Erin + Paul

Thank you for taking the time to look over our profile. We understand you have a difficult journey ahead of you and we wish you peace as you navigate your path forward.

Our Promise

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We have always wanted to expand our family through adoption. Growing up, Erin used to think she'd have 4 biological children (2 boys and 2 girls) and then adopt a 5th child. Though as we know, life doesn't care what plans you have for it. After struggling with infertility and accepting that we may not have biological children, we are excited to pursue an open adoption to grow our family.

We promise to provide a safe and loving home for your child.

We promise to provide them with opportunities and experiences to learn and grow in their own way.

We promise to support them in developing their own identity.

We promise to encourage them to be themselves. To be unique and weird and passionate.

We promise to speak of you often.

We promise to include you and your family in their life as much as you are comfortable with.

We promise they will be loved.

We promise this is not goodbye.

Our Story

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We were married on Star Wars day, which Erin picked so that Paul would never forget his anniversary date. Though we did not intend to have a Star Wars themed wedding, it was so much fun to be non-traditional and make the event our own by embracing our true weird and nerdy selves.

Meet Erin (by Paul)

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My favorite thing to do with Erin is eating together.

Erin is quirky in her own right. A little contradictory if you ask me. She loves doing things like puzzles and DIY projects but then immediately complains 5 minutes in that its boring or too much work. That doesn't stop her from finishing though.

My favorite thing to do with Erin is eating together... who doesn't right? She is always open to try new foods which is great cause then I get to share that experience of trying something new for the first time and see her eyes light up at the deliciousness she has just tasted.

Now here is where the contradictory part comes in. I was today years old when I learned that pineapple was one of her favorite fruits... but she refuses to even try pineapple on pizza. The blasphemy! I still love her to death cause that just means more pizza for me.

Meet Paul (by Erin)

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He loves to cook for friends and family!

Paul is incredibly generous. He can always be counted on for a favor, such as watching a friend's kids or driving his parents to the airport. I've also seen this trait amongst his entire family. They're always willing to lend a hand to loved ones.

Perhaps the thing I love the most about Paul is how much he loves to cook for friends and family! He goes into "host mode" and cooks a ton of different dishes even if there are only a few of us and then sends everyone home with a box of leftovers. I'm always amazed at how easily he is able to whip up something out of nothing. I can look in the fridge and there's nothing but a few stalks of celery and a bell pepper but somehow he's able to turn it into a delicious meal. I don't even know how I ate before I met him.

Our Adventures

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We love to travel and experience the food and culture of other places. Paul bought a giant framed map of the U.S. where you can add pictures of each state you have visited so apparently we are going to be visiting all 50 states! We also plan to visit all of the NFL football stadiums.

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