Lauren + Tyler

Hi! We're Tyler & Lauren! We have been preparing a home in joyful hope to grow our family. We'd love for you and your child to be a part of our journey, and we would be honored to be a part of yours. Know that you and your child already have our prayers no matter your choice. Please enjoy getting to know us through our profile!

Why Adoption

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We have both dreamed of a big family from the beginning of our relationship. We both come from large families, and "our plan" was always to try and have a biological child(ren) while in medical school and then try to adopt after we finished school. We soon learned that God had other plans for us! While working with doctors to try to conceive, we reached a point where we felt that God was calling us to grow our family in a different way. We stopped the doctor's appointments and spent months of talking, reading, learning, and praying about adoption. We applied to Gladney about six months later when we were sure that this is where God was leading our hearts!

Our relationship has grown in ways we could have never imagined through this process thus far, but we know we still have so much to learn! We have grown in love, respect, and communication, which we feel will help us work together to raise a child and face whatever life throws our way! Both of our families have closely walked this journey with us, and are overjoyed that we are one step closer to having a beautiful child join our family!

Our Story

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We are a Louisiana couple born and raised! We first met at church on our college campus at the beginning of our junior year. We were very focused on school, but we always happened to find each other whenever we were in the library or on a dance floor. We started dating officially at the beginning of our senior year. We fell in love as we found we enjoyed similar hobbies, faith, and life goals! Tyler proposed when we were halfway through medical school after two years of dating. We got married in June 2017 and have been dancing together ever since.

We went through medical school together and learned a lot about communication, balance, and scheduling during that time. Tyler is now an internal medicine resident in his last year of training. He has signed a contract to join a group of primary care physicians after he graduates in July of 2024. Lauren works as an emergency medicine physician and academic professor. She helps train emergency medicine residents and medical students. She works about 12 shifts per month in the hospital and 4 per month in the classroom. Neither of us take call so that we can be home and present to our current and future family!

We reside in a family-centric community, surrounded by numerous parks, top-notch schools, museums, a lively jump zone, an enchanting aquarium, and even a water park just a short drive away! Throughout the year, our state hosts a variety of festivals, featuring vibrant music and delectable cuisine. Our single-story home has three cozy bedrooms. The heart of our home is undoubtedly the patio, where we can enjoy grilling food, soaking in sunsets, and watching the geese! Our home sits about 10 minutes from our church and the hospital we both work at!

Meet Tyler

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Tyler grew up in a small town near New Orleans. He is the middle child and has an older brother and younger sister. Tyler's parents have been married for over 35 years and have always taught the importance of family and hospitality. Tyler loves all things outdoors and even hiked across Spain with nothing but a backpack while he was in college! He is an excellent chef and loves hosting tailgates and crawfish boils. He is frequently the entertainer of the group and is always making people laugh! He even plays the guitar and sings!

What Lauren Says About Tyler:

Tyler is an amazing man, friend, and husband. He's the most genuine and most virtuous person I have ever met. He humbly practices his faith in word and action. He is my rock, partner in life, and the first person I run to when I'm feeling down or need advice. He is very patient and willing to talk anything out with me. I love that he has so many hobbies because it brings us on adventures that I probably wouldn't have found on my own. I can't wait to watch him as a dad teaching a little one how to fish, play guitar, dance, camp, and even cook! Tyler chooses to love and honor me every day, and I know he will always do everything in his power to care for and protect his family.

Meet Lauren

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Lauren grew up in a small town near Lafayette, LA. She is the oldest of seven girls! Her parents are high school sweethearts and have been married for over thirty years. Family is the most important thing to her, and she is very close to her sisters. One of her sisters lives close by with her husband and two sons, so she has had lots of practice with little ones! She loves to dance and even danced on her college dance team! She also loves traveling and exploring the outdoors with her husband, but she is more of an introvert at heart. She is prepared for any situation and has everything you could possibly need in her "Mary Poppins Purse." One of her favorite things to do is cuddle up with hot chocolate and a Disney movie, and she can't wait to do that with a kiddo. She loves scrapbooking and adorning her home for the holidays, with a particular fondness for Halloween and Christmas!

What Tyler Says About Lauren:

My wife, Lauren, is the epitome of kindness and beauty, both in soul and appearance. Her caring nature and considerate attitude not only enrich my life but also touch the lives of all those around us. Lauren's intelligence and work ethic are truly inspiring, yet her ability to uplift everyone truly sets her apart. I am filled with pride and gratitude every day for the privilege of being her husband. Her radiance and compassion never cease to amaze me, and I firmly believe that her nurturing nature will make her an exceptional mother.

Our Fur Babies

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We have 2 German Shephards. Axel & Otto have both been to obedience school and follow basic commands well! They go to doggy day care sometimes and are well socialized. They love to go to the dog park and take walks around the neighborhood. They protect our home and scare people because of their big size, but they are honestly very sweet, calm, and very protective of children!

They sometimes travel with us on our vacations, especially when we are going hiking. We took a big family road trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona last year. Axel and Otto were champs during the long car ride and enjoyed looking at the stars as much as we did! They earned their Bark badges and sweetly sat and took pictures with all the little kids who wanted to take pictures with the "wolves!"


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We have a deep love for our home state of Louisiana and love all things family, Cajun food, LSU, and Mardi Gras! We love to get together with our families and this usually involves Tyler cooking.

While we do love Louisiana, we are always looking to explore new places and activities. We LOVE to travel! Our families are often amused how we can go from road trips and tent camping with our dogs to a resort and fine dining on the next trip! We take a vacation with our extended families once a year and then several shorter trips throughout the year. Lauren's family's favorite place to travel is Disney World (with matching shirts), and we go to Washington DC with Tyler's family every year (his favorite annual trip)!

We can't wait to take a future little one around the world (literally and at Disney World)! We enjoy camping, hiking, the beach, and even snow skiing. We traveling helps our future child better form his/her identity! We collect a cookbook and coffee cup everywhere we go together to help us remember what we've learned and seen!

Our Promise To You

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We have always dreamed about being parents and raising a child in a loving home. We are very excited about this chapter in our lives and have so much love to share for this child as we expand our family. Both of our extended families are excited for us and committed to helping us raise a little one.

We can't promise we will always be perfect, but we promise to unconditionally love and cherish this child and to pray for our child for the rest of our lives. We will do everything in our power to make sure that he or she is raised with a good education and a Christian upbringing. We will bring him or her to church every week with us and pray with our children at night. We hope to provide a foundation for our children to be virtuous, caring, and responsible individuals. We will do everything we can to support their hobbies and dreams and to provide a home where they always feel welcome no matter the paths they choose in life.

We hope this site gave you a look at our lives, and we look forward to meeting you. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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