Sean + Michael

From the start we knew that raising a child, and having a family of our own was our biggest dream. Now we are embarking on the next chapter of our lives together and we are so excited to provide all the love, affection, and opportunity that a child deserves. However, being a same-sex couple, we know we will need help to make our dreams come true and it does not go unnoticed that our happiness will require great sacrifice from another. We can not wait to meet our wonderful birthparent(s). The story of our child's birth parent(s) will be told as often as possible. It will be a story of how we became so lucky, and so blessed by the selfless love of another.

About Us

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We met in early 2007, during a night out. We immediately formed a friendship and it wasn't long before we were dating. In December of that same year we gathered our closest friends, exchanged rings, and took our vowes. We were not legally allowed to be married until the summer of 2015, but we celebrate our wedding anniversary every year in December and count each day of our marriage from the beginning. Since then we have had a long journey, through good times and bad, always working toward the place we knew we both wanted to be in life. Focusing on career and continued education, we always kept our long term goals in mind and now we have settled in a home and neighborhood we love, our career goals have been achieved, and we are ready to work on our biggest goal of all: starting a family of our own.

Meet Michael

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Growing up in a very small town, Michael was always day dreaming of bigger things. He kept very active in theatre and as a child he wanted to pursue acting as a career and that remained his career goal throughout high school and he eventually obtained a college degree in film acting. Even off the stage, Michael has always been a very artistic and creatively driven person; appreciating all forms of art and expression including dance, music, painting, photography, writing, and more. These days, Michael mostly expresses his artistic side through painting and loves doing so. One of the many things Michael enjoys painting is portraits of animals; as they have always been a huge passion of his. Michael is playful, kind, and prides himself in still having a childlike sense of wonder. He can't wait to spend his days playing make-believe, reading children's books, and watching cartoons with a child. Michael's hobbies include yoga, gardening, crafting, and decorating.

Meet Sean

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Sean was born on the West Coast and as a young child he can remember trips to the airport with his parents and always wanting to fly planes when he got older. Sean began taking flight lessons at the age of 10. He attended high school where he joined the golf team and studied German language all 4 years at high school. He later attended college and graduated with a degree in Psychology. He then began full-time pilot training and after achieving his flight instructor rating; he taught flying for 3 years. Sean was hired by a regional airline in 2010 and remained with them as a first officer and ultimately as captain. In 2019, he was hired by a major airline and is currently a first officer on the Boeing 737. As an adult he has remained career focused and is also very involved in the church choir. Sean enjoys traveling, visiting with family, and cooking. Sean looks forward to passing on his values of hard work and dedication to achieve goals, his commitment to family and many of the other traits that have helped him become the successful man he is today.

Our Home

We moved into our current home in 2018 and couldn't be happier. We have wonderful neighbors, a quiet and safe neighborhood, lots of trees and green space. We have a large backyard that opens up to a pasture which often has horses who come up to the fence for petting and carrots. We live only a couple of blocks from Sean's parents, making it easier to visit them often. Our house is full of art, plants and happy memories. We know our home will make a wonderful and happy environment for a child.

Our Pets

Are pets are SO cute! We believe pets are essential in helping to make our house a home and we can't wait to share with our child the valuable lessons and responsibility that caring for pets teaches us. We have two sweet-natured dachshunds who love to play fetch and never miss an opportunity to beg for food. We also have two parrots who make us laugh with their silly personalities daily. Other pets include two turtles and multiple fish tanks so there is no shortage of animal fun around our home.


In our home, the holidays are a big deal; especially Christmas and Halloween. We go all-out elaborately decorating the house inside and out. Whether it is carving pumpkins, singing carols, trick-or-treating, watching our favorite holiday films and specials, decorating the tree, putting up our holiday villages, or just spending time around the dinner table with the people that matter most, we always make the holiday season extra special.

Our Family

Our family is very important to us, it doesn't matter whether they are blood relatives, step-siblings or parents, adopted family, or even just family friends, all family is FAMILY and we would all do absolutely anything for one another. Our family is so excited for us and this adoption journey. We know they will be quickly forming a line to hold and love our baby as much as we do. They will be there with us and for our child every step of the way to love and nurture for the rest of their lives.

Dear Birth Parent(s)

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We want to let you know that we promise everyday your baby wakes up with us, they will be loved and cherished for the miracle and wonderful gift they are to us. A child raised in our home will know that their birth parent(s) love them more than they can ever imagine. They will know and be reminded all the time of how brave and strong their birth parent(s) had to be. They will know that without them, our lives could never be complete and that they are a precious gift; given to us in an act of selflessness. We promise to raise a child to love, to respect, to be kind, and to value family and faith. We promise that we will do our very best to provide for your child in every way possible. We will strive to raise a child to be a well rounded, intelligent, and beautiful person. But most of all, we promise that your baby will be loved beyond all measures of the word in our home. We hope you will consider us. Our hopes and our dreams can never become reality without you.

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