Morgan + Cody

Hi there!

First off, we would just like to say, thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. Our names are Cody and Morgan, and we are unbelievably grateful that you are taking the time to learn about our family and look forward to hopefully getting to know you as well.

We understand that the decision you are considering is as equally courageous and selfless as it is challenging and scary. There are so many emotions we feel and cannot begin to imagine the emotions you may feel as well. Throughout our journey, we have learned that when making a monumental decision such as this, it is important to talk freely about how you're feeling and any fears you may have. We hope that you have someone in your life that you are not only able to discuss those feelings and fears with, but also your hopes and dreams for the future.

While you have some tough decisions ahead of you, please know that you are incredibly brave, and we commend you. We know that you wish for your child to have a loving family and bright future, whether that is through you choosing to parent or making an adoption plan. If you decide on an adoption plan, and select us as the adoptive parents, we promise to love your child unconditionally, and to welcome you both into our lives with open arms.

With Love, Cody, Morgan and Raegan

Our Why

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We are hoping to grow our family through adoption, because we feel we have more love to share. Four years ago, we were blessed with our daughter Raegan. Unfortunately, during labor/delivery Morgan had complications that could have ended hers and Raegan's lives. Two years later, we sadly suffered a miscarriage, which led to similar complications. After that, we decided it was best not to have another pregnancy. We have continued to long for another child, and since both of us grew up with siblings of our own, we cannot imagine Raegan growing up without a sibling as well. There's nothing like the special bond only siblings have--> the inside jokes, constantly trying to annoy each other (or their parents), learning/ sharing new experiences together, and just knowing that you always have someone who understands you. Our home and hearts have room for more and we hope to give your child that same gift they would bring to us: more love!

Our Story

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Both of us were in our first week of college when we met, living on the same dorm room floor. A few weeks into the first semester, Morgan was trying to find her friend's room and mistook Cody's dorm room as the friend's. After seeing the slightly opened door, she barged right in and quickly found out it was the wrong room! We ended up talking for hours that night and went on our first date a few days later. Our first date was quite memorable to say the least. On our way to the restaurant, Morgan typed the name into the GPS (per Cody's instructions) and found that the restaurant would take close to 48 hours to drive to--> it was all the way across the country! Turns out, when Cody made the reservation for a restaurant "in the next town over", he hadn't realized that the restaurant was actually in a city (with the same name) across the country! After that hilarious start, we found a different restaurant, and we've been together ever since. We've now been together 13 years and married for 6 years. Since then we have added our dog Sophie (pug), and our daughter Raegan to our family!

Meet Morgan

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"Morgan is the most caring and loving person I know. Whether she's caring for her patients or for our family, she's always thinking of others. Her ability to make others feel better through her kindhearted and thoughtful nature, is what makes her not only an amazing nurse, but an amazing mother and wife. Luckily for me, she shares the same terrible sense of humor as me, which helps when I tell my terrible dad jokes. She loves reading and is a bit of a nerd when it comes to Harry Potter (don't tell her I said that). Morgan's entire family are great cooks, and thankfully, she possesses those same cooking skills. She's an amazing mother and wife and would never put anything above her family's needs." -Cody

Facts About Morgan:

  • Works as a Nurse
  • The ocean is her happy place
  • Can quote almost the entire movie "The Emperor's New Groove"
  • Enjoys hiking and fishing
  • Reads at least 80 books each year
  • Loves all Harry Potter movies
  • Played the flute, softball and competition cheering throughout childhood

Meet Cody

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"Cody is one of the most selfless and hardworking people I have ever met. He has a great sense of humor and tells the corniest jokes. Even with his goofy personality, he's interested in learning new things every day, whether it be work related, science projects to do with Raegan, or just ways to improve our home. One of my favorite qualities about him, is that he is the BEST dad. Cody's always ready to be goofy and play with Raegan and has always put our family as his top priority. " -Written by Morgan

Facts about Cody:

  • Works as a Validation Engineer
  • Loves golfing and hiking
  • Has completed a Tough Mudder
  • Likes building and fixing things around the house
  • Enjoys playing video games (especially Call of Duty)
  • Played Ice Hockey throughout childhood
  • Collects rare and unique coins from around the world

Meet Raegan

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Raegan is our amazing 4-year-old daughter. We are constantly told by friends and family how well behaved and beautiful she is, and honestly, we can't believe how lucky we are to have her. She is incredibly sweet, super silly, and has the cutest laugh. Raegan is so excited to become a big sister and plans to teach her sibling how to ride a bike, swim in the ocean, and sing to all her favorite Disney movies. Raegan has even told us that she wants to name her brother or sister after her favorite Disney princess--> Moana!

Fun Facts About Raegan:

  • Favorite animal is Llama
  • Loves villains (so much so that she had a villain themed birthday party)
  • Favorite food is mommy's homemade mac n' cheese
  • Knows how to catch and cook her own fish
  • Would swim in the ocean even if it's 30 degrees outside
  • Has a collection of stuffed animals on her bed (mostly llamas)
  • Loves to sing Disney songs

Our Home

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Living in Maine, everyone is accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Maine is nicknamed Vacationland after all! The beautiful mountains, lakes, and proximity to the ocean are just some of the reasons why we love living here. Being so close to the best that Maine has to offer allows us to spend our weekends outdoors. When we're not hiking, fishing, kayaking, or spending time at the beach, we are home playing on our playground set, walking around our neighborhood, or hanging out with our neighbors or family. Our home is located on over 3 acres at the end of a small cul-de-sac, with lots of space to run around. The house has three bedrooms, a spacious living room, large kitchen with its own eat-in area, and a separate playroom for the kids. The layout of the main floor allows Raegan to run around it (like a big circle), while being chased by her dad, which is one of their favorite things to do. There's a great deck where we enjoy lots of Maine Lobster, watch the fireflies, or relax in the hot tub after a day out in the sun. During the winter we make snowmen, have snowball fights, or ice skate in the little frozen stream in the back of the property.Our dog Sophie is an 11-year-old pug that enjoys the spacious front yard and the fenced in backyard. She is VERY food motivated and will be your best friend if you give her a bit of peanut butter or apple. Sophie has always been a great snuggler and loves to show her big personality! She may have half her right ear missing, but that just adds to the cuteness that is Sophie!

Our Promise To You

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We understand the future may be unknown for you at this time, and that you have many difficult decisions to make, but we want you to know that you are inspirational. We may not be perfect, but we love with all our hearts and have so much more love to give. Sure, we can be a tad shy when you first get to know us, and a bit silly at that, but we are a dependable, honest family who will cherish your child forever. Our promise to you, is to give your child a loving home, filled with laughter, family/ friends, amazing memories, and a bright future.

"We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here now with the power to shape your day and your future" -Steve Maraboli

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