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We can only imagine how difficult it must be to consider adoption for your child. We hope you realize how amazing you are and the love for your child does not go unnoticed. Saying thank you will never give you enough justice for considering us as potential adoptive parents. Regardless of what you decide please know we see your strength, courage, and selflessness. We hope that by seeing our lives and families, you will understand that not only will this be your child's family, but yours as well. Though we many never fully understand what you are going through, please know we will support you through this difficult time.

Our Story

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We are Michael and Kassandra. You can call us Mike and Kassie if you'd like. We first met in 2013 right before we both deployed to Afghanistan. We were both stationed together, in the Air Force, in Las Vegas. Throughout the deployment we both grew very fond of one another. Initially we were both nervous to start dating so we pretended we didn't want a relationship, but before we knew it, we moved in together.

In 2016, Michael proposed on a boat while we were whale watching. To better describe our personalities, when he proposed (holding the ring) Kassandra said, "are you serious?", and Michael responded "well, I do have a ring in my hand." We got married 2 months after Michael proposed, with 2 of our closest friends in attendance.

To describe our marriage, the first thing that comes to mind is "best friend," and the second would be "fun". We truly support each other every step of the way which not only makes us husband and wife, but best friends. We can always count on one another regardless of what is going on around us. With fun in mind, because we enjoy life together, you will typically see us laughing or smiling. We just genuinely enjoy being with each other and spending time together.

Why Adoption

When we got married, we always knew we would adopt. Initially we decided we would get pregnant, then a few years later we would adopt. Unfortunately, we struggled with infertility. After 4 years we finally got pregnant, sadly this ended in a miscarriage. At this point we were tired of the medication, failed pregnancies, and decided we would end our journey of pregnancy.

Adoption was always going to be part of our story, so we are not upset, we are extremely excited. Having a biological child was something we did want, but genetics did not matter to us when it came to having children. We have always wanted to be parents, regardless of how that story turned out.

How I See Michael: By Kassandra

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Michael is my best friend; he has been there for me holding my hand through every struggle we have gone through with infertility. Most of the time he will make me smile or laugh to brighten my day. I truly am glad to have him in my life; he lights up any room that he walks into with his silliness or smile.

The thing I truly love about Michael is that he is very empathetic towards others. If he sees anyone upset, he feels their pain and will do whatever he can to make them feel better. He is such a genuinely great person that you can depend on and he will never expect anything in return.

How I see Kassandra: By Michael

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Kassandra is my lighthouse. Whenever I come up with any type of plan, no matter how wild it is, Kass tends to be the one that brings me back to reality. She is very detail oriented and helps me build plans that will actually work and forces me to think about both sides of a situation before I dive headfirst into the plan.

Together we make a really good team. Whenever I am having a tough time with something or some situation, she is always there loving and caring for me no matter what. Kass has helped me grow as a person in ways that I couldn't comprehend before her because she is always ensuring that both of us are taking care of ourselves both physically, and more importantly, mentally.

Our Fur Babies

Kassandra grew up with many animals and her love for animals has only grown. We have a cat named Kitty (we know it's pretty original) and she is a 5-year-old orange tabby. She is pretty hidden most of the day, usually sleeping under some covers in the house. She is very smart and will sprint in your direction if you ask her "do you want a treat?" She loves to cuddle and actually loves our dogs as well; you can sometimes catch her licking our dogs faces clean.

Next we have Harvey Dent; we gave him this name because typically you will see his tongue hanging out on one side of his face. He is also five years old and is a white Chihuahua Pomeranian mix. He absolutely loves people, but can be shy and will hide under our bed. If you're not careful he will sneak in a few licks of your face and nose. He mostly follows Kassandra around the house and will whine to be picked up.

Then we have Hank, a 4-year-old Blue Heeler. He is a super smart dog and lives off of learning new tricks or having activities to be involved in. Our favorite trick that he can do is give you a high five!

Lastly, we have our sweet, big girl named Pepper. Pepper is a two-year-old, brown Australian Shepherd/ Pitbull mix. She is the sweetest dog but sometimes thinks she's a cat and will prop herself on the edge of the couch and will rub her body against your legs for some scratches. Though she is a big girl, she is super shy and will hide until she gets comfortable. Once comfortable she likes to interact with people and get all the scratches, and she gets super excited whenever she sees a new dog.

Welcome Home

We are into property management and bought a duplex in Texas. We will move into one side around October 2020. It is 1,500 sq feet, with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The neighborhood is very new, so we haven't been able to meet any neighbors yet. It is in a quiet and cute little gated community that they plan to expand and add a park. We are excited to move in!

We love the city we live in because it is a military town. It has multiple options for family activities such as waterparks, multiple parks, and other tourist attractions. Neighborhoods in our area are super friendly, you will typically find a sweet stranger waving and wishing you a good day. Most of the time you see people taking walks with their families and fur babies. We also enjoy how animal friendly our city is, most restaurants allow them access and even have play areas for them!

What We Enjoy

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We are both very into fitness, mostly because we want to enjoy a healthy life and be here for our families as long as we can. We try to travel, at the very least out-of-state, about once or twice a year. We love food so we like to try new restaurants whenever we can. Though we love the outdoors, we usually save outdoor activities until fall or winter as Texas is too hot for us during the summer. While we are home, we love spoiling our fur babies and playing with them every chance we get and showing them new tricks!

We are both in school. Michael is getting his bachelor's degree and Kassandra is working on her master's, so we are really focused on accomplishing those goals within the next year. Michael loves to play golf with his friends, and though he isn't very good, he does have a lot of fun. He is also involved in and enjoys jiu-jitsu. Kassandra enjoys all things beauty and taking on DIY projects around the house. Both of us love to keep busy, but our favorite thing to do is hangout on the couch and cuddle with our fur babies.


Every holiday is spent with either Michael's family or Kassandra's family. Christmas Eve at Michael's parents' house is filled with fire pit made smores. We usually spend most of the day playing board games, drinking hot cocoa and hearing old family stories. Then Christmas morning everyone opens presents in their pajamas.

With Kassandra's family, we enjoy food so there will normally be enough food to last more than a few days. Most of the holiday is spent cooking, telling stories and jokes. Kassandra's immediate and extended family are typically involved, and because they come from a Mexican background, most presents are opened at midnight, but usually younger kids can open them at 8pm on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning is usually spent watching all the kids playing with their toys, eating leftovers, and enjoying time with one another.

Though Kassandra enjoys Halloween we normally don't participate in any traditions other than passing out candy, but we cannot wait to dress up our future child and take them trick-or-treating!

Thank You

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us, our family, and our lives. While you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your baby, we appreciate you for taking the time to consider us as prospective adoptive parents.

We hope that when the time comes to make a decision, whether you choose us, another family, or decide to parent yourself, know that we understand you only want what is best for your child. We want to assure you that we will respect you at whatever level of openness and contact that you want to have with your child.

You are always in our thoughts and hope that you find peace in whatever decision you make.

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