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Thank you for taking the time to explore our profile and learn about our family. As you make the brave decision to provide a wonderful life for your child please know we respect your commitment to putting him or her first. Your selflessness is inspiring and we hope you feel supported and loved as you go through this journey. We are excited to share a glimpse of our life with you. You will see our deep love for each other, all of the fun we have together and how much love, safety and stability we can offer your son or daughter. We have been blessed by adoption twice and still have so much love to give.

Our Story

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We grew up across the country from each other. Kalian lived in California and Brandi lived in New Hampshire. Fate brought us together when we met through mutual friends in college and we've been together ever since. We were engaged during our senior year after eight months of dating and got married 11 months later. Kalian attended The United States Military Academy and immediately went to flight school following graduation. Brandi graduated with an elementary school teaching degree and followed Kalian to the South to live the Army life. We are excited to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this summer.

Marriage was the first best decision we ever made. We complement each other because Kalian is outgoing, confident and outspoken while Brandi is shy, reserved and accidentally very funny. We have grown in our love and respect for each other as the years have passed and can always count on one another in any situation. We are both thankful for the excellent examples of love, commitment and marriage our parents lived out as we were growing up and we are proud to be doing that for our children as well.

Why Adoption

After several years trying for children we learned we were experiencing unexplained infertility. We weren't sure if we would ever be able to conceive on our own so we began exploring adoption. We quickly embraced this amazing opportunity to grow our family because we wanted children to love and care for. We felt very strongly, and still do, that love, trust and commitment make a family and that was what really mattered to us.

Adoption has now been a true gift to our family, twice! We brought Kolton home forever from Ethiopia in June of 2006 when he was four months old and Abraham was born in Texas and joined our family in December of 2016 when he was one month old. We are so thankful we've been blessed and trusted by two selfless birth families and able to add to our family in such a special way. We are as amazed by our two adoption stories as other families are about their birth stories. Adoption is a miracle, it bonds two families together forever through unconditional love.

About Kalian by Brandi

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I can't tell you how thankful I am to be Kalian's wife. He has made me laugh since I met him over 20 years ago. He is the funniest and happiest person I know and he truly keeps the laughter and joy in our home. He is the most handsome mountain biker and helicopter pilot ever, runs his own business, trains Kolton for football, takes Abe out for Saturday morning adventures, rocks out at country concerts, enjoys hot weather and can be caught dancing at any special event, his best move is still The Worm. He is a master of the Traeger bbq, can't wait for snowboard season and never passes up beef jerky. He likes water slides, collects unique sneakers, watches NBA basketball and NFL football and listens to loud music while he works. He rarely misses a workout and loves lifting weights and running with Kolton. He is also the most patriotic person I've ever met.

Kalian is smart, loyal, determined, loving, strong, patient and understanding, but he also has an adventurous side which I admire. I call him a Super Dad because he is the best father to Kolton and Abraham in so many ways. He teaches them to be proud of who they are, to stand up for what they believe is right and to always go out of their way to treat others with kindness. I couldn't ask for a better role model and teacher for our sons and future child. He has coached Little League, volunteers for every single school field trip, is teaching the boys to fish, is a master at operating the skill crane and is always up for any ride at the State Fair. He plays endless games of SkipBo and Trouble, gives the best haircuts and gets into the pool no matter how cold the water is. He is always there to participate in any activity with our boys and has so much more love to share with a new baby.

About Brandi by Kalian

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Brandi and I are a match made in heaven. We were introduced by my best friend at West Point in 1998 and I was immediately intrigued that I could not get her to talk to me. At the end of our first date she jumped in her car, rolled the window down about half an inch, said "goodbye" and rolled it back up. The car drove off, my friends laughed hysterically and I couldn't tell if she liked me or not. Thankfully I'm not a quitter and we were married less than 2 years later at a small church in Brandi's hometown of Newport, New Hampshire.

Brandi is the most interesting and accidentally funny person I know. Her calm, cautious demeanor is the glue holding our family together. She makes sure Kolton is prepared for school, helps with homework and builds extra lessons to help him prepare for tests. She brings Abraham to play dates, soccer and swim lessons, prepares preschool activities they can do together at home and is our resident potty trainer. She loves to read, scrapbook, do daily Beachbody workouts and accompany the boys and I while we are fishing, mountain biking and snowboarding. She takes care of the house, feeds us something other than beef jerky, shuttles Kolton and his friends all over the place, keeps score at baseball games, makes snacks, packs coolers, hauls gear to and from our various adventures and still finds time to support all my business adventures. She is smart, hard working and in a first place tie with my mom for Best Mom on Earth. I can't wait to see her with a baby again.


It would be hard for us to be more proud of the young man Kolton is becoming. He is fiercely loyal, strong willed and, in his own way, very loving. He is a leader in his peer group and provides an excellent example for little Abraham. We love watching him absolutely torch defenses on the football field with his speed and quickness. He loves snowboarding, fishing, mountain biking, football and lifting weights. He does not love homework (lol). His favorite thing to do is swim with his friends in the pool and hot tub. We have no doubt he will be an excellent husband and leader of his family. We love him very much and thank God for bringing him into our lives.


Little Abe is a maniac. He is incredibly smart and curious. He was able to get over, through and around baby gates as soon as he could walk. He tries to make his own food, pour his own drinks, do the laundry, drive the truck...pretty much anything he sees us do. He is also very, very sweet and loving. When he isn't dive bombing off the back of the couch or sprinting around the house playing with his brother or the dogs he's sitting with Brandi and I. He loves his mother very, very much and wants her to hold him while she makes dinner, which is challenging since he weighs over 40 pounds. :) Abe will be a great older brother and is looking forward to helping Brandi with all the baby chores. Just like Kolton, we love Abe very much and thank God for bringing him into our lives.

Our Pets

We have two dogs: an 8 year old rat terrier named Nacho and a 6 year old pit bull named Fran. Nacho found his way to us when he was about a year old, his owner was retiring and ready to do some traveling and his energy level was a bit too much for her more relaxed lifestyle. He loves food, swimming and playing chase, but dislikes rainy days and cold weather. We found Fran at the SPCA when she was also about a year old. She had been recovering there after being hit but a car, but had recently been cleared for adoption. She loves absolutely everything and everyone, but is especially fond of toys she can pull the stuffing out of, big hugs and playing with Kolton and Abraham. We still haven't found anything she really dislikes. People often call them the odd couple because their coats are so similar, but their size and personalities couldn't be more different. They're both loyal, loving and full of life and couldn't be happier when the boys are playing with them.

Our Home

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We bought our current house three years ago and we're steadily making it our own. We have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two large living areas and a super fun backyard with an in ground swimming pool and brand new hot tub. Kalian's prized Traeger grill is also in our backyard so we spend many evenings out there swimming and grilling. We live in a peaceful, well-established neighborhood with many families who also have small children. All of our neighbors are friendly and reliable, they watch our dogs when we go on vacation, shared the cost when we replaced our fence and helped us install our new appliances last weekend. Kalian and Kolton work out in our garage and front yard almost every afternoon while Abraham and Brandi play catch, go for scooter rides or set up his water table to be outside with them. We are within walking distance to the local playground and the elementary school. We're also surrounded by many options for shopping and dining and can drive to the local zoo, a giant waterpark and many outdoor recreation areas in 10-20 minutes. We frequent the Greenbelt by the river for bike rides, walks or to go fishing. Our town is the perfect place to raise a family and we are very happy here.

Our Adventures

Our family is extremely active in the summer and the winter because we love outdoor adventures in the mountains of Idaho. Kalian and Kolton mountain bike, snowboard and fish. Brandi skis, takes care of little Abe and stores our memories in scrapbooks when we get back home. You can find us in the snow in McCall, Idaho in the winter, flying down trails in Eagle, Idaho in the spring and fall and swimming in the Boise River in the summer. We often watch the New England Patriots and the Sacramento Kings on TV, we attend weekly outings and play dates with Abraham's friends and we all love to do house projects together on the weekends. We also enjoy going to the movies, bowling and attending sporting events and live concerts. Our favorite places to vacation include the ocean in Maine, any part of the great state of Texas and our favorite resort in Cabo San Lucas. We do an annual Spring Break trip to the mountains with our entire family to ski, sled and enjoy the snow. It is a great opportunity for all of the cousins to spend time together and we look forward to it every year.


We celebrate all of the major holidays in our family, but we especially love Christmas and the Fourth of July. We always spend Christmas Eve and Christmas afternoon with family, but Christmas morning is reserved for just the four of us. The boys wake up early, we make our way downstairs and take our yearly photos in front of the tree. The boys open their stockings and a few gifts, but then we take a breakfast break for Egg Bake. Kalian's mom made tasty dish every Christmas morning and we have carried on her tradition. We have a deep love of family, freedom and the United States of America. Kalian served proudly in the US Army and all our grandfathers fought in World War 2. We teach the boys to love liberty, to work hard and that anything is possible in the greatest country to ever exist. We make a huge deal of celebrating America on July 4th and love to host a cookout for family and friends. One of our favorite traditions is helping raise 75 flags at the Idaho Veterans Cemetery for Memorial Day. One of Brandi's favorite parts of being a mom is making holidays and birthdays special for the boys just like her mom did for her while growing up.

In Closing

It is a challenge to summarize our entire life into this one profile, but we hope we provided you with a glimpse into who we are and how much we love each other. Family means everything to us and we are so excited to welcome a new baby into our home and our lives. Your child will always be cared for, live in a home filled with fun and laughter and know exactly how much you loved him or her from the very beginning. Our entire family strongly believes that more love is better love and your baby will always know this too. We look forward to learning more about you and hearing about the dreams you have for your baby. Your courage to make this brave decision for your child says so much about you already. Adoption is the most serious responsibility a husband and wife can assume and we are ready to bring your child into our lives. Thank you for considering us and may God bless you and your family.

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