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In our life, love is abundant--it's the one thing we are sure to give. We see the same in you, too. We believe only a heart full of love could make the brave decision - to consider adoption for your child.

It's a decision that places the love of your child first, above everything else. Your love is inspiring and touches our hearts deeply. This child, loved so much by you, will bring a wave of love into our lives. It won't stop with us, this love will spread to our family, our friends - everyone important in our lives.

We don't yet know your name or your story, and we may not ever fully grasp the journey you've been through. But we do see your strength, your selflessness, and the deep love you have for your child. This inspires us. We're hopeful for the chance to open our hearts to you and your baby. Together, we can continue to let this love grow. It's more than just an opportunity, it's a gift, and we're profoundly grateful for it.

Why Adoption?

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Adoption was always our first choice! Even before we got married, we dreamed of being parents. For us, adoption was always our first choice. People often assumed we chose adoption because we couldn't have biological children of our own. But that's far from the truth.

Our happy little family - Jeff, Anita, and our playful pup Bheem - is already full of love. Growing our family through adoption is the perfect way for us to expand our love. It's not just about welcoming a new child. It's also about embracing everyone who loves and cares for that child - and that includes you.

To us, adoption means becoming part of a community. It's a community formed by love and support for a child. The idea of joining this community fills our heart with happiness. It means the world to us.

About Anita

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Life, to me, is an unfolding adventure, hidden within everyday moments. From vibrant Asian streets to serene Swiss landscapes, I've lived across four continents, enriching my understanding of the world's intricate tapestry.

Born and raised in the Midwest, my upbringing intertwined Indian heritage with ambitious dreams. Values imparted by my parents nurtured education and embracing roots. Our home celebrated Holi, Diwali, Hanukkah, and Christmas, mirroring our diverse world.

Challenges marked my path - limited diversity in high school and confronting prejudice at the University of Oklahoma. Yet, resilience from my parents and childhood fortified my spirit.

As a diplomat representing America, I honor a family tradition of service. Breaking new ground as the first woman to carry this legacy.

In this unique journey, I've added a twist - mixing diplomacy with my own flair. Karaoke, reality TV, and shopping escapades fill my house. These quirks reflect a journey polished by challenges and enriched through laughter, dreams, and love reigning supreme.

About Jeff

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I was born in Upstate New York, spent time in California, but Virginia is home. As the oldest of three brothers, my parents instilled in us the value of hard work, the importance of family ties, and the drive to be our authentic selves.

Thanks to my mom, I learned to read early on, and she sparked my passion for creativity. My school journey had its ups and downs, but my thirst for knowledge never dried up. Growing up as a "military brat" with frequent moves supporting my dad, I quickly learned to embrace change and new adventures.

While I played almost any sport imaginable, my inner nerd often showed up. I still can picture the letter I got back from the Kuwait Embassy acknowledging my 6th-grade project on the Gulf War. In college, I managed to balance classes with a full-time schedule at work--a job I've been able to turn into a career.

Keeping in touch with family and lifelong friends is a priority. At home, I look forward to the simple moments: walks with Bheem, engaging in backyard DIY projects, and sharing my love for 90s music with Anita as she updates me on reality TV antics.

Our Home

We live in a cozy house just 5 miles from a big city. Our craftsman house sits on a tree-lined corner lot and holds countless memories. We both chose to live in this neighborhood before we even met. It's a friendly place where people still stop to chat on the sidewalk, kids run around on their bike, and everyone knows each other.

We met and had our first date here, so it's extra special to us.

Our home is our haven, especially our little outdoor sanctuary. Our secluded backyard is where we spend so much of our outdoors time. A flagstone walkway wraps around our home, with towering birch trees on one side and sturdy oaks and cherry trees on the other. As the world slowed down during COVID, Jeff's creativity took flight. He helped design and built a comfy tiny house with a loft for our weekend movie nights and a quaint backyard office, his quiet spot away from the daily hustle.

This home, with its nearby parks, playground, incredible selection of schools, and community vibes, felt perfect for our dreams of growing our family. Every corner, every cedar shingle, every tree holds a promise of memories yet to be made, and we're so excited to build many more here.

About Bheem

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Not your ordinary pup, but a fluffy warrior of love and joy! Just like his namesake, the valiant ancient Indian warrior, our Bernedoodle Bheem fearlessly embarks on adventures with boundless energy and a heart full of courage. With his paws as mighty as the tales of old, he charges into playtime, conquering toys and hearts alike. But don't be fooled by his warrior spirit--Bheem's true battles are won with his irresistible puppy eyes and a wag that could melt even the sturdiest of shields. Bheem embraces the legacy of his namesake through wet kisses, cuddles,and cheer to all he meets.

Our Family

We're fortunate to have families we love spending time with, and the bonus is, they're close by. Jeff's parents are just a short ten-minute drive from our home. His youngest brother and wife live nearby while his middle brother and wife often make the journey up from sunny Florida to visit.

As for my side of the family, they're rooted in Missouri. Even though there's a bit of distance, we never hesitate to hop on a plane for some family time. My brother, his wife, and our adorable niece also call the midwest home. I might be biased, but our niece is hands down the most cutest and talented ten-year-old you could ever meet.

When our families gather, it's always lively - friendly faces, delicious homecooked food, and laughter filling the air. Holidays are particularly special. They bring family members from afar, and Christmas is always a big, joyful reunion.

Our families are beyond thrilled at the prospect of welcoming a baby into all our lives through adoption. In our big, lively, and caring families, this child won't just be loved; they'll be adored, cherished, and, yes, perhaps slightly spoiled (think Gucci Kids)... in the best way possible.

Our Traditions

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Ever wondered what happens when Indian lanterns meet Polish pierogis? A family mishmash of awesomeness. Imagine this: Diwali's ablaze with Indian lanterns and candles, painting our home in a warm, magical glow. And then, boom! Christmas rolls in, and we're in the kitchen, turning cabbage and dough into scrumptious pierogis, a nod to Jeff's Polish roots.

Our family get-togethers have transformed into epic karaoke showdowns. Forget fancy dinners - we're belting out tunes that'd make the pros envious. We can't forget the battle of the cookies! My mom's famous shortbread and chocolate kisses cookies? Legendary. And as for Jeff? Well, his grandma's "sunshine cookies" - let's just say they're quicker to vanish than a magician's rabbit! Our Christmas decoration game? Next level. Every room becomes a unique universe, let's talk about the star of the show - our travel-themed Christmas tree. Each ornament is a memory from our adventures, creating a mosaic of smiles and stories.

At the core of it all? Me and Jeff, blending traditions and love. Our story is a hilarious ride through cultural mashups, karaoke battles, and cookies that disappear faster than you can say 'ho ho ho.' It's all about family, fun, and a ton of heartwarming chaos. This isn't your average tradition tale - it's a wild, laughter-filled journey through our beautifully tangled heritage!

Our Adventures

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We love traveling, balancing times of relaxation with adventure. One day, we may be kicking back on a Caribbean beach, and another, navigating our way through the heart of Italy by car, playfully squabbling over missed hotel bookings and forgotten directions.

Sometimes, our travels keep us closer to home, like taking in the mountain views and autumn colors of Shenandoah Valley during a day trip. At other times, they send us halfway around the world, only to find ourselves drenched in a surprise summer downpour because Jeff can't seem to figure out directions from his phone in Luxembourg!

Each year, we look forward to planning a few getaways. We eagerly anticipate our next journey, knowing that getting lost is often part of the fun, and can't wait to create more shared memories.

A Letter to Birthmama

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Thank you for letting us share a bit of our world with you, and for reminding us that no one has to navigate this journey alone. We know that a handful of pictures and a few words on paper can't capture everything about a person, but we hope we've painted a picture of who we are and the love-filled life we hope to provide.

We commit to respecting and honoring your role in this process. We're open to any level of connection that feels right for you, for your baby, and for our family as a whole. If you choose, we'd love to include you in telling your child their adoption story.

We promise to create a nurturing and secure environment filled with laughter, love, books, adventures, and a strong circle of family and friends. As we get to know each other better, we hope you'll see our genuine desire to love and support your child unconditionally.

We'll be there for you, every step of the way, with open hearts and open minds. We promise to uphold the courage of your decision by showering your child with all the love our hearts hold, and hope to be able to take this journey together.

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