John + Erica

Love. It's the one thing we can promise you, and something we've got a lot of. We know you've got a lot of it, too.


Making the decision to place a child for adoption can only be done by someone who is full of love. By making this incredibly tough choice, you're putting the love and care of this child first. And that love is contagious. Because the amount of love it will bring into our lives, and those of our family and friends, is immeasurable.

We don't know who you are. We don't have any idea what you've been through. But we know that you're selfless, caring, and loving. And we're excited to have the opportunity to open our hearts up to both you and this baby to keep the love growing.

Our Puzzle

“Our Puzzle” Image

John and I met as students at the University of Oklahoma when my roommate and best friend, Carly, introduced us. We started dating a few months later. John is a year older than me, so when he graduated and moved to Texas, we dated long distance for a year. Luckily, OU football and basketball games kept him coming back to visit. We continued dating as we both settled into adult life, and four years after meeting, we got married in September 2012.

Even before we got married, we always said we fit together like two puzzle pieces. We've always been in sync with each other, whether its dominating a game of Taboo against our friends, or moving through our journey toward parenthood. We even have a secret handshake - it's really dorky.

We're so thrilled at the possibility of adding a child, a third puzzle piece, to fit perfectly into our family.

Why we're here

We first came to adoption after trying to grow our family for about two years. Those two years of infertility were tough, but honestly, we came to love each other even more during that time. When we started learning more about adoption, we knew it was right for us. The family we've built so far (John Erica Boomer) has so much love in it, and amplifying that love through adoption just made sense. Not only do we get to love a child, we get to love everyone else who loves that child, including you. We think of adoption as becoming part of a community - a community that loves and supports a child for their whole life. And we couldn't be more excited to join that community.

A view of John. By Erica.

“A view of John. By Erica.” Image

On any given day, if you ask me what I love most about John, my answer will be different.

Somedays, I might tell you that I love how funny he is. And when I say funny, I don't mean "haha good joke" funny. I mean "tears streaming down my face, can't catch my breath, falling off my chair" funny. It's no wonder he's in a comedy improv group that performs every other week. But even when he's not performing, he's doing impressions, dancing around the house, singing made-up songs and generally goofing around.

Somedays, I might tell you that I love how smart he is. John is one of those people that seems to know the answer to any question you might ask. And if he doesn't know it, he learns about it. That's probably why his trivia team loves him so much - in fact, they've been to the National Trivia Finals a few times. I love to ask John random questions at the dinner table, then have long discussions about how space travel works or who broke Babe Ruth's home run record.

Somedays, I might tell you that I love how authentic he is. John has always been one hundred percent, unapologetically himself. He stands up for what he believes is right, and his word is very important to him. If he tells a friend he's going to be there, he'll be there. If he signs up for a softball team that loses every single game, he'll still show up. If he tells his dad he'll fix his TV for him, he'll fix it that day - every time.

And even though what I love most about John might change from day to day, one thing is constant: I'm thankful to be married to a person who makes me better - makes me funnier, makes me smarter, and makes me more myself.

A view of Erica. By John.

“A view of Erica. By John.” Image

It only takes one word for me to describe Erica: driven.

It was that drive that led to her becoming a professional ballet dancer as a teenager. After shattering her leg in a car wreck brought an abrupt end to her dancing career, she was driven to go to college and seek out a different career path. And after a year spent healing, alongside intense physical therapy, she still managed to add ballet performance as a double-major (there's that drive again).

As tragic as it was for her, that car accident might have been the best thing that ever happened to me. It forced Erica to change her plans and go to college, where a few years later, she met me. I got my first experience with her drive when she asked me out (a fact I make sure she never forgets). Since then, I've been able to witness firsthand how driven she really is.

Erica is driven to succeed in everything she does. I thought I was the most competitive person in the world - until I met Erica (game recognize game). I've had the pleasure of watching her drive to succeed in her career, as an amazing wife, and as a friend who can always be counted on.

She's constantly learning, growing, and improving in the process, and everything she does seems to improve me. Now that we're both driven to grow our family, I'm thrilled that I'll be able to watch her become a mother, to raise a child that shares her drive, her compassion, and her willingness to help others. Because for all the work she puts into everything else, she makes me better without even trying.


Boomer is our 5-year-old goldendoodle, who, DNA tests have shown, is made of 50% fur and 50% love. Boomer loves his people. He loves snuggling, getting pets, and holding hands. Every person Boomer has ever met becomes his best friend.

He loves running, swimming, and playing fetch. He loves lying on his back with his paws up in the air and sticking his head under the couch to take a nap. He loves cheese and bacon and chicken.

We could go on listing the other things Boomer loves, but then this profile would never end. In his perspective, a baby will just be another thing for him to love.

Our Home

“Our Home” Image

We live in a house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, in a suburb just outside a big city in Texas. Our neighborhood is full of families - that's a big reason we moved here! When we take Boomer on walks, we always see kids on their bikes, families walking dogs, and friends playing in our neighborhood park. We have a pool in our backyard (which Boomer loves), and there's a neighborhood pool that's really popular with kids and their friends. John also converted one of the bedrooms in our house into a movie theater, complete with movie theater seats and arcade games. We spend most of our Friday nights watching movies and eating popcorn.

Not only do we love our home and our neighborhood, we really love our city. We've watched it grow in the five years we've lived here, and we love trying the new restaurants, visiting the new parks and meeting up with friends in new places. Another thing that drew us here is the great public school district. The elementary school is right here in our neighborhood, and the middle school and high school are less than a mile away.

When we moved here five years ago, we knew that we had found the house, the neighborhood, and the city where we wanted to grow our family - and we can't wait to make even more great memories here!

Our idea of fun

We love spending time with our family and friends, laughing, playing games (probably too competitively), and having fun. We try to find fun in everything we do - whether it's taking walks, hanging out by the pool, playing Nintendo, or filling out adoption profile books.

We love traveling and try to find a good balance between relaxing vacations and adventurous ones. So, we might find ourselves sipping drinks on a beach in Jamaica or sprinting through the streets of Rome because John put the wrong address into the GPS and we're going to be late for our tour. We might get massages at a spa atop a waterfall in Washington or get lost hiking a mountain through several feet of snow because John doesn't know how to read a trail map.

Whatever we do, we try to plan a getaway or two every year, and we're already looking forward to exciting vacations that John can get us lost on in the future.


Every Thanksgiving, Erica's whole family plays some kind of game that her grandmother makes up. Nobody ever understands the rules. This tradition started when she was really young in an effort to keep her and the rest of her siblings and cousins out of the kitchen, and we still play a new, made up game every year. Last year she divided us all into teams, and we had to write original songs using the toy instruments she gave us. We're never good at the games, but we do always have fun.

John was born on Christmas Day, so that time of year has double the traditions for us. To celebrate his birthday, John's dad always makes a huge birthday lasagna that we have for lunch, then we top it off with mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. For Christmas dinner, we always have tamales with Erica's family, continuing a tradition her mom kept with her family when she was growing up in Mexico. I guess you could say a lot of our traditions are food-based.

We both grew up spending parts of our summers on lakes - John in upstate New York, and Erica in Texas. We'd boat, fish, and swim with our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and grandparents. While we don't get to do it as much anymore as adults, we would love to introduce our child to these same summertime traditions we loved growing up.

Goodbye for now

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to open up to you and to reinforce that you're not alone as you wade through this process.

You can never learn everything about people in some pictures and a few paragraphs, but we hope we've given you a decent idea of who we are as people and what life would be like for this baby if we were chosen to be their parents.

We hope to get to know you better throughout this process, as you get to know us better, as well. We will be there for you every step of the way, and we promise that we'll follow up on your loving act by sharing every ounce of love in our hearts with this baby.

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