Tommy + Brenda

We're ready to adopt for a second time and hope to create a happy story for both you and your baby. We chose to adopt our first child through Gladney because of all the support and respect they give birth parents. We know they will provide all the help and guidance you'll need to make sure you're taken care of and supported before, during and after your baby's birth. We're sending love and grace your way and wish you joy, peace and confidence in whatever decision you choose.

We met...

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We met in Colorado, got married and lived there for nearly 15 years before moving to Ohio to be near family. We love being so close to the people we love most, and our daughter, Nell's, favorite days are when she gets to play with her cousins.

We Adopted Nell

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We adopted our daughter, Nell, when she was a baby, and she's three years old now. She says funny things to us every day and other kids just seem to gravitate toward her. She's a sweet, happy kid and seems to really love life, because she never wants to go to sleep at bedtime. :) We've been fortunate to stay in touch with Nell's birth mom, and it would be wonderful to do the same with you if that's something you are comfortable with.

Our Favorite Things to Do

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Pretty much anything outside. Snowboarding, hiking, biking or laying on a blanket in our yard. We love campfires and floating down the river. We love reading (including Nell), and we like to cook and eat good food. We love to travel and try to speak Spanish. But at the very top of our list of favorites is hanging with family and friends.

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