Jeff + Kimberlyn

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We are humbled by your strength in taking this difficult step to choose adoption for your baby. Wherever your journey leads you, rest assured we will cherish every day with your baby and never take this blessing for granted. We do not have any children but have many nieces and nephews we adore who are looking forward to adding you and your baby to our family. We are not perfect but if you choose us we will always provide a loving, safe, and stable environment surrounded by loving family members.

A Little About Us

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We grew up in the same town and met in high school. We began dating a few years after graduating high school. After dating for a number of years we were married in a local church surrounded by family and friends. We have a very large extended family with aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews who are all eagerly awaiting a new family member. We just had our 10 year anniversary. We do not have any children yet but we do have two small dogs who we think of as our, "furbabies". We have been trying to have a child for the past 7 or 8 years and tried IVF multiple times. After our last attempt we decided we needed to go in a new direction and began researching adoption. We continue to pray for the opportunity to expand our family though adoption, and we thank you for considering us as parents for your child.

We both love traveling and visiting new places, going to the movies, and taking the nieces and nephews to parks or fun centers. Kimberlyn enjoys making bows for the community little league team, wreaths for the holidays, and other crafts. Jeff enjoys fixing things, fishing, playing billiards, and learning more about his profession. Having barbeques with friends and family is another great way we like to spend the day.

A Little About Jeff by Kimberlyn

After graduating high school Jeff attended culinary school in New York. After deciding that he wanted a more stable job he moved back to Texas and to begin x-ray school. We were reunited at a friend's house warming party, dated through x-ray school and were married later on.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys working outside and taking care of our 12-acre property. He also enjoys playing billiards, fishing, and fixing iPhones and other electronics. Jeff's schooling, travels, and experiences have given him an excellent work ethic and foundation in values.

When we moved to be closer to my parents there weren't any x-ray jobs so he went back to nursing school. Jeff enjoys helping people through his job as an RN.

A Little About Kimberlyn by Jeff

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The first thing I noticed about Kimberlyn was how she was so happy and full of energy. After graduating from high school she helped her family run a barbeque restaurant which is part of the reason she's such a great cook. She has always had a soft spot when it comes to animals, whether it's moving turtles across the road or picking up small stray dogs and helping them find their way back home. Kimberlyn will make a great mom. She has helped raise her younger brother and is always inviting her nieces and nephews to come spend the night. She's always wanting to take them to waterparks or fun centers.

Kimberlyn used to work as a medical coder but quit during our rounds of IVF for medical appointments and to reduce the stress on her. She might eventually go back to work part time but for now she wants to stay home to take care of the house and our future child.

Our Home

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We have a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house sitting on 12 acres of property, 5 miles outside the city. We have lots of room to run and play. In the fall when family comes over for the holidays we'll play kickball or softball. We have lots Christmas lights and decorations we enjoy setting up outside. We also have a large covered back deck where we sometimes sit and enjoy nature or the sunset. Two of our neighbors are also nurses and are always there if we need anything.

Meet Mazey & Phoebe

Our two chihuahuas are Mazey and Phoebe. Phoebe is a mama's girl and hangs around Kim most of the time. Mazey usually sleeps in the same room as Jeff and loves to get excited and run around the house in circles over and over. They both love to watch us eat and wait for a small taste of what we're having. Phoebe will stand on her hind legs and spin like a ballerina in order to get a treat. We live next door to Kim's mother who has a black lab (Jake) and a yellow one our niece named (sunshine). They are both big teddy bears and great with all the kids that come around.

Our Special Message To You

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We will always love, guide, and support your child. They will have the best education available. They will learn that their word is their bond. They will learn forgiveness, to be punctual, humble, and compassionate. They will be surrounded by a large family with lots of love. They will be taught to live life to the fullest. Most importantly, they will know you as their loving birth mother (to the extent you're comfortable with) who provided us with the greatest blessing of all.

Thank you very much for taking a moment to learn a little about and consider us. We have wanted to be parents ever since we married. Our promise to you is that we will love, cherish, and provide every opportunity for your child to grow and develop into a healthy, happy, and intelligent individual. We are coming into this with an open mind and heart and would love for you to keep in contact as much as you choose. We look forward to learning more about you and would love to share more about us if you are interested in forming this lifelong bond.

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