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We cannot imagine the emotions that you are feeling, and we appreciate the thought you are putting into your future and the future for your child. Please know that if you feel comfortable meeting us, it would be a pleasure to meet with you to share our stories together. We hope that this profile gives you a better picture of our home, our lives, and who we are as a family.

Dear Expectant Mom,

“Dear Expectant Mom,” Image

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are honored that you are considering our family as you navigate what your future holds. We know that this is a confusing and challenging time for you while you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your beautiful baby. As potential adoptive parents, please know how much you mean to us and know that we understand the love you must feel for your child.

We believe that life is a journey, and on your journey, we hope that you have support and love no matter where you are during this time. We admire and respect you for choosing life. It takes a lot of courage and strength to consider adoption as it is a life altering decision.

Our Story

We met in the university bookstore. Sebastian handed a collection of the philosopher Plato's works down to Elyse from the top shelf. We began as friends getting to know each other, and six months later we started dating. After college, we got married and moved to Boston for graduate school. Boston was a life-altering experience for us: we were newly married, learning to live in the Northeast and for Elyse, learning how to drive in the snow. Sixteen years later, Elyse is now a pro digging her car out of the snow.

We rescued our two kitties, Apollo and Socrates, while we worked on completing our PhD programs in philosophy. In 2012, we moved to upstate New York to become professors and began trying to start a family. Over this time, we have traveled to Peru, the Galapagos, Europe, India, and the Caribbean. We met in a bookstore, we fell in love over discussions of books, and now have built an extensive book collection together.

Why Adoption

We tried to conceive naturally and also underwent fertility treatments. These did not succeed, so we have chosen to consider adoption, which has always been a part of our families. Elyse's cousins on both of her parents' sides were adopted, so for her, adoption was a normal choice to grow a family. Her cousins on her father's side have kept in contact with their birth parents and families to learn more about each other.

On Sebastian's side, his best friend from childhood was adopted. His best friend had a closed adoption, but through DNA testing later, ended up finding his biological half-brother. He is close to his half-brother now and visits him in Key West.

Meet Elyse, by Sebastian

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Elyse is open, down to earth and friendly. She spends her free time reading, learning cooking styles, doing yoga, and learning new dance moves. When I find a fun song, she listens to it while cooking and dancing to the music. Elyse is an only child and grew up mostly in Texas with her parents. Elyse was a very social child from what I have been told and was raised as an evangelical Christian, but no longer holds those beliefs. She is more spiritual than religious. Elyse played sports and participated in theater and the arts.

In the summer, her parents would take Elyse and her friends to the lake in West Texas to play in the country. Elyse was active in many sports: soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and even cheerleading. She was also a very good student. In high school, she was unsure of what she should pursue for a career. Her mother suggested she become a professor.

Years later, after receiving her B.A. in Theatre and her PhD. in Philosophy, Elyse enjoys teaching her many students and working in the University. Elyse chose philosophy for a particular reason: the discipline guides one to ask the important questions in life, rather than being overly career focused. What is important to me? How do I live a good life? What actions should I take to care about others? And how am I living so that I do good in the world? For Elyse, these questions guide her teaching and her interactions with others.

As a result, Elyse is very active in her university and in nonprofit organizations. She donates to animal welfare, has rescued two cats, advises on funding for grants to schools with poor funding, and is active as a consultant with businesses seeking to make social change. In our home life, she is still a bit of a bookworm, loves a good party or social get together, and enjoys traveling with friends and family to places for fun.

Meet Sebastian, by Elyse

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Sebastian has a gentle spirit and loves learning. He is patient, disciplined and caring. While he is a professor of philosophy by day, he enjoys music, photography and creative writing during his free time. Sebastian grew up in Idaho, but also spent a lot of time visiting family in Guadalajara and Mazatl?n, Mexico. He is also an only child and grew up playing soccer and baseball. He was raised Catholic, and in the summer, he spent time in the mountains with his grandparents and cousins.

Sebastian was always very studious as a child. He also enjoyed computer programming and playing video games - until he discovered philosophy in high school. In his senior year of high school, he decided to give up a career in computer programming and to pursue a career as a professor in philosophy. While he loved reading and public speaking, he discovered in graduate school that he loved teaching as well.

This passion for teaching is still present in our household: Sebastian regularly invites students over for gatherings and philosophy discussions as well as to help around the house. What he discovered was that he loves to mentor others to help them live the best lives they can. In his professional life, Sebastian is regularly active in his university and student clubs, such as La Familia Latina as well as earning the Kente award for mentoring men of color. He even organizes a course called "Learning by Giving," which empowers students to use grant funds to help local charities and organizations within the community.

Sebastian believes that what he researches and teaches should translate into practice. Also an animal lover, Sebastian adores his pets and supports me in my animal rescue endeavors. To be truthful, he spoils our two kittens (they have "daddy" wrapped around their paws!), and he loves the joy and spontaneity they bring to the home.

Our Home & Community

We live in the snow country. Our home was built in 1930 and it has been completely renovated into a classic beauty. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a finished attic with an additional playroom, a large kitchen, dining room and living room with a gas fireplace. It has a large three season room that leads out to the fenced backyard. Our home is in a quaint neighborhood in a cute town within a larger city. It is near the local schools, park, and a few miles from a beautiful river.

We have three kitties in the home: Apollo, Diana and Athena, who are very loving and social cats. We lost our dear Socrates in 2019. Apollo is an incredibly gentle and loving cat. Diana and Athena love to cuddle, and as kittens, love to get into trouble. Athena likes to climb the Christmas tree and Diana loves to watch TV. They will be wonderful with any child that joins our family.

We are a family that "lives in two worlds" and so we have incorporated both cultures into our family. We are close to our families both in the United States and Mexico, and we travel regularly to both.

Our Traditions

Holidays are very important to our family. We host the annual Halloween party for our friends in the area. We also celebrate Day of the Dead, which is a holiday that many in Mexico celebrate. We spend Christmas and New Year's with our families in Texas and Mexico. We also celebrate St. Patrick's Day in New York City or in our local town. Lastly, we celebrate the 4th of July in Idaho with a big BBQ with family and friends.

Before you go

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We want you to know that if you do choose to pursue an adoption plan, we assure you that we promise respect and openness in your journey. We promise to respect you, to maintain whatever level of openness and contact you wish to have with your child, and to cherish your child from the start. We promise to love your child, to provide a safe and happy home with every opportunity we can provide.

Our promise to you is to provide a nurturing, loving, fun and exciting family. We look forward to getting to know more about you as you learn about us. We know that you face the task of making life-changing decisions for you and your child, and our hearts are with you. As you face this decision, we promise to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

If you choose adoption, we would be honored to walk alongside you on your journey.

All our love,

Elyse Sebastian

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