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Hi - We're Stephen and Alex :) We're an upbeat couple who love to spend time with our families both near and far, travel when we can, and completing projects around our house to help make it feel like home - all while chasing around our two cats, Charlie and Beans. We understand that this may not be an easy process for you and because of that, we are both so grateful that you've taken some time to get to know us a little better.

About Us // How We Met

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Stephen and I have been married since November of 2013. We met on in August of 2012 and decided 5 months later that we wanted to get married. When you know, you know, right? A traditional wedding didn't appeal to either of us, so we decided that we would 'elope' and get married in Las Vegas with just our closest family members. We kept it a secret until the ceremony was over, when we posted it on Facebook and then held a big reception about two weeks later so we could celebrate with all of our family, friends, and coworkers. It was a blast!

About Stephen

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Stephen loves four things (in no particular order): Alex, sports, and his two cats. Stephen was born out of the country, in Bahrain, because his dad, Chris, was working there at the time. While in Bahrain, Stephen's parents divorced and he and his mom moved to England for a short while before moving back to the states to be closer to Stephen's mom's side of the family. Stephen's mom, Liz, remarried a few years later and she and Jason have been together ever since. Chris also remarried Stephen's stepmom, Elizabeth, and Stephen became a big brother to Alex and Michael. Stephen loved being a big brother so much that when it came time to apply for colleges, he chose a school that was close to his dad so he could spend more time with his brothers and see them grow up. Stephen is a high school Special Education teacher. He's been teaching at the same school since 2009 and won Teacher of the Year in 2017.

Stephen really enjoys watching and playing most sports, but he loves basketball the most. He is a sports stats whiz; the more info, the better. He loves to travel with Alex and really enjoys when they can spend time with his dad's side of the family in Northern England. But for as much as he loves to go and see the world, if you were to ask him what his favorite thing to do is, he'd say, "spending time at home with Alex, Chuck, and Beans." Stephen also loves donuts and Jimmy Buffett, and his favorite holiday is Christmas.

"I could have never imagined that I'd be so lucky to spend my life with someone like Stephen. I knew as soon as I met him that he was different than the rest. He's genuine, quirky, funny, and endearing. He offsets me in all the right ways. He's practical when I'm spontaneous, he's willing when I'm stubborn, and he's quiet when I need a listener. The more I got to know him early on, the more I knew I wanted to keep him around. Luckily, he felt the same way and here we are, 7 years later :) " - Alex

About Alex

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Alex believes a good brownie and laughter can solve just about anything. She's an only child and was raised by her mother, Cindi. Alex's parents divorced when she was two years old and after that, she and her mom moved all over the country for Cindi's job. Alex has lived in four states and up until high school, she attended a new school every school year. Cindi married Alex's stepdad, Jamey, in 2013 and she could not have chosen a better husband for her mom. Jamey has two children, Chris and Ashley, and they each have children, which makes Alex the 'Cool Aunt' - at least in her eyes. Alex has worked in all kinds of areas - food retail, clothing retail, spent eight years in childcare, and most recently she was a part of a family business that she and her mom did together. Alex loves to work and takes a lot of pride in putting her best self forward.

Alex has really enjoyed doing projects around her and Stephen's house since they moved into it in 2018. She loves to decorate and find special pieces to help make their house feel like a home. Alex has no shame in singing and dancing in her car, especially if Stephen is with her and she can embarrass him a little. Her favorite foods are sushi, tex mex food, and her grandmothers macaroni and cheese. She loves Halloween and thinks that Disney World is always a good idea.

"I feel incredibly lucky to have met Alex. She is funny, outgoing, and family oriented. She is accepting of ALL people. She truly cares about the people closest to her. When I speak to Alex, I know that she is truly listening and she makes me feel very loved. She is going to be a phenomenal Mom someday. I am very excited that we get to go through this experience together." - Stephen

This is our why

My (Alex) maternal grandmother was adopted as a child, so adoption has always been a 'normal' part of my family. I've always had a desire to adopt at some point and was so thankful that when I met Stephen and mentioned this to him, he was instantly on board. We envisioned our family being a mixture of biological and adopted children. After trying for a while and not getting pregnant, we found out in 2017 that both of my fallopian tubes are blocked - so the only way for me to possibly carry a child is through in vitro. After going through all of the emotions that come with hearing that news, Stephen and I had some honest conversations about how we wanted to spend our time, money, and resources moving forward. Since we already knew that we wanted to adopt, we felt like hearing this information moved adoption front and center, and it became clear that this was the route we were going to pursue to grow our family.

This is home

We live in a two story home on a cul-de-sac in a clean, family friendly neighborhood that's in the suburbs. Our house has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. We have a screened in porch that we (us our cats) really enjoy spending time on. We have a large backyard that backs up to a small creek. Our home is 15 minutes away from the school Stephen teaches at and we're about the same distance away from family. The neighborhood we live in has a big park that offers a playground, basketball court, walking trails, and large open play area. We have a mixture of diverse young families and empty-nesters that live in our neighborhood - some of which have lived here since the neighborhood was established in the early 80's. We live in an area of town that's made up of other suburban neighborhoods, full of young working professionals and families, as well as being surrounded by up and coming areas that are being revitalized with new retail and food options. We're close to schools, hospitals, a library, a few family farms, and have two Targets within miles of us! We're 20 minutes away from downtown, about 3.5 hours from the beach, and about 2 hours away from the mountains.

Our fun traditions

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I (Alex) will find any excuse to dress up and luckily, Stephen is a willing participant :) I love to make our costumes for Halloween, dress up for tacky Christmas parties, or help Stephen plan an outfit for Spirit Days at his school. Birthdays are a big deal in our family, too. I usually decorate our kitchen and dining room the night before Stephen's birthday so he's "surprised" when he wakes up. Last year for my birthday, my mom and dad had a local company who makes giant yard signs/phrases decorate our front yard as a surprise for me when I woke up. I returned the favor for their 6th wedding anniversary, except as a joke, I told the sign company that it was their 36th anniversary. That made for some funny conversation with their neighbors :)

We look forward to visiting Stephen's family in Northern England when we can. We always stay with Stephen's Aunt Pam when we visit. Christmas is Stephen's favorite time of the year, so we have a tradition of watching one Christmas movie every day from December 1st until December 25th. He also starts listening to Christmas music in his car nonstop as soon as Thanksgiving is over. We love to drive around and look at Christmas lights in different neighborhoods in our area. My favorite part of Christmas at our house is decorating for the holiday. I love hanging the lights outside, putting up our 2 Christmas trees and reminiscing about ornaments as we put them on the tree. Another fun Christmas tradition we have is when my mom, my stepsisters, and I have a Christmas cookie baking contest where the winner gets a necklace decorated with cookie cutters. I'm the current reigning champ :)

Our Promise

If you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, as future parents we promise to protect and love your child with all that we have. We promise to always do what's right, even when it may be hard.

As a father, I promise to always be present and try my best. I promise to show your son how to be an honest and respectful man. I promise to show your daughter what a great father and husband look like.

As a mother, I promise to always make sure the children know how much they are loved. I promise to teach your son that he can be both strong and kind. I promise to teach your daughter how to be confident, and how to use her voice to speak up.

We promise to always encourage and foster any interests your child may have growing up - from sports, to hobbies, to new friends, to experiencing new things. We promise to surround them with a fun and loving extended family. We promise to help your child achieve any and all goals they may have, and celebrate when their goals are reached! We promise to encourage laughter. To enjoy the little things and not sweat the small stuff. We promise that we will be thankful every morning when we wake up and every night when we fall asleep for the great honor we have been given in raising your beautiful child. We promise that your child will know about you and that your name will be spoken in our home. We promise that your child will be proud of who they are and will find strength in what makes them unique. We promise to be the best parents we can be and that we'll never take this opportunity for granted.

with love and respect,

Alex & Stephen

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