Jon + Jenny

In our home: We laugh. Hard. We celebrate each other. We persevere. We talk about God. We help each other. We pray together. We share our gratitudes every night. We encourage each other. We are a team. We practice forgiveness and grace. We bounce back and start over. We have responsibilities. We are kind. We celebrate birthdays in a major way. We have movie nights, game nights, & pizza nights. We are better together.

Letter to You

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We do not yet know your name, but we have compassion and hope for you. We have learned so much these past years about the uncertainty or confusion those in unplanned pregnancies may experience. We believe, no matter what you decide, you are amazing and cared for by a mighty God.

We hope that you enjoy our profile. We are a real family with experiences & a life that can be crazy, but is filled with even more hope and joy!

We are in awe of your decision and indescribable love shown by desiring the best life for your child. Life doesn't always make sense. We believe that God works all things together for His glory and our greatest joy. We pray this for you. And we pray your life is full of a peace that comes from knowing you are loved and of great value.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read more about our family!

The Two of Us

We graduated high school together, and always had a little crush on each other. We found each other 14 years after graduation and started dating! Soon after we met for a casual coffee, we fell in love. In 2012 we married in a beautiful spring outdoor wedding. We share faith in the Lord, identical values, laughter, and the love of learning. However, our personalities are quite different which makes us a great match! While Jenny is more outspoken, Jon is quieter.

We are best friends and love growing together and individually. We support each other and strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

We both pour our hearts in to our daily lives. Jon is a respected leader at his company, and Jenny is a dedicated stay-at-home mom and is involved in adoption and cancer-related nonprofits.

We have a simple but full life. We love Christmas, date nights, football, biking, friendships, and relaxing. We are passionate about our diverse church and love how they show grace to every person. We love their children's program and treasure the friendships we have made.

With elated hearts, we are on the adoption journey. It is our firm belief that the only piece missing from our life is our next child, whom we already adore and love dearly.

Jon's Thoughts on Jenny

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Jenny is one of the most fiercely loyal people I have ever met. She wants the best for everyone, especially those closest to her, and more importantly is eager to make it happen. She has a true passion for improvement of the mind, body, and spirit - both her own and others. She is also incredibly gifted at turning a challenge into an accomplishment. I've seen her dramatically turn around her own fitness, grow exponentially in her faith, beat breast cancer, and help others with respect and compassion.

She is an inspiration to too many people to count, and her rich relationships illustrate this. There is no one better to have in your corner than Jenny. She is a fiercely loyal woman of God, who pours her heart into everything she does. If you add her faith and genuine passion for others together, you have a truly great force of nature.

Jenny and our son Shepherd have a very special relationship. She has imparted to him all the right values and perspectives, and they continue to get closer through this. The world would be a much better place if all sons were lucky enough to be raised by someone like Jenny.

Jenny's Thoughts on Jon

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I married the greatest man. Jon is a man of honor and integrity. His intelligence is off the charts, and I love the depth he uses to think through ideas. He has an uncanny ability to bring logic to any situation, and is a master at critical thinking. But more importantly, he is a strong individual who is kind and respectful to all.

Jon is a quiet man. He is not loud, but when he speaks, you'd better be listening, because chances are he will say something rather insightful or rather hilarious!

Jon can fix anything and loves home improvement projects. If he doesn't know how to do something, he will not quit until he has learned and mastered the task.

My favorite traits about Jon are his kindness, grace, humor, patience, and strength. I am amazed daily at the love he has for me and our son, Shepherd. He is a patient father and great teacher. He is the most involved father I know, and our son knows he has the best dad ever.

Who is Shepherd?

Shepherd is a happy boy overflowing with love, curiosity, passion, and joy. He loves cuddles, questions, building, books, baking cookies, and riding his bike and scooter! He is a pro at playing chase and hide-and-go-seek in the house. He laughs so much! He can barely wait for a brother or sister!

We are thrilled to have a new brother or sister join in on this fun and joy, and receive the same outpouring of love.

The Gift of Cancer

Jenny was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. She is fully recovered and healthier than ever - her life goal is to live to 100 years old! She received the most extensive treatments to ensure a long healthy life. She is a cancer survivor and there is no more cancer in her body! Cancer is part of our past now, but the lessons and joys will remain forever.

Perseverance, people, and love brought us through it.

This is the kind of family your child will be a part of. This is how we deal with pain or loss. We experience sadness, but we never let hardship win. If we fall, we get back up again. We love. We are fighters. We hold on to faith. And we come out stronger - every time.

We are amazed that there were so many gifts of cancer. This journey actually gave our family more love, confidence, and peace. This part of our journey led us to live life to the fullest every day!! This past pain has a purpose - Jenny now shares her story to help provide a light to others, and actively loves and serves many people battling cancer.

Our Promise

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Your child will have a safe and peaceful home.

Your child will be surrounded with love.

Your child will be taught strong values.

Your child will be taught resilience.

Your child will be taught to love others & them self.

Your child will be honored.

Your child's gifts will be nurtured.

Your child will learn to be generous.

Your child will be given great opportunities.

Your child will be given a great education, including college.

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