart is full of love! From consoling a dog during a 4am thunderstorm to indulging one of my (many) ridiculous ideas, she is always there for those she loves. And her innate ability to be there for you, combined with her ceaseless drive and full heart, have made her the best partner and will make her the best mom."

My favorite foods make for an interesting meal: sushi, macaroni and cheese, and ice cream. A little adventurous, a little down-home, and a little sweet (like me!). I love snuggling up with our dogs on the couch for a movie marathon. And while I no longer work in the industry, I still love to get dressed up for a musical or play.

Paul's Family

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I grew up in a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The accents were thick. The bonds of family, thicker. My dad was the smartest person I knew, but he tragically passed when I was a teenager. My mom, God bless her, kept us going. They gave my sister and me everything we needed to make something of ourselves. And I am happy to say that their hard work led to the smiling faces you see here. Family will always be the bedrock upon which we build ourselves. I have no doubt that my family, my foundation, will provide all the love and support needed to raise a happy, healthy child.

My family is all still in South Carolina. But once my mom retires, her plan is to move to Texas to be closer to us. And our fingers are crossed my sister and brother-in-law will not be too far behind (hopefully with cousins in tow).

Sarah's Family

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I grew up in Texas and when I went off to college on the East Coast, I always knew someday I would be back home. After over a decade away, I convinced Paul to move back to my hometown, so that our children could grow up close to family.

I grew up in a home that was unconventional at the time, with a stay-at-home dad (former engineer) and working mother (doctor), who still made it home in time to cook dinner. She truly is my role model as I prepare to become a mother myself. I was so lucky to grow up in a family with such supportive and engaged parents who I know will make the best grandparents.

My brother and his wife live in Seattle. We love to visit them in the summers to escape the Texas heat and they visit us for the holidays. Most of my extended family lives in Texas.

Blue & Bella

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Our bundles of chaos are the sweetest things, adore people, and are going to love having a little human join the family! We adopted Blue from the animal shelter and rescued Bella after she was found on the streets. While Blue is starting to get old, he still loves to play fetch. Both are puppies at heart. And the only thing they love more than playing is snuggling up with us.

Family Adventures

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Life is an adventure! Plunging into the ocean off the coast of Maine, getting lost in the desert near Mexico, or sitting in a small cafe attempting to speak the local language. We cannot wait to share those experiences.

We love to travel! Exploring new cities, countries, and cultures (especially trying new foods). We cannot wait for family road trips, holidays at the family beach house, and enriching our lives with our adopted culture.

Let the Fun Times Roll

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Over the years, we have cultivated many hobbies. Paul taught Sarah how to golf and Sarah taught Paul to ski. Paul got Sarah into fantasy football and keeps trying to get her into racquet sports, despite her poor hand-eye coordination.

We have an extensive board game collection. While we like to be competitive, we especially love cooperative games where we can play together as a team. It has become something of a tradition to play board games over New Years. We even got engaged while taking a break to watch the countdown to midnight.

Thank You

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Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family. We would be honored to be considered as part of your adoption journey, and if you would like, part of your life. No matter what choice you make, we wish you the best.

With Love, Paul and Sarah

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