Phil + Erica

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us as potential adoptive parents! We are so excited to grow our family and we are ready to give another child a lifetime of love and happiness. We hope you enjoy getting to know us, and we hope we get to meet you soon!

How we met

We met in college and became fast friends. There was always a spark between us, but somehow it took us two years to get our acts together! By our senior year we were in love, and we never looked back. We have been married for thirteen years and our relationship has always been strong, stable, and full of laughter and love.

One Cool Kid

“One Cool Kid” Image

We adopted Maisie as an infant and she is a funny, feisty, smart little girl who keeps us laughing and moving nonstop! She is kind and generous; she loves animals and babies; she gets along with all the kids in her class; and she is always looking for something to climb on! She will be an incredible big sister when the time comes!

Good Dog

We are all total dog people, and cannot pass by any four-legged friend in the park without stopping for a pet! We have one dog now, Dodger, who we adopted a few years ago as an older pup. He's an incredibly sweet Hound mix who sticks by Maisie's side and has no qualms about having kids jump all over him.

Happy Days

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We're both very laid back, and our perfect days include exploring local playgrounds; getting together with friends; and cozying up on the couch for a movie afternoon! When we're not together as a family, we would each happily curl up with a book-- fiction for Erica, nonfiction for Phil (the only book series we agree on is Harry Potter!) We're also always in the middle of at least three shows on Netflix, and perhaps the most frequently asked question in our house (after "What's for dinner?") is, "What are we watching tonight?"

Home Sweet Home

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We are so lucky to live in a diverse town, with great schools, countless playgrounds, and tons of fun things to do! Our quiet street dead ends at a huge park, with a playground just a five-minute walk away. We've made great friends with many families in the neighborhood, which means there is always someone dropping by to play! (It may also help that we have a trampoline and a climbing dome in the backyard to entice them!)

Work It

After working in advertising and at a non-profit, Phil attended law school and is now a partner at a law firm, specializing in real estate law (and looking pensive!) Our careers are fulfilling and busy -- but the best days are when we can take Maisie into the office for some added cheer. Our coworkers are her biggest fans! Erica is a publishing director at a children's publisher, where she edits books for children and teens. She has an all-access pass to the best picture books and she's always bringing home books for the nursery!


“Vacation” Image

We love to travel, and try to take at least a few vacations a year. We are creatures of habit, and generally end up at the same places: the beach and Disney World! Show us a stretch of sand or a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, and we're happy. We didn't wait long to start traveling with Maisie, and we are so ready to bring a new member of the family on trips near and far!

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