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From the start, we want to tell you how much we have poured over what to say in this letter, and we still feel we struggle to find the right words. We can only imagine what it's like for you to be in this position, to be making such a scary and difficult decision that must feel like a turning point both for you and your baby. It must be such a confusing time, and we only wish to be able to offer you peace with that decision, whether you choose us or not. What we can promise to you is a stable, loving, supportive home full of education, empathy, and laughter for your baby. We have both known for so long, even before we met, that we want to be parents. When we met, we knew that this was the person we wanted to share a child with.

In our relationship, both with each other and our friends/family, we focus on honesty, discussing our feelings and trying to understand the other person's perspective. Each of us supports the other in our careers, hobbies and interests. We spend a lot of time doing things the other likes and doing things we both enjoy. We are fairly active and love to travel. We both love making our home beautiful and comfortable and spending our time together there. We would love to provide for a child of our own who would become the center of our warm little world. We hope you will consider us.

Our Story

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We met the old fashioned way: online! Both of us had been through bad relationships and sought to find equal, caring, and funny partners. It was Lisa's first foray into online dating, thinking it would be a tall order to find someone kind, patient, and considerate. Lisa and Charles started messaging for a few weeks before meeting, and found that they had similar senses of humor - often sending lip-synced videos with our pets to make each other laugh. Before their first date, Charles already asked Lisa out for a second date to an outdoor concert a few days later. We have been inseparable since! After about a year of dating, Charles moved in with Lisa, and a year or so later we purchased our first home together. We always knew that we were going to build a beautiful life together. We surprised our friends at a Christmas party we had in our home and got married! The rest is history!

Meet Lisa

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Lisa is one of the most selfless people I've ever met. She has a long history of serving in a motherly role with all her friends; dropping whatever she was doing to rush to their side as soon as they call. She is also one of the smartest people I've ever met. Whether it is some difficult legal issue or a different approach to designing something, I am constantly impressed. She has always had a green thumb and has really become an avid gardener over the past few years. So much so that she turned our parts of our house into indoor growing spaces during winter. I can't complain too much, it has given me a jump start on eating tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and whatever else she decides to grow.

Fun Facts - Lisa

  • 5'8" with brown hair and green/blue eyes
  • Can quote The Goonies from memory
  • Cannot smell skunks
  • Loves to garden
  • Can read extremely fast!
  • Has recently befriended some neighborhood crows...even though Charles has been trying to do that for two years

Meet Charles

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Charles is kind, patient, supportive and considerate of others. He does not hesitate to lend a hand in any situation. He is incredibly curious about the world - always researching and teaching himself new things. This turns into a lot of hobbies, and he is great at everything he puts his mind to. Except beekeeping - I have put my foot down! He is a gifted musician, often playing one of his many guitars, or even teaching himself piano. He writes music, and is currently scoring classic movies in his spare time just for fun. He is also a workout buff, from lifting weights to running, he never stops moving.

Fun Facts - Charles

  • 6'1" with brown hair, red beard, and hazel eyes
  • Love playing guitar & bass
  • Has been practicing his dad jokes for years
  • Is terrible at accents but keeps trying
  • Is really good at math & code writing
  • Loves to learn about new things and place

Our Home

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We live in a beautiful small suburb of a major city. Our community is not only beautiful, it is very safe and family-oriented. There are 31 parks in our community! One of the biggest and most popular is about a mile from our home and includes multiple playgrounds, a lake, picnic areas and multiple baseball and soccer fields for the kids' teams. We often walk down to the park to enjoy the lake. Even closer is the park located next to the elementary school which is maybe 1/3 mile from our home. In fact, this was Lisa's elementary school and we live along the walk she made to and from school as a kid!

We live only about one mile from Lisa's mother and we visit her several days a week, and she often comes to our house for Sunday dinner. We have really lucked out in that we love so many of our neighbors and have formed close friendships. We have especially grown close to a family across the street who have two young kids that hangout at our house often!

Lisa's one true hobby is gardening, and she puts Charles to work so often, he's caught the bug as well. We love landscaping and tending to our flower gardens. Lisa has a full raised vegetable garden in the back. There is nothing better than grilling out on a summer evening using produce you grew in your backyard!

Ludo and Luna

We love animals of all kinds! We have two adorable cats named Ludo and Luna, both named after some of our favorite childhood movies. They are absolute best friends, but have completely opposite personalities. Ludo is all gray and is very quiet and athletic - a true cat in every way. He still loves to snuggle and purr and make biscuits. We call Luna our "Lunatic" as she's more dog-like. She wants to be around people - not just around, but in the middle of things. She's never met a stranger, whereas her brother will take a more cautious approach to people he doesn't know. She's bossy, she talks a lot, and in general she's just the silliest little cat in the world.

Our Promise

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We both appreciate and understand the importance of education and promise that we will do everything we can to provide excellent educational options for your baby as they grow. We understand that this looks different for everyone and are excited to explore those opportunities.

We also feel that communities and societies grow best when we all have a sense of connectedness. We also promise to help your child understand this on their way to adulthood. It is very important for everyone to understand that we are on this journey together.

We both understand that everyone needs the freedom to express their own individuality as they grow and mature, and we can promise that we will provide the loving, caring home for your baby to grow in where they can express themselves in anyway they see fit as they get older. We would love to provide a child with a joy of life that can be instilled with a childhood that is spent surrounded by loving and supportive family.

We also promise to unconditionally love your baby and take part in raising them as a team. We will employ the same level of communication with them as we do with each other at each appropriate stage. We do everything as a team and this would be no different.

Thank you again for taking the time to look at our profile. We hope you make the best decision for the both of you, no matter what that is.

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