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It is the simple things in life that are important to us, a good home, good health and happiness. Your child will know they are adopted from the beginning and they will know what a difficult decision their birth mother made and how much she loves them. They will learn about God, love, respect, hard work, and most of all FUN. We believe education is important and will provide our children with whatever assistance is needed. If we are blessed with the opportunity to raise your child, you can be assured that they will have a happy, fulfilling life and the world will be theirs to explore. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and whatever loving decision feels right to you. We would love the opportunity to share more information and meet you.

Oscar and Clarita

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We have been together for nine years and married for six. From the very beginning, our love and union has felt natural and comfortable. We have been best friends from the start but it's our shared life experiences over the years, that have allowed us to grow deeper in love and trust, knowing that we can count on each other no matter what life presents. From the beginning, we've always known we wanted children and been excited to start a family. Being unable to conceive a child on our own has not diminished our hopes and dreams of someday being parents. Seeing our lives shaped by the love and experiences learned together as a family would be a blessing to us beyond words.

About Us

Some might consider us late bloomers but we both placed school, work, and stability as a priority in our twenties. By the time we met in our early thirties and married two years later, we both had established successful careers. More importantly, we both had a good understanding of what we were looking for in a life partner. From our first salsa dancing date, we instantly connected like long time friends as we talked the night away instead of dance! That night, our values, beliefs, and life dreams were discussed with such a level of ease that we knew this was going to be something special. Since then, communication, perpetual learning, a work-life balance, family support, Catholicism, prayer, respect for one another, and patience have continued to be the pillars of our marriage.

Meet Clarita by Oscar

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Clarita is beautiful both inside and out. She is smart, confident and passionate in everything she does. Anyone that knows her will say how thoughtful, articulate and respectful she is. Clarita comes from a close-knit family and is a one of a kind woman. She loves to travel and learn about world events.

From the perspective of the whole family, she will be a great mom because she is loving, creative, empathetic, trustworthy and responsible. Clarita is the one that everyone turns to for advice. She is talented in music, singing, sports, and a very successful business woman.

My beautiful wife is an entrepreneur at heart. Whether the task is large like founding a new business or the task is more routine like improving a process, Clarita gives all her effort in everything she does and is successful at everything she puts her mind to. Currently, she runs an established family business and is the founder of several other businesses. I am constantly impressed by her ability to multitask and how she manages to be a wonderful wife and homemaker no matter what endeavor she is currently working on. She is amazing.

Meet Oscar by Clarita

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Oscar is the most devoted, patient, and loving husband and best friend I know. He is a perpetual learner, kind, smart, a creative problem solver, and always open to new experiences. His ability to stay calm and optimistic in difficult situations has always been a source of inspiration to me. It's also these personality traits that has helped him grow successfully in his professional career as a director of software engineering and managing a large diverse team worldwide. Over the years, he has shown his love to me daily through actions and words but also in the way he listens and includes my dreams in all of our life decisions. As a father, I know Oscar will always be reliable, gentle, and positive. Through his own actions and behavior, he will live and instill the virtues needed to help our child develop a confident, thoughtful, and loving personality.

Our Family Network

We are extremely blessed to have a large family that's fun and loves spending time together. More importantly, all of our family members are supportive of our adoption journey and are thrilled to be a part of our child's life. We are fortunate to have both sides of our family living close-by. Clarita's parents are semi-retired and live just fifteen minutes away. In addition, they are currently helping to raise Clarita's sisters daughter Camila. Oscar's sisters' family live less than five minutes away. They have recently been blessed with a new baby girl named Sofia who is being cared for during working hours by Oscar's mother, who recently moved into a new home less than five minutes away.

Our Pups

We have four Boston terriers. Clarita has had Pica since she lived in Miami thirteen years ago. Bruno and Reina are brother and sister and are a year and a half now. Our youngest, Guerro, thinks he is the leader. Bostons are funny, smart, lovable and loyal. We love spending time with them just laying around or with family.

Our Home Life

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful home and neighborhood with gorgeous trees, several hike and bike trails, and friendly neighbors. In addition, our school district is one of the best with several top performing schools. Our neighborhood and surrounding area is diverse with a strong sense of community and family. On any day of the week, you will find our neighborhood park bustling with fun outdoor activities. On holidays like the Fourth of July, we get together at our neighbor's home to watch the impressive firework show that our neighborhood is famous for. During Christmas, the community goes all out with home decorating and fun festivities. In addition, our home is filled with family fun gatherings to celebrate birthdays, barbecue pool parties, and any other family events throughout the year.

Parenting in Faith

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Coming from large families has allowed us to see many children raised and blessed us the opportunity to be an integral part of their lives. We are here to guide our child not dictate to them. Each child should be raised differently. We will raise our child like a gardener instead of carpenter. We adapt to them and learn from them. Parenting to us is loving guidance, consistency, and commitment to our child through life's inevitable ups & downs.

We will give our child the courage to discover their passion and follow their dreams through love and support. We believe our child will have many positive influences throughout their life's journey. We will lead and teach our child by example, through our own daily actions and words. The key to both faith and parenting is love and discipline. Prayer and worship are integral to building faith. Both have helped us get through life's challenges together.

Seeing the forest from the trees is integral to both of our view points. Perspective and patience are both necessary to raise good children. Don't sweat the small stuff. Life should be enjoyable no matter the hardships. It's a matter of inner confidence and strength. Our culture presents many challenges. A Christ centered life keeps us strong and helps us find a better way. We understand the future is uncertain and full of ups and downs. We have learned along the way that above all is Love.

Closing Thoughts

We humbly thank you for taking the time to consider us as possible adoptive parents to raise your child. We are both fortunate to have stable, loving, and supportive families that had so much to do with the positive outcomes of our lives. Similarly to us, your child will be loved unconditionally, have a positive outlook on life and their future, will be supported in the things they love and excel in, and be guided in their faith journey.

Our experience with infertility has strengthened our marriage, deepened our faith, and taught us to trust God's plan within our lives. We are thankful for the ways he has prepared us for this next phase of our lives and we could not be more excited and eager!

We know you want to do what is best for your child and we feel prepared in heart, mind and soul to give your child all the love and attention he or she needs to become a wonderful, healthy, and impactful member of society.

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