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Hello! We are Robert, Chrissi and Elliott. We are a fun-loving family that loves to travel, play games and be silly together. We have a deeply rooted faith and love kids. It's hard not to love them when you're teachers. We hope you take the time to read a bit more about us as you decide what is best for your little one. Thank you!

About Us

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We are Robert and Chrissi and we can't wait to get to know you. We met in 2008 at seminary and were married in 2009. Robert is a native Texan and Chrissi is a proud Marylander. In 2012, we had Elliott. He's a vibrant elementary school student in love with all things Batman, Star Wars and anything to do with the outdoors! We tried having our second child when Elliott was two years old. After trying for many years, Chrissi was diagnosed with secondary infertility. We chose to stop the fertility treatments and decided to expand our family through adoption. We are both high school teachers. Robert teaches Computer Science and Geometry. Chrissi teaches Geometry and Calculus. We love challenging and inspiring students of all levels to work hard and discover how far they really can go!


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Robert has an incredible love for his family. He is very close to his younger brother and his parents. His favorite thing to do is hang out with his loved ones. Chrissi got to know his parents over a long card game of Spades. They quickly welcomed her as part of the family and she soon became their first daughter. Robert is also passionate about his faith and the people around him. He deeply cherishes Elliott and Chrissi. Chrissi loves his confidence, kindness, faithfulness, and humor. Robert loves to sing and play his piano and guitar. He has led several youth bands at our church. One of Chrissi's favorite things about Robert is his love for Elliott. They are two peas in a pod. Elliott adores Robert and mimics him all of the time. Robert loves the attention and the freedom of being a big kid. His favorite thing is being a dad.


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Chrissi is one of the most loving and nurturing people Robert has ever met. The way she cares for Elliott and Robert, her students and everyone else around her is nothing short of a gift. One of the things Robert noticed during their first dates was her passion for family. She is incredibly close to her parents, brother and huge extended family. Playing with Elliott and his many little cousins during our visits to Maryland is a blessing to witness. Chrissi is gradually passing her deep love for God to Elliott. Robert loves watching her answering his many, many questions! Chrissi also loves to garden and make the outdoors beautiful.


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Elliott is our spunky son. He is in elementary school and his favorite subject is P.E. He loves to play baseball and soccer. He is also an avid Star Wars and super hero fan. You can also find him trying to beat his dad in Super Mario Brothers and Lego Batman. He has a great sense of humor and loves to be tickled.

Our Promise

Our relationship with the Lord is the center of our lives and family. We believe in a lifetime commitment, unconditional love, forgiveness, and grace. We believe in exploring new adventures and experiencing new things. We believe in laughter over family dinner, morning tickles, and bedtime cuddles. Our hope is that our kids will know they are loved, cherished, safe and always welcome in our arms. All children need this sense of security if they are to grow and thrive. We hope to instill a sense of charity and empathy in the way they approach the world around them. We discipline in a way that fosters strong Godly character. Finally, we hope and pray that they will grow to know and love Jesus! Thank you for the taking the time to get to know us! We hope that no matter what you choose for your child, may the Lord will bless you and keep you in everything you do!

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