Michael + Lisa

We are grateful you have courageously chosen an adoption plan for your child/children. They may not have our eyes and they may not have our smiles, but they will have all of our hearts.

Our Story

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We met in college in the Midwest. We went roller-skating with a college church group and that's where Lisa was smitten with Michael. Michael says he was smitten too. We would often walk around campus talking at night. It was during an earlier walk, that Michael said that he hoped that his future wife would always pursue her dreams and passions, and that he would be honored to help her. Lisa decided right then that she wanted to marry him. We dated for 3 years and got married over spring break.

Michael is a computer guru and we moved back to Texas for his work. Lisa worked in radio and was also a professor at several colleges and universities. Lisa also started teaching bible studies at our church.

We work hard, but we also like to have fun! Our favorite hobby is skiing, and we go several times a year. One year, we were able to spend a whole month skiing in Jackson Hole, WY. We went skiing every day and spent the afternoons walking around the small town of Jackson. One evening, Lisa went to walk their dog, and they came upon the biggest elk, with huge antlers. Our dog was used to chasing deer in Texas, so he took off after it! All Lisa saw was their dog, running up the mountain in the snow. After searching for him, he dog returned panting down the mountain. Oh, the story he would have told if he could have spoken!

Why Adoption

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We really wanted to have a family of our own. As the years went by and we didn't have luck on our own, we sought doctors, and did various surgeries and tests with no luck. We decided to pursue adoption with CPS after 5 years of failed IVF treatments. Even though we fostered two infants, we were never able to adopt them. After several months with us, they were all reunited with their families.

With our first foster baby we were called and two hours later, we were taking a 5-day old little boy home. We had nothing ready, and our church friends rallied together and decorated a nursery for us, donated all the furniture and baby items, and put it all together for us. Not only did we feel blessed to foster this child, but we were doubly blessed by our friends generosity.

Meet Michael

Michael is a born and raised Texan. His parents provided for his education, and his first computer, and fireworks. As a family, they would often take vacations and travel. Michael loves watching movies and creating new (sometimes inedible) cooking creations. He also loves technology and computers, and a good cup of espresso.

Meet Lisa

Lisa was born and raised in a small town in Southern Illinois. Her mother was a hairdresser, and her father was a teacher. They lived on small farm and raised cows. Everyone knew everybody and we knew everyone. Lisa didn't have just one mother but a whole beauty shop full of women looking out for her.

Lisa met her best friend on the first day of kindergarten. They have been friends for several decades. She currently lives in Denver, CO. Lisa thinks it's nice to have a best friend that still gets her and can have meaningful and goofy conversations with. They spend time together each year and talk every week. For Lisa's last birthday, they went to hot springs and spent the afternoon soaking in the warm water and talking - nonstop.

Wilby the Sheepdog

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We wanted to get a family dog that would love to be snuggled with and read to. This year in July, Wilby the sheepdog, joined our family. Most of our neighbors have small children and they all yell for WILBY to come play with them. And away he goes. He's been growing nonstop. We can't train him to stay in our yard - because he loves the kids all so much. He loves water - and bath time. And he loves to go exploring. The best thing about Wilby is he loves everyone. He looks out the window to see if any neighbors are outside. Nothing warms our hearts like,"Wilby come play with me."

Our Home

We love our neighborhood. It is newer and out in the country. Our house sits on an acre on the top of a hill, so we have lots of country views all around and can see the sunrise and sunset each day.

We have a large two-story house with a big playroom upstairs. Many neighbors call our home "the castle" due to its stately stone facade. Most of our neighbors have small children and we look out for each other. We live in a safe neighborhood with lots of trails and areas to explore. One of our favorite summer pastimes is hanging out with our neighbors and having the children ride their electric vehicles through all of our backyards or watching them play flashlight tag at night. Of course, Wilby is right in the middle trying to catch them.

Currently, we have two large wild bunnies living in our backyard. And a nursery herd of deer bed down for the night there as well.

What We Enjoy

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We are a very active family and have an active extended family. We walk, run, and hike on trails. We just got a ping pong table and are having daily tournaments as we try to best each other.

During the summer, we travel down to the coast and spend several hours bodyboarding in the ocean. We also rent jet skis and a boat and take it out on the local lake. We enjoy swimming and spending time outdoors. During the winter, we spend as much time skiing in the mountains as our schedules will allow. We love skiing downhill and finding new places to have hot chocolate. At the end of the day, we like sitting by the fire, watching the sunset.

Michael grew up traveling, and to date, has traveled to over 25 countries. Lisa is quickly catching up. We enjoy flying to new locations and exploring new lands, culture, and food. Over the last few years, we have been fortunate enough to travel to 2 new countries each year. We also love driving across the United States to see family and friends. If we have only a day, we will drive to nearby towns for an outdoor hike or lunch. But, if we have a few days, we will travel 16 hours to see a different part of the country. We enjoy traveling in the car, singing songs, listening to podcasts, and eating gas station snacks.

Our Promise

Becoming parents is one of our lifetime dreams. We've had this dream for a family since we met and you are allowing us to fulfill that dream. We promise to love and encourage your child to the best of our abilities. And, along the way, create great memories and a family that they can depend on and be an integral part of that's filled with laughter, love, and memories.

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