Nicole + Jamal

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. As you view our profile, we hope you see our interests, our personalities and can feel the level of love that surrounds our lives. It is our sincere hope that your heart will feel a connect to our family, believing your child will be loved and nurtured to become the best version of themselves.

About Us

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Our story began on the campus of a small HBCU in New Orleans, LA. We were both undergrads who happened to also be part of the school's concert choir. We dated for four years prior to getting married. As of July 2022, we will have been together 26yrs - married 22yrs. Our relationship is one of mutual respect, love, and daily laughter, all while encouraging eachother (and our beautiful daughter) to be our very best.

Adoption has always been a part of our family plans. Our early desire was to have 1-2 biological children and also welcome a child into our family through adoption. We experienced difficulties conceiving and ultimately experienced two miscarriages. Thankfully, we were connected with an amazing group of specialists who worked closely with us over two years. We were blessed with our rainbow baby, India, in 2010.

Along this journey, we have been surrounded with a strong support system of family and friends that we lovingly refer to as "Framily". Whether it be spiritual or emotional support thats needed, they are there without hesitation. Know that your child will be embraced by our Framily with open arms and hearts.

The Heart of the Matter

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At the center of all we do is LOVE, RESPECT, FORGIVENESS, and GROWTH.

We are a family that believes in supporting each other and being willing to acknowledge if we've made a mistake, even as a parent. It's important that we do everything with LOVE at the center. We promote a growth mindset, believing every experience and interaction presents the opportunity to learn/grow.

Family Time

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Family Time can take many shapes in our world...

At home we enjoy spending time in the kitchen whipping up delicious items, often inviting others over for taste-testing. A lot of our activities center around food. It's pretty typical to host family gatherings, game nights, and general get-togethers. Our daughter started as our little sous chef and hasn't looked back since. She enjoys trying to recipes on her dad and uncle. When we aren't in the kitchen, we can be found doing puzzles at the dining room table, under blankets with popcorn watching movies, or having fun in the yard.

In addition to cooking, we recently took up gardening. India even got her Grandma involved by building her three patio pots. We spend a lot time in the yard either gardening, planting flowers, playing with the dog, or taking a tip in the pool on those long, hot summer days.

We are excited for the world to open back up so we can get back to another one of of favorite family passtimes - traveling. Each year we try to visit somewhere new that allows for relaxing and learning. And, we always make an effort to sit on a beach at least once a year. Our daughter absolutely loves being in the water and collecting shells.

Thank You

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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We continue to pray for your continued strength as you move forward in making the best decision for your child. We promise that, if you select our family, your baby will be surrounded by a strong support system that is full of love.

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