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If you do decide you want us to walk alongside you and parent your child, you have our commitment that we will take your wishes for your child's life and use them to guide us. There are circumstances in life that change our paths, plans and even who we are. Because of that, we will be in this together. We want you to know that your child is already loved by so many people and that we will make sure they know the great love you have for them as well.

Why we want to adopt

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We both come from big families! Family is the foundation of who we are as individuals and together. We decided to pursue adoption after experiencing loss with our first and only pregnancy. The possibility of trying to get pregnant again was not an option for us. After much discussing, we knew that adoption was the route we wanted to go to grow our family. Adoption has touched us and many of our family members in various ways. Pablo's cousins were adopted as newborns and Rubi was raised by her stepfather since she was 5 years old. He has always been such a significant father role in her life!

Meet Rubi… by Pablo

Rubi is easily the best person on Earth. I have yet to meet a person who has met her that hasn't later told me, "hey your wife is great". She is a problem solver and has an ongoing to-do list that lives in her head, where she is constantly looking for solutions. This doesn't just apply to our home, life or finances, she is very politically involved. She is currently a lawyer and used to work in a high level position in government. Although she doesn't work there anymore, she's still in touch with her team, helping out anyway she can because she feels a civic responsibility to do as much as possible.

I'm incredibly in love with her. Every so often I steal a glance and I'm amazed she decided to do life with me. She's funny in the silliest of ways. She'll be looking at her phone and will be giggling to herself. When I ask her what she's laughing at, she'll show me the most random video. She's also gorgeous in a 1940's movie star kind of way. It's just natural for her!

Finally, and most importantly to me...she's smart. She's constantly reading one thing or another, but it almost always pertains to politics. She also likes historical fiction, books about corporate malfeasance, and advances in technology. We'll debate at the dinner table rather passionately about what's wrong with Puerto Rico, the US, or the world, and how we see it can be fixed.

I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life with someone who couldn't keep me as on my toes like Rubi does. If I have to mention one flaw with her- it's that when the toilet paper runs out, she'll grab a new roll and put it on top of the empty old roll instead of replacing it. I mean seriously... who does that? She'll deny it to the end of the world too, but she knows.

Meet Pablo… by Rubi

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Pablo is very loving, smart, passionate, a man with strong convictions, yet very kind and sensitive. He is a great provider and a better partner. He is passionate about cooking, which means he is the one who cooks every night. From scrambled eggs, ribs, steak, to his amazing homemade pizzas; he exceeds everyone's expectations. He is also famous among our friends and family for his homemade ice cream. He will ask what your favorite flavor is and he'll find a way to make it for you.

He loves science, space, and music. Music touches his heart in a very special way. I can look over at him in the car after a song starts playing and his eyes will be teary. Not because of weakness, but because of the strong feeling that can only be felt when something touches your heart. Pablo is also well versed on many subjects. It's rather impressive how can he store so much information in his brain. I remember when I was still in law school, I would study by reading to him and he can quote what I read perfectly to this date.

It's fascinating to hear him talk with such confidence and knowledge. That is something I love about him. He also excels at his job. He's a sales executive. He made it to his company's top employee list in his first 6 months of being at the job. Pablo's talents are not only culinary or professional, he is also committed with helping with the house chores- especially laundry. He folds the clothes while watching TV and does it very fast, better than I can for sure!

Most importantly, Pablo is a great and loving husband. A man who pays attention to the small details. Sometimes I come home and he will have made my favorite loaf of bread or bought flowers just because. I can't think of what life without him would look like. He makes every day special!

Our Home

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Our home has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. We have two living rooms, a family room, a terrace and a beautiful yard. Our house is located in a gated community in the suburbs of a major metropolitan city in Puerto Rico. Our community consists of a small number of townhouses, which keeps the feel of community tight-knit. We have a huge local park with tennis courts, a basketball court, walking trail, and kids play area that can be accessed through our backyard. We are only walking distance to movie theaters, restaurants and shops. The beach is only a 10 minute drive from our home.

Our neighborhood consists of families who originally bought their houses when the community was built and newer young families who have moved in since. One of our favorite things about our community is that all the kids growing up here essentially have around 15 grandparents because of the older couples in our community!

Our Sweet Dog

Our precious pup is named Cosmo and he is a big boned Yellow Labrador Retriever. He is 4 years old, is very playful, likes to sleep a lot and play with his toys. He enjoys playing with our nieces and nephews while playfully chasing them around the house. Cosmo is always by Rubi's side... always! We love him beyond words because he is such a big part of our family.


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There is so much we want to say to you, but no words are enough. Before you go, we want to make you a few promises if you do choose us to parent your child.

We promise to always be open with your child and let them know how much they are loved by you. We will share about you in a respectful and loving way. Also, we promise to make every possible effort to ensure that your child will be able to achieve whatever it is that they set their minds to. We will instill truth, love, kindness, respect, and independence into your child so they can become their best selves. We will teach them how to look at the world with empathy, curiosity and interest. We know that at some point (and many other points) we will mess up, because we are not perfect people, but we will always strive to become better in our roles as parents and life partners.

We promise that no matter what, we will strive to provide a loving and secure home for your child. Their wellbeing will be the center of every decision we make, every plan and every move will be made taking into account what is the best for them. We want to travel with them, to know the world, to experience life in a way that empowers them.

This is a huge decision and whatever you decide, we want you to have a great sense of peace.

With love, Rubi and Pablo

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