Michael + Oliver

Hi! It's great to meet you!We're Michael and Oliver, and we want to share a bit about ourselves with you as you navigate this important decision for you and your child. Family is the foundation of everything good in our lives and we hope our words and pictures will show you the love, happiness, and unwavering dedication that we have ready to share.

Our Story

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Our story began at a busy Mexican restaurant in New York City, back in October 2017. Sparks flew from the very first encounter, and every subsequent meeting only solidified the bond that now threads through every aspect of our lives. From passionate debates about politics to our shared love for Harry Potter and Disney, we found endless avenues to connect and grow together. Through the trials of the pandemic and the excitement of our move to Texas, we've weathered every storm as a united team. And just last year, our love story culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony in the heart of New York City.


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Family holds a sacred place in both of our hearts. We cherish every opportunity to be with our loved ones, whether it's spending time with Mike's sister and her family on the East Coast, or making the journey across the Atlantic to visit Oliver's parents in Central Europe. While our biological families may be small, they're tightly knit and overflowing with genuine warmth. Beyond blood ties, we have a close-knit circle of friends who readily fill our home with laughter and shared meals, a testament to the value we place on building and nurturing genuine connections. It's this emphasis on love and belonging, extended to include family and friends, that fuels our desire to open our hearts and home to a child through adoption.

Our Promise

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To the child who may become ours, we offer a promise: a haven where you'll be cherished, nurtured, and encouraged to blossom into your authentic self. We pledge to be your advocates, guiding you with kindness, respect, and unwavering support. We'll strive to offer the best opportunities imaginable, from a strong education to enriching experiences that broaden your horizons. Above all, we promise to shower you with a love that knows no bounds, a love that celebrates your individuality and encourages you to chase your dreams, confident in the knowledge that you are forever loved and supported.

Yours truly,Michael and Oliver

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