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Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We understand that this is a challenging and difficult time for you. Deciding on whether adoption is right for you and your child, is a big decision. We want you to know that although we are excited about welcoming a child into our lives, we understand that this is likely one of the most difficult and confusing times of your life. We see you, we're praying for you and would like to be there for you to be a listening ear if you are ok with that.

Where It All Began

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We have known each other almost our entire lives and grew up as friends. Throughout our friendship, Brandy always tried to set up Ozzie with her best friend, but he was never interested. She even used to give him rides to his girlfriend's house because she had a car first. One day in high school, Ozzie dropped the bomb and told her that he liked her. At that point, she had only ever thought of him as a friend. She "freaked out" a bit and drove away. (Ozzie describes it something like a dust trail following her car similar to the roadrunner from the cartoons).

The next day, after thinking it over, Brandy called him and invited him to her Dad's company picnic. He accepted, and the rest is history. We got married after dating for nearly 9 years. Ozzie proposed during the firework display in front of the castle at Disney World. We were surrounded by family and friends. It was magical! We just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary with a fun trip. Brandy can say Ozzie is truly her best friend and has been her rock throughout our life together.

This Is Our Why

As a couple, we have always talked about wanting to adopt one day. Ozzie has had many experiences while growing up and being welcomed with open arms by those that became his family. As an immigrant, he had limited contact with his biological family in his early years. He became very close with two different families growing up. Each family brought him into their lives and homes with open arms. They treated him with love and respect... like he had always been there with them. He refers to one of the couples as his "grandparents." The other was the family of his childhood best friend. He possibly spent more time at their house than his own. He understood very young, that you didn't have to have the same DNA to be considered family.

Meet Brandy In Ozzie's Words

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Brandy is an Emergency Room Physician and she is the perfect person for such a fast paced and intense job. She easily keeps calm while attending complicated cases. I love that she is intentional and serves her patients in the most kind way! When she isn't working, Brandy loves to travel, cook/bake, and spend time with our family. Brandy is a great host and likes pulling out her creative skills in creating themed parties for holidays or a weekend get together.

Some of the things I love most about Brandy is that she is literally my best friend and always has been! She's my biggest cheerleader and is always supporting what I do. Another thing I love about her is that she is also my best critic. Brandy is great at encouraging me to strive for better and to be the best person I can be. She sees the parts of me that I don't see sometimes, and I love that she can kindly tell me where I should grow.

I admire her strength and gentle spirit. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and believes in what is right and what is wrong. She is loyal to her ethics and when she believes in something, she believes in it with her whole heart! I am excited to be able to start a family with my best friend!

Meet Ozzie In Brandy's Words

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Something that might surprise you about Ozzie is that he is a cheerleading and tumbling coach and a GREAT one at that! He has a larger than life personality and everyone he encounters feels connected to him. He has touched so many lives during his career. For him it's more than a job. It's about instilling many values and character-building traits with those that be coaches.

In his free time, you can find him working on his truck and jeep, or woodworking in the garage. He enjoys creating things that others can enjoy. He is also an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and loves to watch football, no matter who is playing. Ozzie is truly the best person I've ever met. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He has been my rock throughout our entire life, which I am blessed to say. He was there for the ups and downs (and downs) of med school and residency. Through many hours of testing/study time, he would show up with a fresh cup of coffee and lunch, just to make sure I was taking care of myself. He would pull me out of the study hall so that we could watch the sunset together or just get some fresh air. It always helped me to feel rejuvenated and I appreciated those small moments that made a big impact in my heart! I'm not sure I would have survived without him.

Home Sweet Home

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We have a 3-bedroom home with 2.5 baths in a neighborhood on the outskirts of a large city. We have a beautiful pool in the backyard and plenty grass for little ones or pups to play. We love that we have easy access to the city with all the attractions and restaurants, but also love not being in the middle of the big city as well. Brandy's favorite spot in the house is the kitchen where she can bake/cook and create something delicious for us to enjoy! Ozzie's favorite place is the backyard and patio where he can relax and swim. Our neighborhood is diverse with many families of all ages including couples with young children all the way up to retirees. We are close with our neighbors on each side of us and we will sometimes walk our dogs together. Our neighborhood is in a very good school district and our elementary school is ranked among the top in the state.

Our Traditions

As a family, we go to the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game every year. This has been a tradition for the past 8 years. We then have the traditional family get-together for dinner the day after Thanksgiving. For Christmas we have a big family party the weekend before Christmas. Brandy's entire extended family is there and we play games and exchange gifts. There's also a quick visit from Santa! During the year, we have Sunday dinners every Sunday to enjoy the company of family and friends and watch a little football. We also try to go to Disney World each year for the world cheerleading competition. This is memorable for us because this is where we got engaged. Lastly, we have a poster size map of the United States. When we travel, we take a photo in each state, then put it on the map in the shape of the state. Our goal is to fill the map with happy memories of the places we've been.

Our Promises To You

If you choose us to parent your child, we promise to love them unconditionally and with all our hearts. We will teach them to grow up with love and respect for themselves and for others. We will also teach them the importance of education. We will provide our support to them in whatever they choose to pursue in life. We will give your child the best opportunity that we possibly can to grow into a well-rounded, respectful, and successful person. We want to teach them about other cultures through travel, food, and family experiences.

We promise that we will love your child with every fiber of our beings. Becoming a parent is something we have dreamed of. We promise to provide a safe and happy home for them as they grow. Lastly, we want to make sure you know that we will always respect you and your wishes. We promise to uphold the things we agree to together and be as open as you wish. We want you to be you involved in our lives and vice versa if you wish these things. We promise we will always respect you and honor you through our words and conversations. You matter to us!

with love,

Brandy and Ozzie

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