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We love and respect you for the choice you are making for your baby, and thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We know you have a lot to think about as you determine an adoption plan for your baby. As you get to know us by reading through this profile, we hope you will see that we have all the love to give and are dedicated to giving your baby a wonderful life. We hope seeing our profile will help to make your tough decision even just a touch easier. We want to be parents more than anything in the world, thank you for the opportunity.

Our Story

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We met six years ago when we were in our mid 30s while working at the same company in New York City. It was a big company and we didn't work in the same group so it wasn't overly risque. Our relationship evolved in somewhat of a traditional way, with one conversation turning into another, then we met for an after-work cocktail, and then went out for a proper date.

After all the other dates we both went on in this big city, the one thing that stood out about us was that it was easy. Conversation came easy. Joking around came easy. Sharing true opinions came easy. Neither of us felt we needed to hide who we were from each other, as some do. After dating for two years, we moved in together. We got married in October of 2018. It was a beautiful wedding in the garden backyard of a restaurant we always loved. That night, we were surrounded by family, friends, little white lights, jazz music and sheer happiness. We would not have changed a thing.

Why Adoption

We are very excited to grow our small family of two into a lively family of three. In trying to conceive a baby naturally, we learned there are medical conditions that limit our opportunity to do so. While this was very sad to learn, it isn't stopping us from pursuing a bigger family. We truly can't wait to hold our baby in our arms and shower it with love, support, experiences and joy. We are so excited for all of it, from hearing baby laughs for the first time, to cleaning stinky diapers, to being a part of big and sometimes difficult life moments. We can't wait for all the challenging and rewarding aspects of parenthood, guiding our child through education, passions, first loves, and so much more.

Say Hello to Kate

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I come from a big family of huggers and talkers. Oh, and eaters. The Italian side of me really comes through. I'm very loving, nurturing and goofy... possibly a tad stubborn at times.... And am a strong defender of those I care about. In our home, I'm traditionally the sous chef, but pull out the family recipe book to make meals and desserts here and there. I can be an introvert but love spending time with my family and friends. I take an almost annual girls trip - I think it is important to take time to focus on yourself, and have a partner that supports you on this. I'm a marketing professional but there was a time when I wanted to be a children's book author and I wrote a few short stories. Maybe one day I'll pick them up again and pitch them to a publishing house.

From Kevin: Kate protects her loved ones like no one I've ever met. That and her kind heart is what first attracted me to her. Once my friends met her and asked to hang out with her with or without me, I knew she was special and I should stick around. Kate was made for being a mom, and the only thing missing from our life is the child we've both wanted for as long as we've been together.

Say Hello to Kevin

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I tend to live in the moment and a few steps ahead, but I don't spend a lot of time worrying about the past or too far in the future, or about things out of my control. I love being in moments and places- restaurants, live music, sporting events, or any kind of travel, and we intend to make all of those opportunities a big part of this child's life. We want her or him to experience lots of different pieces of the world so they're prepared to thrive in it. At the same time, I love being at home, plotting a big meal, or just creating something out of what happens to be in the fridge. Some work out better than others, but the fun is in the challenge of trying to put the pieces together.

From Kate: Kevin is an extremely thoughtful person. He's the first person to cook a meal for a friend who just had surgery or jump on a plane to see his best friend who had a baby. As soon as I get the sniffles, chicken soup is simmering on the stove. He also heads to Virginia to visit his parents whenever they need a little extra help. He's level headed, witty, and has a memory like no other! One day I want to sign him up for Jeopardy!

Family & Friends

Our families are spread out around the country. Kevin's family is primarily in Virginia - his parents and extended family are there - and his brother and sister-in-law are north of NYC. Kate's family is both a bit closer and farther away - she has a brother and cousin nearby in New Jersey (cousin has a one-year old little girl); a close cousin in Philadelphia; father and step-mother in Connecticut; mother and step-father in upstate New York; and brother, sister-in law, 5-year-old nephew and 2-year-old niece in Los Angeles.

We split Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays between our families and take trips to see family members a few times per year for birthdays, holidays, reunions, or just to visit. With FaceTime, we're able to 'see' them even more often.

Both of our families are over the moon happy for our adoption plan - they know how badly we want to have a child and are excited for us and our future family.

We have groups of friends that live near and far - some as close as down the street and some as far away as Colorado and Vermont. We have friends from every stop in our lives - from growing up, from college, from jobs, and more friends through those friends.

Our friends are incredibly supportive of our relationship and family journey. Many of them have children, and have been eagerly waiting for us to join them in the title of "parents." While our friends are spread near and far, it never feels distant. We usually see the friends who live close to us every couple of weeks. There's always something to do- a new restaurant, a leisurely walk in the park, or a night in together over board games (yes, we really do that).

Our Home & Community

We live in a brownstone apartment in New York City. We are a short walk from parks, playgrounds, gardens, libraries, museums, a zoo, sports/entertainment arenas, galleries, and shops. We take advantage of the options often...and there are still many on our list to try out.

We're in a city where backyards are rare, so the parks and playgrounds are where kids of all ages and backgrounds can run around and play safely. Throughout the year, our neighborhood hosts street fairs and events that further the sense of community, allowing kids to do fun things like face painting, pony rides and bounce houses. The parks and street fairs are packed on the weekends with kids having the time of their lives with their little buddies. We will absolutely be joining in!

We can find fun nearby or even a subway ride away, taking advantage of everything New York City has to offer. Sometimes, we just stay in and cook a family meal, salting away a lazy Sunday afternoon. We have friends nearby in our neighborhood, many of whom also have children, so there are play dates just a text away. We are a short walk from parks, playgrounds, gardens, libraries, museums, a zoo, sports/entertainment arenas, galleries, & shops.

In our community, we are active in the community garden right here on our block. There are plots of plants, live chickens and everything a child could want to explore. For most days in the spring and summer, the kids have the run of the place, giving them a chance to experience nature right here in the big city. Additionally, Kevin has spent time volunteering at a soup kitchen and women's shelter in our area, helping to prepare hot meals for those in need. The soup kitchen has operated for nearly 50 years, and while it saddens us to know there are people in need, we are proud to be able to help.

Interests & Hobbies

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Our travel tends to focus around seeing family and friends, who are primarily in the New York City area, Virginia and California. We also aim to take one big trip per year - for a few years they involved friends' weddings (Sweden and Spain), but recently we were left to our own devices and took a trip to Argentina.

Outside of traveling, we have similar and different interests and sometimes enjoy them together. For instance, Kevin is a huge Washington Nationals and Capitals sports fan and loves playing baseball. He tries to see a few Washington games live per season and of course catches them on TV too when he can.

Kate goes to the games and enjoys them, she just isn't quite to the level of fandom as Kevin is :) Kevin also likes cooking and experimenting with the grill/smoker when the weather is nice. Kate reaps the benefits - many delicious meals.

Kate enjoys the arts and goes to the theater and movies. In particular, she enjoys taking classes, like glass blowing and pottery, and going to see nontraditional shows on Broadway with her girlfriends that are a bit nostalgic like Mean Girls and Beettlejuice -they were a lot of fun.

Together, we recently saw To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway and took a wood working class to make wooden spoons - it was so difficult to do! It really is quite a skill.

At Home

We are looking forward to helping our child learn and grow. In our home we plan to:

o have regular home cooked meals

o read books at night

o visit with our families and explore our neighborhood together

We believe in trying new things, and instilling a sense of curiosity and adventure in one another and in our child, preparing her or him to be a citizen of the world that we want them to explore.

We Promise

We promise to love, cherish and respect you and your child. We'd ensure they know about their culture and have open communication around how their birth mother established this plan for us to be his or her parents. Our pledge to you is to provide this child with the love, stability and all the resources they'll ever need, and then some.

We have a happy life together and want more than anything to hold our child in our arms. Kevin has his dad jokes ready and Kate has some baby items she can't wait to use. Now all we need is a little one to complete our family.

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