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We are so honored to "spend" some time with you here and be considered as part of the lifelong journey for you and your child. We cannot imagine what all you have been through to get to this point, but we want you to know that we admire you, we respect you, we are praying for you during this time, and we are so proud of you.

Our Beginning (told by Ashley)

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We met working together at a local gym during college. Ryan was a personal trainer, and Ashley worked in child-care. We worked together for months before we really started talking to each other. Then one night, Ryan asked me on a date, and it was the most relaxed and natural date I've ever been on. We continued to hang out for several weekends before making our relationship official about six weeks later. After about five months of dating and meeting each other's families, we knew we had each found our person and that we wanted to get married. We were dating for just a little over a year when we became engaged and married just a little over two years after our first date. We've been married over seven years!

Throughout our marriage, we have developed a deeper respect and love for one another through our experiences. There have been ups and downs throughout our relationship, but we have remained committed to each other and committed to the promise we made to Christ on our wedding day.

Why Adoption?

Adoption is something we talked and prayed about before we were even married. Then in the spring of 2018, we felt God telling us it was time to grow our family again and that it would be through adoption. We have always desired to have a big family. We have more love to give and we want to love not just another child, but their birth family as well.

We have several family and friends who have been touched by adoption. Ryan's cousin has adopted 3 children from foster care. Ashley's parents also fostered a baby who was adopted by a co-worker of her aunt's. Ashley's uncle was also adopted at birth 60 years ago in a closed adoption and has in the past year reconnected with his birth family.

What Ryan has to say about Ashley

Ashley is the most beautiful person, both inside and out, that I have ever met. I feel blessed every day to be able to spend my life with such a wonderful person. Ashley does so much for our family. She is constantly making sure our kids are involved in extra-curricular activities, like swim lessons, gymnastics, and other things that are fun but also help them develop skills to keep them safe. She is very patient and kind with our kids and is always willing to do something fun with them. In the summer, they especially enjoy filling up the little swimming pool and water table we have in the backyard, and despite the Texas heat, she gets out there and plays with them. She does such a great job of including each child and teaching them things along the way. For example, we were making a pie to take to our family Easter gathering this past April, and rather than make the pie by herself, which would likely have taken fifteen minutes, she included our kids and let them stir, mix, measure, and lick the spoons. Ultimately, it took her 3-4 times longer to make the pie but it was worth it to her to involve the kids. Ashley's spirit to help others extends far beyond our home. She has served on the committee of a non-profit event for the past three years and was the head of the committee this year. As the head of the committee, she helped almost double the funds raised. She can do it all. She is our super mom and super wife and we adore her!

What Ashley has to say about Ryan

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Ryan is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. This is what initially attracted me to him, besides how handsome he is. Ryan now owns a small business where he's helping others plan for their futures and families, and he is passionate about providing them with the best service to meet their needs. When he first bought his business, he worked tirelessly to build it up to a point where I could stay home with our children because he knew how much that meant to me. When he is truly and genuinely happy, his smile radiates from his eyes and I see that smile every day when he comes home. Regardless of how his day went, he always walks into our home with his genuine smile so that our kids know he is happy to see them. Ryan is a very active person and likes to have projects, especially working on cars and building things. He does a great job of including the kids in his projects and teaching them along the way. Our son Mitchell is especially interested in Ryan's tools and projects. So Ryan always makes sure to have a few items for Mitchell to use or play with that are safe while he is working in the garage or outside. As our kids are growing older and showing us what their interests are, he is their biggest supporter. Ryan has played a lot of roles in his life, but the one that has come most naturally to him, and the one that he is best at, is the role of Daddy.

Meet our Kids!

Marjorie is our oldest and she is almost 4 years old. Although she is young, she is very compassionate and loves to take care of others. She has a baby doll that she pretend plays with all the time by giving her bottles, changing her, and putting her down for naps. She also loves to hold other babies and gets so excited when a family member or friend lets her hold their baby. When her little cousin was just 10 days old, she sat on the couch for 30 minutes holding and patting him and even gave him his bottle when he woke up.

Mitchell is two years old and is our more adventurous child. There is very little that intimidates him. His favorite place to be is outside. He likes to ride his bike, swing, climb, slide, and loves to play tag. He also adores animals. He gets so excited to see any type of animals and has a blast talking to and petting them. Some of Mitchell's interests are: tools, trucks, and golf carts. He has a play set of tools that he likes to pretend with and also likes watching daddy work on projects in the garage. He has several toy trucks in the play room and gravitates towards those or other toys with wheels that he can push or ride. Another big interest of his is riding on or sitting on golf carts. His grandfather has a golf cart and one of Mitchell's favorite things to do is go on golf cart rides with his Pa.

Our Happy Place

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Our home is a modern farmhouse near a big city. We are only about 30 minutes from the downtown area of the city, but live on almost 4 acres of land in a rural, gated community. There are a lot of young families in our neighborhood which is a huge reason we moved to this home. It's a very safe neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes around freely and there are several neighborhood events throughout the year.

In our home, we have a play room that's dedicated to the kids. We have a large backyard where we spend a lot of time. In the warmer months, we have a slide the kids love to play on and some water tables and toys we set up pretty much every day to play outside. We also have some great parks nearby that we visit frequently. The local zoo and museum is only 25 minutes away, so we take frequent trips there as well.

Our Animals

We have two golden retrievers. Noah is 10 years old and Madeleine is 7. Noah is extremely friendly and has always loved kids. He would actually prefer to play with people, especially kids, rather than other dogs. We got Madeleine a few months before we got married. Noah had always been around other dogs, so we did not want for him to be lonely while we both worked. So, we found Maddie and fell in love with her. She is also extremely sweet, but is also the more protective dog out of the two. Both of the dogs are extremely patient with our kids. Our kids love the dogs and play with them a lot. If the kids have a dog toy or their tails get pulled, the dogs will never bark or snap at the kids. They just wait until the kid lets go of the toy and then go pick it up themselves.

Our Promise

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If you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, we promise we will love and cherish your child just as we do our biological children. We will support them in their interests and encourage them in their dreams. One of our biggest priorities for your child will be that they grow up knowing how loved and valued they are...not just by us but by you too. We will share with them the great love you have for them and that you made an extremely tough decision to ensure you were providing for them as best as you could. We promise to continue to pray for you and love you as long as we both live.

It is our hope that you will become an extended part of our family and we promise to make our best effort to foster and maintain a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with you. We know that you have a lot to offer in raising your child and we promise to respect and value that as well. We promise to teach your child about God's love for all people and that Christ loves them more than anyone else.

We promise to teach them to treat others with kindness and respect and to strive to be Christ-like in everything they say and do. We hope to meet you soon and hear more about what you desire for yourself and your child!

with all our love, Ashley and Ryan

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