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Hello there. We would like to tell you why we are excited to start a family and the things we want to share with a child. The first, of course, is love and family connection. We have talked about our desire to parent together since we started dating. What is missing in our lives is a child to care for and love.

About Us & Why We're Here

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We have a strong bond and are devoted to one another. We laugh a lot and have lots of fun together. We want to make a kid laugh! We want to see a little face light up with wonder at Christmas. We want to take nature walks in the woods and jump through waves in the ocean. We want to enjoy with our child all the magical things we love in this world! We also want to read books to our kid and help with homework. We want to go back-to-school shopping. We want to have dinners together as a family. These everyday things are what we are longing for most. We want the opportunity to be good parents!

We have no way of knowing what led you here, but we are grateful you're taking a look at us now. If you do choose adoption, you will give some family immeasurable joy through your sacrifice. Adoption is life changing for all involved, and it is an honor that you're even reading this in the first place. So, thank you for taking the time to check us out. Whatever you decide, we wish you happiness and peace in your heart.

We met in 2002 and were friends for a long time. We each felt there was something there, but didn't express it because the timing wasn't right. Then in 2014 something clicked and we became a couple. We were married in less than a year and have enjoyed life together ever since. We love each other very much and are deeply committed to one another. We each strive to put the other first and to understand how the other thinks and feels about things.

We have wanted a child since the beginning, but there were issues with fertility and unsuccessful treatments. This was difficult at the time, but it ultimately made us stronger as a couple. Adoption became the obvious avenue to grow our family, and we couldn't be happier to be on this path.

All About Leah - by Jason

Leah is a giving, caring, and all-around fun person with a great sense of humor. She's one of those people that lights up the room. She just makes people feel good and happy to be around. She is a natural with kids and a few of our friends have asked her to be godmother. I feel like Leah has one of the most admirable jobs that I can think of, as an Orientation and Mobility instructor. She teaches blind people of all ages how to get where they want to go independently, without help from other people. She is serious about what she does and she loves her job.

Some things Leah enjoys are taking long walks with our dog Otto, true crime detective shows on TV, and traveling. There is nothing like a day on the beach with Leah. Our house is like an art gallery with all the pieces she has collected. She has a vast and incredible knowledge of music and a record collection to match. If there is a karaoke machine around, look out! Leah is a thoughtful person who puts other people first to make sure they are happy and having a good time. I know that she will put her whole heart into being a loving mother.

All About Jason - by Leah

Jason is an awesome guy. He is kind and patient, and a loyal friend. I have never heard him gossip about anyone, and secrets are always safe with him. One thing that always strikes me about Jason is his quiet confidence. He doesn't brag and he doesn't compete for attention. He's never the guy in the room who's like, "Look at me!" He's confident about who he is and that's really cool. Jason works hard and never complains. He can spend hours toiling away in the yard and garden and do it with a smile. He has a passion for the things he likes to do, and these things often spring from his creativity. Jason went to art school and is really great at painting and drawing. He makes elaborate cards for me, sometimes just because. He is a very thoughtful gift giver too! Jason is a talented musician, and has a studio in the basement where he plays a variety of different instruments. Cooking is something he really enjoys and he is soooo good at it. Anybody who knows him will tell you that! He believes that preparing and sharing meals together is a great way for people to connect. Jason enjoys reading noir fiction books, riding his bicycle on scenic country roads, and gardening. He makes hot sauce from the peppers he grows to give to friends and neighbors.

Jason is a family man at heart and is devoted to the people he loves. He calls his parents every week and they spend hours on the phone. He is a loving son, brother, uncle, and son-in-law. My mother recently had a birthday and we invited the family to our house. Jason did all the cooking and made the cake. He is the best! He is silly too, and he makes me laugh a lot. One of his favorite things is to sit on the porch and listen to a baseball game. He also likes to sit and listen to the owls hooting in the trees at night. I think he is just the coolest and I love him to death!

Our Home & Pets

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Our farmhouse is located in a semi-rural area. There are farms nearby yet plenty of families and kids. We are under thirty minutes from a major city and one hour from the ocean. It is the perfect setting for us because we have easy access to the culture of the city while surrounded by nature. Our home is a fun and cozy place. We listen to music a lot. There are tons of records and books a child would have access to. Jason also has many different musical instruments a child could learn to play. There is a large garden in our big backyard. We grow many kinds of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. The community we live in has an excellent school system. Our friends love to come visit, and they often say how much they enjoy being at our house.

We live with a sweetheart senior dog named Otto, and an affectionate middle-aged cat named DeeDee. They are total goofballs and give us a lot of laughs. You should see Otto eat corn on the cob! Pets are a big part of our family and we plan to always have them in our home.


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We love to travel! Since we got together, we have had many adventures and gone to several U.S. states and a couple different countries. We like to really get to know a place and experience its culture and local cuisine. We've explored caves in West Virginia and ancient ruins in Oaxaca, Mexico. We've seen the vast beauty of the Nevada desert and the lush environment of the Costa Rican rainforest. But we don't just take big vacations. There are lots of neat places relatively close and we take a lot of day trips. We will continue to travel and learn about this big world as much as we can.

Before You Go

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There are some important things we want you to know. When we become parents, we will always have our child's best interest at heart and do our best to build a healthy foundation for life to come. Our situation is such that one of us will be able to stay home with the baby through early childhood. Learning is important in our home and educational pursuits will be supported by us financially and emotionally. We will pay for as much college as we can, if that's the path this child wants to take. We will encourage them to be an independent thinker and make good decisions. We will do our best to prepare this child for the good things and the bad things that can happen. With our life experiences, we feel we are well equipped to be positive and nurturing parents, but we promise to keep an open mind in this ever-changing world. We can also promise a lot of silliness and laughter!

If it turns out that you decide to place this child in our hands, we promise to honor you in our home. If involvement and open communication is what you want, we will be on board wholeheartedly. While it is difficult to summarize ourselves in this profile, we hope this gives you some insight into what our life looks like and what's in our hearts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a bit about us!

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