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It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be a part of your life. Even though we have not met, and do not know your story, we hope you know that we are grateful for your courage. We admire your strength in choosing life for your baby and respect the love that you have for your child. In these past few years, we have been praying for you to experience peace and comfort during this process. We have wanted to grow our family for many years and can't wait to welcome a child into our lives. Ultimately we desire the best for you and your baby. If that includes us, we would be deeply honored to be a part of your life and to love you and your child with all our hearts.

Phil's Words about Lindsey

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Lindsey is one of the most disciplined, caring, sincere and wise people I know. Yes, she is my wife, but I mean it, she is the best! Even before we started dating I witnessed these traits in her, which I found attractive and figured I should marry her. Since we have been married she has brought so much order and balance, and she brings this gift to any organization, group or relationship she is involved with. The routine we are in now is almost all inspired by Lindsey, and it has brought greater fullness and joy to life. Her thoughtful nature often amazes me, she does these small acts of love at the perfect moments. Things like: leaving me notes in my lunch or when I go on a retreat, surprising me by taking me to a movie I want to see when I am not expecting it, setting up a blanket fort in our living room on a special occasion, not to mention throwing me surprise parties. She has given some big presents that I was not expecting several times! My wife also is a fantastic cook, I love coming home to eat dinner because it's so tasty, and good for me too! Another fantastic trait is how straightforward she is, this woman knows how to tell it like it is, but she does it with gentleness. There are so few times when I have to guess what Lindsey is thinking because she is so wonderful about communicating with me and letting me know her expectations, emotions, and thoughts. Lindsey also possesses exceptional wisdom. In every notable decision, she weighs the pros and cons and is never afraid to ask for advice from others. From early on in our relationship she would astound me with little bits of insight when we would be talking, and she continues to do so even now! What can I say? I love this woman! She is going to be a phenomenal mom!

Lindsey's Words About Phil

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Phil is a very kind and loving man! Anyone who knows him feels comfortable right off the bat, when hanging out with him. He has a gift for making you people feel heard and valued. He loves people and wants those around him to always feel included. He enjoys making people laugh and his laugh is contagious. Phil has a gift for making get-togethers fun and stress free. He is such a wonderful example to me and for the teens he ministers. He shows me each day what it means to love. One little way he has shown me is getting up hours before he needs, to make me breakfast and coffee. I honestly thought that would fade after a few months of marriage but here we are years later and I still wake up to a yummy breakfast. He truly values family, community, faith and serving others. He is extremely helpful around the house and wants us to work together whenever possible. I know I can count on Phil to listen to me after a long day, share advice when needed, and to give the best hugs. He tells me often that he loves me and I know without a doubt he means it. Phil will be an amazing father, he loves deep and will cherish a child with all his heart.

Why We Feel Called to Adopt

Realizing how much of an impact being raised in loving families has made in our lives inspired us to adopt. Our families have been a force in our lives to help us grow in qualities of self-sacrifice, conflict-resolution, creativity, service, forgiveness, and respect. We have received so many wonderful benefits and know they are not for us alone but are meant to be passed on to others. The best way to pass these on is through family; day-in-day-out life together, through trials, celebrations, loss, and joys. When virtue is cultivated in the family, it is attractive and can lead others to goodness as well making the world a better place. This is why early on in our relationship, we knew we wanted to adopt. Infertility brought us to the process of adoption sooner than we expected but we are grateful for the peace and clarity we have now about welcoming a new life into our family through adoption. Over the years we have realized that God may have different plans for our lives but they are always better than we could imagine.

It is so exciting for us to start our family through adoption. Anticipating moments like the day-to-day hugs, imagination, and play fill us with joy. We look forward to having lots of fun, laughing, being silly and goofy. There is a sense of fulfillment as we consider the opportunities we will have helping them to refine, develop their interests and encourage their passions. We are eager to experience the first moments of development together with them.

Both of us believe that adoption can give a child an opportunity where they can grow into the best version of themself. It is a worthwhile endeavor and one we greatly desire.

A Little About Us

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Being married to your best friend has its perks: we love hanging out together no matter what we do. On the weekends, we like to explore coffee shops and restaurants, Phil is quite the foodie. After work, you will find us cooking new recipes for dinner with our favorite jams playing in the background. We enjoy reading books out loud, movie nights with ice cream and serving our community together. It's a blessing when we have opportunities to host family and friends at our home. Gatherings typically include great food, family concerts, and silly games. At least once a year we love to take a family vacation. Our trips involve the beauty of nature, with unique adventure and always tasty food. Phil plays guitar and enjoys writing music. It is a great hobby not only for him but Lindsey loves listening to him play while she watercolors. We look forward to including a child in our interests and building new memories together with them.

We were fortunate to have wonderful childhood memories, centered around family and fun traditions, which we both brought into our marriage. Already we look forward to the day we can share these with our child. Some of the daily routines we have are making meals together, reading, prayers before we eat and bedtime. On the weekends we regularly wake to the smell of bacon and other tasty dishes for our big breakfast. Sundays are a day of rest to reset and refresh from the week. The day is filled with movie nights, playing outside, games, singing, reading, playing music- really anything that brings us joy!

Family get-togethers often revolve around holidays. Some of our favorite family traditions include: decorating for Christmas, chili, and tamales on Christmas Eve before opening gifts, and going caroling in our neighborhoods. During the summer, we love to travel, go on a family vacation, watch fireworks and sing songs around a campfire. With a huge family, there are many birthdays to celebrate and we go all out; from themed parties, your choice of delicious food as well as presents and birthday wishes. These are just a few of the traditions we have and we cannot wait to create new ones as our family grows.

Our Promise

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These last two years we have been praying for you, for this decision, and the little miracle inside you. We promise to love you and your baby with all our hearts. We promise to put your child's needs first, to love and cherish them. We want them to have a safe and joyful life filled with lots of fun memories. This little one will know they were placed in our arms by a selfless, brave and loving woman, who will never stop loving them. Our goal is to teach them to be virtuous people. To love God, themselves and neighbor. Both of us desire to give your child the opportunity for a solid education from preschool to college. To follow their passions and go after them. We promise to speak positively about you as they have questions throughout their life, and we desire to partner with you as we share your sacrifice, love, gifts, and interest. We hope that your life is filled with happiness, joy, and peace in this next chapter. We want to include you in your child's life if that is something you desire and we can imagine that may look different throughout the various seasons of life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and considering us as potential adoptive parents.

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