Raphael + Antonio

Dear expectant parent(s),

We are Raphael and Antonio, and we want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to learning about you as well.

We could not be more excited to be starting a family and focusing all our love, time, and resources on the child to thrive, be secure, happy, and healthy, and to have every opportunity we can offer.

Through your life's journey, you have shown resilience and strength. We truly admire your courage and selflessness in considering adoption for your child. We promise to give our future child a home filled with unconditional love, joy, security, stability, care,

Thank you again for allowing us the chance to share our hearts with you and for considering us as potential parents for your child. We hope our paths will cross soon.


Antonio & Raphael

Our Why

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We love each other, love people, and love life. Adoption is a natural choice for us. Welcoming a child into our lives represents a celebration of our profound family desire and values. As a same-sex couple, we have always considered adoption as our best option to grow a family. We are both born and raised in caring and nurturing families, and for that reason, we want the child to feel loved, safe and supported throughout life. We know that adoption will be an amazing experience, and we cannot wait to share our love with a child. Our families are incredibly supportive of us and our decision to adopt. They are beyond excited about having another child in the family. Our families are very involved in our lives and will spend every occasion they have to be with the child.

Our Story

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We met via a dating app in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland, and it was love at first sight. Our first meeting was at the train station in Geneva. Raphael found Antonio to be very handsome, intelligent, and easygoing. Antonio's heart was conquered by Raphael's looks, mind, and kindness. We had a long-distance relationship between Geneva and Zurich (about 3 hours by train) for about two years. During this time, we had the chance to introduce our families and dearest friends. In 2015, Antonio and Raphael moved into the same apartment (for the first time) in Zurich. Two years later, Raphael proposed to Antonio at the Zurich airport. Our relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, and love. We make each other laugh, support each other's dreams, and complement each other. In 2018, we moved together to Houston, Texas and then in 2023 to New York City to pursue new careers and adventures. We cannot wait to welcome a child into our household.

About Raphael, by Antonio

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Raphael is 6'5'' and grew up with his sister and parents in Lausanne, a city located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. After completing medical school there, he moved to Zurich, in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, to complete his medical residency and fellowship. Following that, he moved to Houston, Texas for a second fellowship at a university hospital. After a year as a fellow, he was offered a job as a faculty member there. He loves taking care of patients, that he treats likes his family and he loves researching new therapies to help people stay healthy.

Raphael is loving, outgoing, and a caring person. He creates deep and long-lasting friendships wherever he goes. He is a great listener, and is always available to help his family and friends. He loves cooking and entertain our friends and family better than in a restaurant. He also has a great sense of justice. As a curious individual, Raphael is very interested in architecture, design and science. He loves exploring new neighborhoods in New York as well as traveling around the world. The environment and nature-related causes are close to his heart.

About Antonio by Raphael

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Antonio is 6'3'' and is described by Raphael as caring, generous, and driven. Antonio got a degree in Computer Engineering in Venezuela and started working for an American corporation with their Latin American offices located in Caracas. During his work tenure, Antonio relocated first to San Juan, Puerto Rico and later to Boston, Massachusetts. Antonio completed a master's degree in the U.S. before moving to Switzerland, where he met Raphael. Antonio speaks fluently five languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and German. Antonio is a computer engineer and works as an engineering manager for a major American multinational software company. His work focuses on ensuring the ethical use of artificial intelligence technologies in the different applications the company releases to the public. Antonio works entirely from home, Mondays to Fridays. Antonio loves to workout, nature and animals.

Antonio makes the lives of those around him brighter. His honesty, empathy, and humor are the bedrock of his character and the reason why people get drawn to him. Antonio's curiosity extends to foreign languages, maps, and history, making him an engaging conversationalist. His passion for animated films and video games adds a playful dimension to his personality. Antonio's sense of humor shines through as he enjoys both English and Spanish stand-up comedy. When holidays approach, he meticulously plans travel for memorable experiences. Last but not least, Antonio's ability to manage finances wisely ensures stability and security for his family.

Our Home

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We live in a quiet, diverse, safe and family-friendly neighborhood of New York City. Our two-stories two-bed, two bath-room unit has a spacious private rooftop terrace with a tall plexiglass railing, with plenty of spaces for the child to play safely. The building of our apartment complex offers a kid's room with an indoor and two outdoor playgrounds and an enchanting, gated garden. Many of our neighbors include our friends and have children of different ages, including babies. Our neighborhood has many additional playgrounds, excellent schools, museums, ivy league universities, world-class hospitals, including children's hospitals, all within walking distance.

Our Cultural Heritage

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Antonio's cultural heritage is a blend of Spanish roots and Venezuelan upbringing. His family's journeyed from Galicia, Spain, to Caracas, Venezuela, where he was born and raised. Mornings began with arepas, a Venezuelan staple, while lunchtime embraced the flavors of tortilla espa?ola or Galician empanadas. Meanwhile, Raphael's story unfolds in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, surrounded by peaceful landscapes, among vineyards, happy cows, chocolate and cheese factories. His medical studies propelled him to the German-speaking region, where he honed his language skills in German and English. Together, we ventured to Texas, and later New York, embracing our multicultural shared experiences. As an interracial/multi-cultural couple, we eagerly anticipate celebrating our future child's heritage. Traditions, languages, and diverse role models will weave a vibrant tapestry, honoring both Antonio's Galician-Venezuelan legacy and Raphael's Swiss roots. Our family's cultural mosaic reflects the beauty of unity in diversity.

Our Families

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Antonio's Family

Antonio's mother lives in Caracas and is a fantastic chef who takes great care of colorful wild parrots who stop by for a snack on the balcony of her apartment. Antonio's brother is a computer engineer with an MBA that currently works in the medical devices field and lives between Venezuela and the UK. Our families are multicultural, multilingual and all over the world, but very close to our hearts. We see them virtually at least weekly and visit them at least yearly, which is a great occasion to travel a see new places in our home countries.

Raphael's Family

Raphael's parents, sister, and nephews live in Switzerland. Raphael's father volunteers at the Red Cross in Switzerland, and his mom volunteers at their church. His sister is a university professor of sociology and lives with her husband and their two boys in the rural countryside where Swiss cheese is made. Our plan to adopt a child fills our families with joy, and they cannot wait to welcome a new member to their life!

Our Traditions

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As a couple, we cherish the richness of our combined backgrounds, the threads that connect us across continents and cultures. Our traditions are like colorful puzzle pieces, each one adding depth and warmth to our family story. Let us share with you the vibrant traditions that have shaped us and continue to bind us together. From Venezuela, Antonio brings the Carnival (Carnaval) tradition, which is a combination of music, dance and laughter. Those days are official holidays in Venezuela, and people there take advantage to go out to the streets and share the joy while parading in costumes. Christmas is the most important celebration of the year for both of us, it truly is a magical time. One of Raphael's most cherished traditions during Christmas is to visit the Christmas markets (Marche de Noel), where we visit the different stores to find presents for our families, and gather with friends while sipping from the cups of mulled wine. For Christmas day, we gather with our families and rejoice on the mix of flavors from both Venezuelan, Swiss and Spanish cuisine. Following that, another very important tradition is the celebration of the Three Kings' Day, eating both the Spanish "Roscon de Reyes" and the Swiss "Galette des Rois" (both sweet, crown-shaped cakes).

Even outside of our most cherished days, our kitchen is a fusion of traditional flavors honing from both our motherlands. We knead cachapas (Venezuelan sweet cornbread) for breakfast and on the same day we will prepare a fondue night, sitting in our cozy living room, a pot of bubbling cheese fondue at its center, while dipping bread, laughing and sharing stories. Food is our love language, and we cannot wait to introduce our child to these mouthwatering delights.

Since moving to the U.S., we have also embraced some of its most cherished traditions, including Thanksgiving. During this time, our table overflows with turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. We hold hands and express gratitude--for family, for love, for the journey that brought us here. Our child will learn that gratitude knows no borders.

Our traditions are like constellations--a map guiding us through life's adventures. We promise to honor our past, celebrate our present, and create new traditions as a family. Our hearts are open, and we eagerly await the day when our child's laughter becomes the sweetest tradition of all.

Our Adventures

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We're passionate explorers, weaving our way through the world. Each journey is for us like adding a new puzzle piece. A vibrant snapshot of culture, nature, and above all, human connection. As we embark on this new chapter as parents, we eagerly anticipate sharing these adventures with our future child. Every year we choose to go travel within the U.S. and internationally. Our curiosity has taken us to visit multiple cities in the U.S.: San Francisco, or Chicago, among many others. We have strolled sun-kissed beaches in Puerto Rico, where the ocean whispers stories of joy. The colorful streets of Lisbon in Portugal, Spain's passionate rhythms and rich history, the elegance of Parisian boulevards, the ancient ruins of Rome, the deep blue waters of Greek islands, and the cozy coffee shops of Berlin.

Travel is not just about ticking off destinations; it is about the magic of discovery. Our hearts have expanded as we have navigated language barriers, learned to dance to unfamiliar tunes, and witnessed the sunrise from shorelines and mountaintops.

Fun Facts

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  1. Raphael is one week younger than Antonio
  2. Our spirit animals are the lynx: big furry cats that travel in the wild between naps on a sunbeam
  3. We are both 6'3" tall and above
  4. We watch TV in 4 different languages
  5. We love the Cookie Monster because he is always cheerful, funny, kind and likes to teach children and adults
  6. We got married together twice in Switzerland and once in the U.S.

Our Promises

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Dear Birth-parent(s),

We understand that you are facing a significant decision--one that carries immense weight and emotional depth. As prospective adoptive parents, we want to express our heartfelt respect for the journey you are on and the love you have for your child, even before they take their first breath.

While you contemplate the path ahead, we want to share our promises with you. These are not mere words; they are the foundation of our commitment to you, the child, and the beautiful mosaic of our shared story. We promise to love the child unconditionally, just as you do. We promise to provide the child every opportunity to become whatever they want to be. Even if that means getting up early on the weekend to drive them to camps or games or seminars, we will do it. Because that is what our parents did for us. We promise to be worthy role models of what it means to be good and kind people.

Their story begins with you, and we will honor that connection every day. We will share with the child the beautiful story of how they came into our lives--the love that led you to consider adoption and the love that welcomed them into our hearts. We know the child may join our family having cultural connections, a history, and we want to assure you that we will support the unique identities of the child, so they know their story and how much they are loved.

Our goal is to expose the child to their culture, traditions, and identities, and will ask for support from others in our community who share similar identities. The child will come to us with questions about who they are and who you are.

We will provide regular updates and photos, so you can witness their growth and milestones. You will always be part of their story, even if you choose not to be physically present. We deeply respect your courage and selflessness. We will forever be grateful for the gift you are considering.

We promise to honor your love, and your role in our family story.

With heartfelt gratitude and unwavering respect,

Raphael and Antonio

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