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We want to take this time to introduce you to our family, and life. But first, we want you to know, that the depth and strength of your decision to consider adoption is not lost on us. Please know that we pray for your courage and comfort as you are looking for parents/a family to raise your child. We hope that you find comfort and peace in your decision. Please take your time, to get to know our family, through these pages, and we wish you the best through this journey and in your future. Love, Thomas (TJ), Nicole and Jackson

How We Met

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We met when we were both graduate students. TJ was working on his PhD, and Nicole her master's degree, prior to going to medical school. We dated throughout school and were married in 2007. We both then graduated in May 2008.

About Nicole

Nicole grew up in a very loving Christian home, in North Texas. She is the older sister to one brother. She grew up with loving, supportive parents, who always encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She loves adventure and after college became a rescue diver in the Florida Keys. She is incredibly determined, and despite obstacles, she never gave up on her dream to become a physician. She is a passionate and caring individual, who has spent her life devoted to creating a good life for her family and taking care of others. She loves her work and is devoted to her patients; however, she deeply enjoys her free time, and always ensures her family is her number one priority. In her free time, she loves to experience life with new adventures with her family. She is an amazing mother to Jackson and looks forward to being a mother once again.

About TJ

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TJ grew up in a devout Catholic family, in North Texas. He is the oldest to 4 younger brothers and sisters, and as a child, he enjoyed playing sports with his brothers. After graduating high school, he entered the major league baseball draft and played professional baseball for a few years. He retired from baseball after injury and completed his undergraduate degree. He is incredibly driven and goal-oriented and decided that he wanted to pursue a career in which he would make a difference in the world. He therefore pursued a PhD and started a career in biomedical research. He is such a generous and kind individual, and put his career and goals on hold, so that I could pursue my lifelong goal to become a physician. If you know one thing about TJ, it is that he is a kind, passionate and devoted father. He always puts his family, and others needs before his own. He is an amazing father to Jackson and cannot wait to have a larger family.

About Jackson

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We are incredibly blessed that God chose us to be parents to Jackson (Born in Nov 2010). He is a caring, energetic boy, who loves his dogs, playing basketball, building Legos, and spending the night at his Granny's house with his cousins. He has several cousins, and especially likes taking care of his "baby" cousins.

Our Fur Babies

We have two dogs. Callie, who is 9 years old and a lab mix. She was our first "child", and we adopted her when she was six weeks old. She has been a loyal friend and companion. Daisy, is 6 months old and a Corgi mix, and is an energetic puppy who loves to play. She joined our family, as a birthday present to Jackson, when he turned 7.

Our Home

We live in the suburbs in North Texas, in a new house that we had fun building 2 years ago. We live on 3 acres of land, located in a beautiful gated neighborhood, with rolling hills, walking trails, ponds, and plenty of room for adventure. The ponds located behind our house will soon be stocked with fish, and we can't wait to go fishing. There are many city parks close by, in which we like to visit. Our community is safe, with excellent schools, both of which are important to us.

Our Family

We have been blessed with a large family that lives close and we are able to see often. Our parents live within 45 minutes, and we are able to spend holidays with them, as well as seeing them on any random day. We also have multiple nieces and nephews that live nearby. This has been a blessing for Jackson, as he has been able to grow up close to all of his cousins. Family time is something we have always cherished and considered a priority.

Our Adventures

We love to vacation, travel and have adventures as a family. Taking days off, to spend quality time together is always a priority. Whether it be taking a trip, or just spending the day together, it is always an adventure.

Why Adoption

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We have been devoted to one another and supported each other through this life and pursuing our dreams. We have been incredibly blessed with an amazing family and successful careers. We truly feel that God chose us to be parents to Jackson, and we have always dreamed of having a large family. Although, we were able to conceive Jackson, we have dealt with secondary infertility, and have not been able to have any more biological children. The opportunity to adopt is therefore a blessing to us. We are excited to be growing our family through adoption and cannot wait to meet our future child.

We thank you for the opportunity to share a glimpse of our lives with you through this profile.

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