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Hello from our family! Our names are Matt, Marcie and Brayden. We cannot even begin to imagine the feelings and emotions you have or will experience as you consider making an adoption plan for you and your baby. The weight of your decision is not lost on us! We admire your courage, strength and love for your child. We hope you have support as you navigate the path you wish to take! Please know that no matter what you choose, we wish you, your child, and your family all the best. If you do choose to get to know us more, please know we cannot wait to meet you and learn more about you and your life!

Why We Are Pursuing Adoption

We have always been open to adoption! It has been on our hearts for awhile now and also a big part of our family dynamic. Marcie's mom and sister were adopted as infants and Marcie's niece was adopted from China. After having a difficult pregnancy with Brayden, and dealing with some health issues, pregnancy is now very risky for us. After much discussion, we have decided to pursue adoption as a way to expand our family.

Where It All Began

“Where It All Began” Image

The story of how we met kind of dates us.....we met on the internet before dating apps were a "thing". Think of AOL chat and the internet, which no one even probably remembers these days. At first, I would not give him the time of day, but he was persistent. We ended up meeting at the movies with friends and since then, we have never been apart. We dated during college and I will never forget when Matt proposed to me... it was on his birthday at his favorite restaurant. He was so nervous! We were married after we both graduated college. A couple years after getting married, we had our son, Brayden.

About Marcie

Marcie is my best friend! She is very determined to reach her goals and is giving of her time. She is always willing to help out whoever needs help without blinking an eye! I could not imagine going through this life without her right by my side. Marcie is also very involved in Brayden's sports. She is his biggest FANATIC during his games. Marcie likes to watch Hallmark Christmas movies, no matter what time of the year it is. They are pretty cheesy if you ask me :). She is very dedicated in lending a helping hand to her friends with whatever they need! One of my favorite things about Marcie, is watching her be a mother to Brayden! She is gentle and loving towards him as she guides him through life, but also offers stability and guidance!

My favorite music artist: Justin Timberlake

Favorite place to be: on the beach relaxing!

Something silly: I talk for the dogs using different voices (we treat our dogs like humans).

About Matt

Where do I even begin? Matt is such an incredible father and husband. He has always been there when I needed him, even early on in our relationship when I was going through a lot. He is able to help me see the good and positive in everything, because I can sometimes be a pessimist. Matt dedicates his time to help coach our sons sports teams. Even if that means just taking him to practice. He is very involved at home with helping around the house. He pitches in without a fuss and will usually make us giggle as we do the chores! He loves to be outside doing yard work, feeding the animals, playing with Brayden, or working on our land with his machines. Matt also likes to travel, go out for Mexican food (I mean who doesn't?), and seeks to experience new things.

Favorite music artists: George Strait and Zac Brown Band.

Favorite movie: Radio

Something silly about me: I can always laugh at myself and make jokes at my own expense.

Our Son

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Our son, Brayden, is 10 years old. Brayden loves most ANY kind of sport! He plays basketball, soccer and baseball. His favorite sport would have to be basketball! His favorite sports team are the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Tech, Golden State Warriors, and the Dallas Mavericks. Brayden loves to be outside! We always say he is a little country boy at heart because he loves to wear his cowboy boots and hat. He enjoys going to work with dad or helping us outside with yard work. Brayden also enjoys setting up cones outside and riding his go kart around. This boy is loved and spoiled by his grandparents. It always seems like every time he comes home from Grandma or Grammy's he has a new toy. You can often find him heading over to Grandma and Papa's house after school and spending the night occasionally on the weekends. Brayden has the biggest heart and right now he is so excited to share that by welcoming a brother or sister into our family.

Our Families and Traditions

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Marcie- I am really to close to my mom. I literally talk to her every day! She comes to visit a lot and will stay a couple weeks at a time. We also try to go visit her as much as we can. She lives about 5 hours away. I have a brother that lives close to my mom, so when we are in town, we visit with them as well. They have 2 daughters, one of which they adopted from China. Unfortunately, my father passed away a couple months before my wedding. I miss him, but we still celebrate him every chance we get! We also teach Brayden about him and share all the amazing memories we have.

Matt- My mother and dad live in the same town as we do and we see them daily. They are very active in all of our lives. They love to travel, either by plane or in their new RV. I have 2 older brothers, Jeff, my oldest brother, lives in San Francisco. My middle brother Craig lives in San Antonio with his wife, Kristen, and their 2 children.

We love to spend the big holidays with family. Each year we try to alternate whose family we are with. For Christmas, Marcie's mom has a tradition of giving everyone giant stockings and stuffing them full of little gifts. We also have an Elf, Peppermint, that comes to visit the family. On Christmas Eve, we open one present and then leave out our cookies for Santa. Since my birthday is on July 4th, we are intentional about going to see fireworks and having a get-together with friends and family. We also help host a halloween party with our friends. Each year we pick a theme, decorate, have games and prizes, and try to get our costumes to match the theme. It's a fun time and we hope to continue the tradition as long as the children let us.

Our Home

We live in the country on almost 20 acres of land. We have a lot of different kinds of animals. Everyone around us lives on acreage, so our neighbors aren't as close as most people would have as neighbors. Our family also owns a 3,000 acre ranch that we raise many different animals on. We live in a small town with a small school district. Our school district is one of the best around. So much so that people try to transfer in.

Our Pets

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We have 2 Shih Tzu's, Tuffy and Everest. They are inside dogs. We also have a Great Pyrenese, Linus, who is an outside dog. He loves to escape and sometimes we will have to go search for him, but he is never far. There is a cat that we named Socks. Socks was here before we moved in and he decided to stick around! We have many chickens, 3 horses, 1 cow, and 2 longhorns. Our family has many more wild horses, cows, longhorns, llamas, emu, donkey, goat, and bison on their farm.

Thank You!

Now that we have shared about our lives, what we enjoy and our family, we want to close with a few promises to you! If you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, we promise to respect you and whatever level of openness that you wish to have with your child. We promise to love your child unconditionally! We promise to provide a safe, stable and happy home for them and to give them a life filled with every opportunity possible! We know this is a very difficult decision for you, and no matter what you choose, we see you as a mom who just wants to do what is best for her child. We will support you in your decision no matter what!

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