Laurie + Kishore

First, we want to say thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us. We may never truly understand how you feel and how hard this decision is for you, but we want to thank you for considering this incredible gift of adoption.

Although we've never met you, we have been praying for you and your little one. Through this book, we hope to share a little bit about ourselves. But someday, we hope to get to meet you and hear about yourself, your loved ones, your hopes and dreams too. We would love the opportunity to one day open our hearts, home, and family to you and your child.

We hope this book reveals to you a glimpse of what we value as a couple, the love we share with family and friends and the great God we serve.

- Kishore & Laurie

Our Why

We have always had a strong desire to be parents and are confident that any child who we raise will feel loved and cherished by us and our families.

We have always had an interest in one day adopting a child. Both of us have family members who have been adopted, so it has always been part of our plan for building our family. We have learned so much through their adoption stories and have gained some understanding of the joys and challenges that come with it.

When we first started discussing the idea of adoption, shortly after getting married, we had no idea that that having biological children would become a struggle for us. After nearly 8 years of trying unsuccessfully we began seriously praying about and considering adoption.

We feel that everything happens for a reason, and we firmly believe that God, in His divine plan, has led us to adopt our first child. We are excited at the prospect of being parents and raising a child in a home full of love.

Our Story

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Kishore moved to the United States from India for work in late 2009. We met in August of 2010 at a young adult retreat at our church. We had many mutual friends and got to know each other over the next year.

Laurie graduated college and moved home in the summer of 2011. We began dating a few months later. Funny fact: one of Kishore's friends gave him a makeover before our first date. He got skinny jeans and a new hair style!

About a month into dating, Kishore had to return to India due to visa issues. We had a long distance relationship for 2 years. We got engaged, in India, six months into the 2 year wait and married as soon as Kishore returned to the United States.

While those 2 years (with a 10 1/2 hour time difference) were hard, they laid the foundation for our marriage and we are thankful for the period of waiting. We learned a lot about each other, our respective cultures, our families, and cross cultural communication. After 2 years of countless phone calls and Skype dates, we got married in December of 2013 and have enjoyed nearly 10 years of marriage!

During our 10 years of marriage, we have lived in south Florida, just a short drive from the beach. We purchased our home in 2018 and have loved living close to Laurie's parents, our jobs, and our church. We both work during the day, remotely or hybrid, and enjoy spending evenings and weekends with family and friends.

Meet Kishore

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  • Born in a little village in South India, I grew up living in conditions that would be considered 'third world' in America. Despite the circumstances, I had a wonderful childhood with loving parents and a protective older brother. My Mom introduced me to faith at an early age and my Dad got me into literature and world events. They made huge sacrifices to get me and my brother an education which helped us become Computer Engineers. This led to both of us traveling outside India and discovering a whole new world.
  • Marrying Laurie was the best decision in my life besides accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. We strive to love each other unconditionally just as God did and we will do the same for our child. I am grateful to my birth country for how it prepared me for life and thankful for my new home country for the opportunities it gives me.
  • I have worked in IT for nearly two decades and I love solving problems and helping people at my job.
  • At home, I love spending time with Laurie, cooking, playing games on my Xbox and reading. I love serving and helping in my church and my community.

Meet Laurie

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  • I was born in Fort Worth, Texas to parents who were born and raised in Texas.
  • My parents being Christian missionaries, my faith was instilled in me from a young age.
  • I spent my younger childhood years in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.
  • Having always had a passion for art and technology, I attended a technology magnet high school, where I studied graphic design.
  • In college I majored in education and have used both my skills as a teacher and my technology background throughout my career.
  • I'd like to use my teaching skills to educate my children from home one day.
  • I love to read, often finishing 2-3 books a week!
  • I relax in the evenings by coloring, reading, or doing puzzles.
  • I love to learn about different cultures. One of the joys of being married to Kishore has been getting to learn all about India, his culture, and his native language.
  • Kishore has been my greatest partner, encourager, advocate, and love. He is a great example of sacrificial love, kindness, and genuine care. I am forever thankful for his presence in my life!

Before You Go

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We are thankful for the opportunity to share a glimpse into our lives. Although we may not be able to share everything about ourselves, we can say this much: we will love and cherish your child forever.

As Christians, we believe that children are a gift from God, given to us to lovingly raise them to become bearers of love, peace and joy.

We'd like to leave you with a few promises. We promise to:

  • Love your child unconditionally
  • Raise them in a faith centered home
  • Provide a safe environment for them to thrive in
  • Be there for them, no matter what
  • Always keep the child's best interest at heart
  • Keep the lines of communication open with you, if you so choose
  • Pray for you regularly

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