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As we sat together and tried to think through how you might be feeling as you read this, we realized there are about five million different and even conflicting emotions that might be flooding over you. So the first thing we want to say is that we're in your corner. We care about *you*--not just your baby! We think that your consideration of adoption is incredibly inspiring. We believe you love and want the best for this little one, whatever you decide.


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Throughout this process, we hope you experience the joy and comfort Jesus offers. We pray you feel His warmth from us and from those closest to you. He is the reason we're even crossing paths, and we believe He offers the greatest peace you could ever experience. We pray that peace for you and your child. We hope you feel like you know us a little bit by the end of this profile. We hope you see our serious side, our goofy side, our excitement, but also our solemnness for the moment you find yourself in as you consider what's best for your baby. We're rooting for you

Becoming Us

We met in 2011 when we both worked for a small oilfield company in Texas. We were friends for a while (too long, if you ask Maggie!) and then dated for about a year before getting engaged. We got married in October 2013, and added Billy Beagle (who our young niece calls "Billy Eagle" LOL) and Maverick (our English Springer Spaniel) in 2015.

Our married life is full of dinners with friends, lots of church fun (we're helping start a new church in the town where we live!), game nights and dinners with extended family who live nearby, and lots of travel. Our favorite thing to do together is snow ski, so almost every year we take one big ski trip.

This Is Our Why

From the moment we talked about what we hoped our family would look like, adoption was always part of it. We didn't know how or when, we just knew we wanted to adopt. A few months ago, we both listened to a sermon about adoption, but we never talked about it afterward. A few weeks later we were having dinner with friends and they asked what was new, and I (Spencer) surprised everyone (including Maggie LOL) by announcing that we were starting the adoption process! We laughed on the way home about how God gave us both the same overwhelming desire at the same time--months after we'd prayed about how to start growing our family.

My (Maggie's) family has several great adoption experiences. My grandmother placed a baby for adoption in 1944, and in 2007 they reconnected and have had a wonderful relationship ever since. We have loved having a new uncle and family to love on our Mammaw! I also have a half-sister who was placed for adoption in 1976 who we met in 2019 and have fallen in love with! She has brought so much joy into my dad's (her birth dad's) life, and she has helped give us so much perspective about adoptive parents, birth parents, being adopted, and what that looks like over a lifetime.

Meet Maggie

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The first thing to know about me is that I love and follow Jesus. I grew up in church, but I didn't really understand what Jesus did for me until I was a young adult (so I guess the next thing to know about me is that I can be really stubborn and thick-headed, haha!). I made lots of choices in my teens and 20's that showed me my need for someone more capable to be Lord of my life--I was doing a terrible job, even though I fought like hell to be the one in charge! I am hourly grateful for how Jesus changed my life and saved me from my sin.

Things I love are

Cooking (especially new recipes)

Reading (mostly historical fiction novels)

Traveling (especially to new places--unless we're talking about New York City, in which case I would happily go every month)

Podcasts (faith-based political are my favorites!)

Meet Spencer

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I'm very much an all-or-nothing guy. I spend lots of time analyzing everything before I commit, because once I commit, I'm all the way in. I'm research-oriented when it comes to big stuff (life changes, trips, big purchases), so I might spend months (or even years) researching something before I say "let's do it". For example, Mags and I were friends for six months before I committed to asking her out. We did the marriage thing and talked about kids for five years before deciding to pursue adoption. I spent months researching and made a spreadsheet for our honeymoon before booking it!

I grew up in church and decided to follow Jesus when I was nine. I knew even at that young age that He was the example I wanted to follow and I wanted Him leading me. I've always been passionate about the idea of being "fishers of men" (Matt. 4:19) and helping young boys understand what being a man really means. A few years ago I started working with a mentoring organization in the city where we used to live. That is where I met "J" and his family and I started to live out that passion. "J" has taught me so many unexpected lessons, and I've come to love him more than I expected. He is like part of our family and God uses him to teach me patience, forgiveness, and grace. He's like a little brother!

Things that I love


Spontaneous fun

Anything outside/being on the water


Learning this new ranch life.

Our Happy Place

Our home is unique in that it's on my (Maggie) family's ranch. My family has run cattle on it since 1897! The ranch is wide open and there's tons of room to run, play, chase cows, ride horses, drive the ATVs through mud puddles--you name it! We just moved out here at the end of 2018, so our house is even new to us. We have three bedrooms and an office, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and our living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one, big space. It is perfect because we love having people over and cooking for them. We built an extra large attic area because someday we want to finish it out and create a movie theater room! We fenced in a big back yard so there's lots of space for tag, wiffle ball, kickball, catch, disc golf and all kinds of playing. We also hope to put a pool in someday. This small piece of earth is home.

Love God, love others, be real, and have fun.

Ranch life = animal life. There are horses, cows, antelope, deer, coyotes, rabbits, and more! All of those are part of everyday life. We have two dogs who live in the house with us--Billy who is a Beagle, who was rescued in 2008 and Maverick who is an English Springer Spaniel, who joined us as a pup in 2015.

Our Promise

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We hope you caught a glimpse of us and our hearts in this profile. We love each other deeply and promise to weave any children in our home into that love. We also care about you and your well-being, and commit to partnering with you for what's best for you and your child. We will be compassionate and caring. We vow your child will always know where they came from and we promise to always make sure they know what you did for them--your love will be a central piece of their story. We promise unconditional love for you and your baby.

When we think about adoption, we think about the simultaneous happiness of one family who is gaining new life, and the grief of a family who is placing their child with another family. We think about the strength of spirit in expectant moms and dads who find themselves considering adoption for their baby.

We hope you know you are loved, wanted, and prayed over!

with love, Maggie & Spencer

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