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As first-time parents, we are excited about and committed to providing a child with love, a peaceful home, structure and stability, understanding, hope for a great future, a broad worldview, a foundation in faith, a few adventures here and there, and a lot of laughter. We're in awe of the great love that you are showing your child as you try to make the best decision for your family. Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us.

The Story Of Us & Why We're Adopting

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It may sound crazy but the "story of us" begins on a ship in Madagascar. We were both called to serve on Mercy Ships--Andrea working mainly as a chaplain starting in 2013 and Johnson serving in leadership in the technical department beginning in 2014. We didn't come in search of love, but God had other plans and we were married in 2016.

We both knew that we wanted to build a family both naturally and through adoption. We both grew up with examples of adoption--some formal and some informal--and had long desired to have it be a part of our family's story. Serving as missionaries, it made sense for our family to start this journey biologically, but we always had the intention of growing through adoption. Adoption wasn't Plan B to a missed out Plan A but a part of the whole Family Plan from the beginning. And though our journey has included disappointments on the biological side, that has not dulled or changed our desire to build a family.

We feel strongly that the time and space we are in now is the perfect place for our family to bloom. We left the mission field in 2018 looking to get back to land and dig in some roots.

WE LAUGH A LOT. We have a pretty calm and simple lifestyle surrounded by community. We are simply trying to change the world--one person at a time.

Andrea (In Johnson's Words)

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I just want to introduce my wife to you. After Jesus Christ, she's the second best thing that's ever happened to my life. I love her so much. She is an amazing woman. She is a very strong woman and is someone who will always keep you accountable. Even when I'm doing something wrong, she'll let me know in a respectful way. She's everything. She's just full of good things and I love her so much. I remember when we parented some kids on the ship, that was when I came to know that she was strict in a good way with kids. The kids would quickly get me but she already knew how to handle children and everything. My wife is a hard worker and she's full of integrity and she tells the truth. I've never seen my wife lie. She's a pastor. She's a wonderful woman and I'm really proud to have my wife. Even all of my family members are proud of me for having this kind of a woman. There are some other women who, if a husband does something they won't let them know. No, that's not my wife. My wife will call it out for me in a respectful way. She will definitely let me know "hey you are the head of the family, but I'm sorry sir that this one you are doing is not good." And I don't want someone who says I am right all the time. We pray to stay missionary minded forever and we love each other. The most important thing is that we are on the same team.

Johnson (In Andrea's Words)

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If you walk into our house, you're likely to hear Johnson's boisterous laugh echoing from one of the rooms. My husband is so full of energy. He's humble and kind and would give anyone the shirt off of his back. If he had his way, he would feed the world from our kitchen and change lives one pot of goodness at a time. He doesn't get caught up in what others think about him. Johnson is a praying man who loves to dance and sing and laugh. His smile is infectious and his heart is huge. Though he's strong (and handsome) on the outside, his compassion and kindness show his softer side. He's open to trying new things and is a true servant leader. Johnson hates injustice and is always pulling for the underdog which is why he's studying to be a social worker while working as a patient caregiver and advocate. But what's the icing on the cake are the chocolate brown eyes that I'm truly blessed to look into for the rest of my life.

Princess Lalah, The Cat

Though she's a cat, we think she thinks she's a dog. Lalah is a cool cat who loves to be loved. She greets you at the door to tell you that she's missed you. She's social (unlike many cats) and she has managed to make a cat-lover out of Johnson despite his best efforts to resist her charms. She thinks every visitor, family member or friend is at our house to visit her and we have no doubt that she will assume that any child we welcome into our home will be her BFF for life. If you haven't guessed yet, she's definitely a snuggler and is easy to entertain with the simplicity of an empty box or bag.

Our Home

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We have been blessed with a home that is the essence of cozy and warm. It's in an established neighborhood with character and neighbors from all walks of life and generations. The three bedrooms and living spaces make a great house, but the love we have poured into it make it our home. Our prayer is that everyone who crosses the "HOME SWEET HOME" threshold will feel the difference. We've spent so much energy readying our space to be a safe, stable, peace-filled place that our child, other family and friends will be able to rest in.

The "Framily" (Friends & Family)

Community is the centerpiece of our lives. Both of us have large families of parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And beyond the family that has been granted us by blood, we have an extensive community of friends who are like family. Both our family and friends do life with us--sharing in the laughs, providing shoulders when we cry, challenging us to be the best we can be, and keeping us accountable day by day. The support we have both near and far is truly a blessing. Everyone in our village of family and friends is overjoyed at the idea of growing our family. We are excited to create new family traditions to add to those that we grew up with.

A Few More Things...

We strive to be people of...

  • LOVE

Here are a few other things you should know about who we are: The above 7 value words guide our family. We are a family of Christian faith and endeavor to be the church--walk the walk and not just talk the talk. We love meaningful traditions but try not to be stuck in the rut of what has always been done (ex. We started a tradition of doing Friendsgiving the week prior to Thanksgiving to allow us to join together in celebration and great food with friends and gratitude). We work with family-minded companies that provide us with flexibility and the tangible means to nurture a child. We are constant learners and are humbled that God has allowed us to study things that are meaningful to us. We try our best to communicate through disagreements and remember that we're on the same team at all times. We try to give each other and others grace to be human and loved no matter what. We try our best to value the lives of those who have been disenfranchised and show love and speak life to people that many overlook. We laugh a lot and try to follow Andrea's fathers guidance to kiss every day. We try to have date night every week and really enjoy one another's company.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to consider us in your plans. We realize that making a decision that is the best for you and your child is your utmost priority and not easy in the least. We hope that this profile has given you a sense of who we are and the kind of loving, stable, peaceful, and joyous life we will give our future children. Overall, we want to make the following promises to our child.

1. We will help you to become the best person you can be.2. We will honor your birth family.3. We will operate in integrity and teach you to do the same.4. We will teach you to have faith and show you how to live it.5. We will always be there for you through the laughter, tears, triumphs and trials of life.6. We will guide and teach you and help you find your way.7. We will protect and love you forever.

These are our promises. Should you choose us, we would feel honored and privileged to be a part of your child's story and look forward to hearing from you if that's the direction you would like to go in.

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