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First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking the time to consider us in one of the most important decisions you will make for you and your precious child. We are excited to share parts of our lives with you, so you can see who we are as a family and what everyday life looks like for us. We hope throughout this process you feel comfort and peace in whatever decision you ultimately decide. This is our second journey through adoption, so we are familiar with the things you might be going through. If you do choose to pursue adoption with us, our prayer is that our profile will calm your fears in knowing that your child will always be loved and cared for. While we don't know the emotions that adoption brings for you, we do know the pain and heartache that goes with loving a child who isn't in your arms everyday. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to you as you begin to explore the best options for you and your baby. We know you are facing an impossible decision, and we pray that God provides you with the comfort and guidance you need throughout this process.

Our Story

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We were introduced to each other at a baseball game by mutual friends. After many phone calls and conversations, we began a long distance relationship which included a 4-hour drive each way to see one another. After Joe relocated to my hometown, he proposed. A little over a year later, we married.

Our marriage is full of fun, honesty, understanding, respect, forgiveness, friendship, and best of all: love. Everyday we say how much we love each other. Our home is full of fun and laughter. We truly enjoy every minute of this life that we spend together. We love spending time with Parker, going to the movies, being outdoors, taking walks with the dogs, riding around in the jeep, hunting, fishing, spending time with friends and family, cooking out on the weekends, playing softball, taking vacations, going to the lake, watching our favorite baseball and football teams, we even enjoy shopping together!

Why Adoption?

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Joe and his sister were both adopted, actually through Gladney, and my sister was adopted through private adoption. Adoption is such a normal part of our lives, we always knew we wanted to adopt, we just weren't sure when.

On our journey to starting a family, we found out that we required fertility assistance, after two failed rounds of In Vitro Fertilization, we decided we wanted to proceed with adoption.

We adopted our son, Parker through Gladney in 2018. Being raised in a home where adoption is a regular conversation will help provide a unique sense of love and support to our son and future children as they grow. We also have several friends as part of our support network who have recently adopted. It's nice to have this little community around us.

Meet Casey (By Joe)

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Casey is the most caring and thoughtful person I have ever met. She has a true mothering instinct because she is always there to help anyone who needs it. She is also a fantastic organizer; although I love to tease her about her organizational skills. What she doesn't realize is that I truly admire her ability to tackle projects. She has helped many people on different occasions by lending a hand with organizing their home, life or schedule.

One of my favorite things about Casey is that we always make little competitions out of everyday life situations and although she is really good, I know she lets me win sometimes. I truly cannot express how much I love this woman who is my very best friend. Watching her become a mom and take that role head on has been spectacular to watch. She is genuinely the most amazing person I know and the best mom around. Casey is also actively involved in Junior League were they seek to help and better the local community.

Meet Joe (By Casey)

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Joe is in truth, just a big kid! He is warm, kind, respectful- a true gentleman. He is everything you could ever want a man to be. He constantly knows how to make me laugh, in fact, it makes it impossible to stay mad at him for anything. One of the things that I love about Joe is his ability to care for others. He does everything he can to make everyone around him happy while showing great compassion to their situations.

Watching Joe become a father over the last two and a half years has been so incredible. He is great with Parker and soaks in all the time he gets to spend with him. These two feed off each other and are two goofballs. It warms my heart to see them laugh and play and develop such a phenomenal father/son bond. I am grateful each day that I get to spend this life with this man.

Joe works as a Financial Advisor in an office with his dad and one other broker. He loves his job! There is something about helping people set up and plan for their financial future that he excels at.

Meet Parker

We adopted our son, Parker, in 2018. In April we got the call that we had been chosen by Parker's birth family. Two weeks later, we took placement of Parker and met his birth family. We had lunch with them, and greatly enjoyed the time we spent with them. They wanted more of a closed adoption, so we send the regular updates to them through Gladney. We want his birth parents to feel included in Parkers life as much as they are comfortable with. Parker has always been such a happy baby. You will rarely catch him without a smile on his face!

One promise we made to his birth parents was that he would be loved by everyone around him and he has been. Our whole family has welcomed him with open arms. He is an extremely smart and curious little guy. Many times when he sees something for the first time, he studies it, then tries to master it.

Parker is so excited about a brother or sister, he has been carrying around a baby doll for the last year cuddling, rocking, feeding and changing that baby. We are so excited to watch him learn to be a big brother and teach his future sibling(s) about life.

Our Dogs

We have 3 wonderful and excited dogs. Macie, a Springer/Boykin Spaniel, was Joe's before we were married. She is so sweet and loving towards everyone she meets. She actually went blind from a hereditary disorder four years ago, but you would never know it, she has adapted so well. Macie loves sniffing around the yard, digging small holes, swimming, and she adores being loved on. We got Bailey, our Australian Sheppard/Border Collie, about 7 years ago. For a dog, she has quite a personality. Bailey always had to be the center of attention until Parker came into the picture. Now her focus is on him, always! She loves to watch and play with him. Boss is a Labrador Retriever. Boss' favorite thing is to retrieve- no matter if we are hunting or just playing fetch in the yard. He would do it ALL day long if we let him. He's such a sweet and lovable dog! Boss also loves Parker- mainly licking his face, hands, and eating leftover snacks!

Thank You

We hope that this profile has given you a glimpse into our lives and the life your child might lead, and we hope that gives you comfort. We know that there are so many unknown thoughts and concerns running through your head, but please know, this child will be loved immensely by everyone around them if you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us. We vow to give your child the best life we possibly can; we hope to encourage them to lead a life of faith, honesty, trust, hope, fun, and most of all- love.

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