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Welcome to our profile! We know this may not be where you imagined yourself when you found out you were pregnant, but we are thankful you are here. We hope this shows you a small glimpse into our family life, and that it may fit into what you are looking for for your child. We know that you are considering adoption from a place of love but also from a place of sadness. We imagine the thought of adoption can be difficult and emotional and we want you to know that we are here to be a support system for you.


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We can never know just how much strength it has taken you to get to this point in your journey. We pray that you feel supported, loved and encouraged as you consider what the best choice is for you and your child. We know that adoption can come with much joy, but also heartache and those emotions are not lost on us. We believe you an amazing person who we hope to get to know in the near future. We hope to hear your hopes, dreams and goals for what you envision your life being.

Meet Azlynn

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Azlynn was raised on a dairy farm. She attended and graduated from private school in the next town over from where their farm was located. She grew up playing sports and even played soccer in college. Azlynn graduated from college with two Agriculture Degrees, so to say she is smart is an understatement. After a lot of conversation and prayer, we have decided that Azlynn will stay at home to take care of the family when the time comes. She is looking forward to that time that she can love and pour into our future children.

Azlynn loves to celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations...really anything worth celebrating and will be the party planner just to make sure it is celebrated! She loves being outdoors, tending to and watching her flowers and vegetables grow. Azlynn adores spending time with both of our families since they live very close to us. I can say without a doubt that she has so much love to give and will go out of her way to make sure everyone feels loved. That is one of the many things I love about her!

Meet Jordan

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Jordan was raised on a farm just as I was. He graduated from public school and attended the local community college. Jordan works for his family farm, because it truly is his passion. When he's not at work, he loves being able to come home and spend time together, dogs and all! At the end of the day, he gets so excited to see us, so I can only imagine just how happy he will be to come home with a little one waving to him!

Jordan loves spending time with our families, being on the water, and eating seafood. One of the things that I love about him, is when he sings to me while dancing in the kitchen. He truly is one of the most kind hearted humans and he amazes me with his compassion, daily.

Our Happy Place

We live in a rural part of our county on Jordan's family farm and we absolutely love it. We are close enough to all the important things, like a hospital and yummy restaurants, yet far enough away that we can have a peaceful evening in the back yard. In the evenings, you can often times find us playing with the dogs in the backyard or taking walks on the farm. On the weekends you will probably find us on the river which is near by fishing or taking in the serene and quite atmosphere.

Our "girls" are Harlow and Birdie. Harlow is our Lab mix and she is 10 years old. Birdie is our Terrier mix and is only 1 year old, even though she looks much older than Harlow. They are both wonderful pups and bring us so much joy. They both love children and are so gentle with them.

Our Traditions

One of Jordan's favorite Christmas traditions is playing games with both sides of his family. His other favorite tradition is eating lunch with his mom's side of the family on New Year's Day. This is very important to us to start the year out together with family, eating all of the good food together!

One of Azlynn's favorite holidays is Christmas Eve. Her family makes a big meal at our house and Jordan's family comes over. After dinner, we pass around a candle and tell everyone what we are thankful for. Every birthday we celebrate is extra special too because we go all out for everyone. It's their day and we love making it extra special for them!

Before our time ends, we want to share a few final thoughts with you!

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If you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, we promise to love you and your child unconditionally. We promise to support your child emotionally, financially, and to give them the best education possible. We promise to provide a safe and stable home where your child will always know they can express themselves. We promise to have dance parties in the kitchen as often as possible. We promise to laugh, cry and love through the hard times. We promise to offer hugs, kisses and support to your child as they navigate the emotions around their adoption.

We will always be committed to doing the best that we can for your child, no matter what.

With grateful hearts,

Azlynn & Jordan

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