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Our names are Josh, Kristen, and Appy (our Golden Retriever). Thank you for letting us share glimpses of our life with you here! We can't imagine the weight of the decision you are being faced with and the many thoughts going through your head. We recognize that considering adoption for your child is a monumental decision, requiring enormous sacrifice. Your courage is inspirational to us and our hearts are with you. If adoption ends up being the right choice for you and your baby and you choose us as adoptive parents, we would forever treasure the opportunity to grow our family and welcome your child into our home.

Why Adoption

We have always wanted to have a family and talked about it greatly while dating and the early years of our marriage. Adoption came up several times as we talked about what our future family would look like. After being unable to conceive naturally, we decided to explore other options.

Adoption is very familiar with Josh's side of the family as he has several cousins who were adopted. After hearing their stories and learning more about adoption, it felt like a natural fit for us and the next steps in growing our family!

This Is Us

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We run marathons and ultramarathons. We have 3 doctorate degrees between the two of us. We enjoy traveling and have traveled to 4 continents together so far. Our favorite trips have included trekking through Patagonia, visiting Kristen's relatives in Scotland, and working in a school in Tanzania.

We started our relationship as best friends and remain best friends because of the solid foundation we formed. Our personalities balance each other out very well and we bring out the best in one another. We value a pursuit of lifelong learning and education. We will instill this in our future child.

Kristen's hobbies include running, hiking, cross country skiing, playing with Appy, reading, listening to music, and learning photography. Josh's hobbies include long-distance running, rock climbing, downhill skiing and working in his research laboratory.

Meet Kristen

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Josh shares: Kristen is one of the most thoughtful, loving, and authentic people I have ever met. She is never one to be at the front of the crowd. Instead, while she is reserved, when she does speak, she does so with conviction. She is compassionate and continuously places other's needs above her own. She prioritizes and loves her family above all else which includes her love for our dog. Undoubtedly, she will be an amazing mother when the time comes.

Kristen shares: I would describe myself as reserved, cautious, caring and nurturing. I care deeply for my family and would do anything for those I care about. I work as a physical therapist in home health and I have a flexible schedule for work. I plan on working part-time once our family grows.

Meet Josh

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Kristen shares: Josh is reasonable and level-headed while at the same time not afraid to dream big. He is passionate about everything he does in life and never falls short of giving 100% effort to anything he wants to accomplish. While he loves his work, he is equally dedicated to giving his full attention to family and hobbies outside of work. He is one of the few people I know who is able to always make sure everyone around him feels important and special. I look forward to the day I get to see him devote his energy and passion towards raising a child.

Josh shares: I would describe myself as ambitious and passionate, and kind. I am one to set monumental goals for myself and revel in the process of accomplishing those goals. This spills over into all aspects of my life - running, science, medicine, and my family. I am in my medical residency in Pathology and plan to work as a scientist in the future. While I aspire to make a true difference in the world, I expect my greatest accomplishment will be as a father and in helping raise a loving family.

Our Happy Place

We live in a neighborhood in the suburbs with many wonderful schools, daycares, and playgrounds nearby. We live in a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and have a great backyard. Our weekend adventures depend on the season. In the fall and summer, we enjoy driving to the mountains to go hiking, camping, or running. In the spring and winter, we spend most weekends cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the surrounding mountains. On the weekdays, we enjoy relaxing in the evenings by watching Netflix, reading, or listening to music. We also enjoy exploring new restaurants near our house. Several nights during the week we make it a priority to cook together and trying new recipes and foods. We look forward to family dinners where we can all share about our day and create lasting memories with our future children.

We have a wonderful Golden retriever, named Appy. You may have noticed her in pictures. She is 6 years old and is full of energy. She is truly the sweetest dog ever. Appy loves to follow us wherever we go, but some of her favorite things are to cuddle, hike, swim, play in the snow and scuba dive for rocks. She will be a wonderful companion to a new little one that joins our family.

We Promise

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First, we want to thank you for investing your time in learning more about us as you explore what adoption could look like for you and your child. We know this is a big decision for you and we don't take that lightly. Before you go, we have a few promises we want to make to you if you choose us to parent your child:

We promise to love your child with all of our hearts, focus, and energy.

We promise to fully support your child in their interests, hobbies, and future education.

We promise to provide ample opportunities for your child to pursue a well-rounded, meaningful life.

We promise to model lives of honesty, compassion, and purpose for your child.

While we can't promise to always know the answers, we promise to always place the needs of your child above all else.

If an open adoption feels like the best choice for you, then we will promise to honor that wish.

We promise that our thoughts will always be with you and your child even if you do not choose us to parent your child. However, if you do choose us, we promise to be forever grateful for the opportunity to love and care for your child while loving you as well!

Lastly, we hope you feel supported and loved through this journey. We hope that whatever choice you make you feel a great sense of peace. This is your choice!

Love, Kristen, Josh and Appy

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