Jamie + Preston

We're honored that you may be considering us to care for your child, and we're thrilled that you're considering making an adoption plan for your child. We couldn't be more thankful and appreciative for your selfless decision. We greatly look forward to meeting you and learning about your journey up to this point, and how we can best serve you and this child in the months and years to come.

How We Met

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Even though Jamie didn't remember, we first met in law school, and then, after graduation, re-met each other at a housewarming party for a mutual friend. Unbeknownst to Preston, just a short while later, Jamie began jokingly telling friends at the party that the two of them had secretly eloped after law school and that Preston was her husband. Welp, it turned out that way in the end, anyway! We dated for 3 years, got engaged in 2017, built a house, and married in 2018. It's been a wonderful adventure all along the way!

Why Adoption

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Since we were married, adoption has always been a topic of conversation for growing our family. Even before marriage, Jamie has felt called to adopt. Our love of family and desire to have a large, close-knit family has only grown since we said our vows. And, as our roots have deepened in our community and church, we knew this was the right time to embrace a new member of our family. Words can't describe how excited we are to start this new chapter in our lives to love on and provide for your child.

Meet Jamie

Some of my favorite hobbies include designing floral arrangements, reading and attending a monthly book club with friends, planning parties for friends and family, stand-up paddle boarding, tennis, and all things holiday! I love to make every experience an adventure (and with a theme!) and love traveling! Roadtrips are my favorite, especially to the mountains.

Meet Preston

My favorite things to do are fishing (anywhere, any day, any time, no matter the obstacles); traveling with Jamie, friends, and/or family; competition/tournament paintball; and collecting $1 souvenir casino chips from around the world (current stash is about 60 different ones). Something funny I like to do is make up quippy new lyrics to songs when singing in the car, usually to make Jamie laugh. Though Jamie loves a roadtrip, I prefer taking a quick flight with a carry-on to get to where I'm going (hopefully somewhere with water so I can fish!).

Our Pets

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Buster (aka Kitty-Boy) is our three-year-old orange tabby cat with a wonderful, colorful personality who sticks by our side at all times when we're at home, even in bed at night; otherwise, he's on patrol for birds, squirrels, and anything else that moves, safely from his post at the front door or on the window sill. We adopted Buster as a baby kitten via a ranch/barn rescue, where he and his siblings had been left, and Preston's mom found them there.

Beulah (aka BooBoo) is our twelve-year-old, fun loving [insert breed--we don't know!] "Jack Russell-ish" tan wire haired dog who Jamie adopted while in college. Beulah is named after Jamie's 93-year-old grandmother, Beulah, and this creates all sorts of fun and confusion when both are in the same room. Most famous for escaping her leash and chasing a jackrabbit through a field of cactus while Beulah and Jamie were on a hike in West Texas. She came out looking like a pin cushion, but survived another day to tell the tale.

JoJo (aka Jo) is our eight-year-old "Boston Terrier-ish" black and white dog who Jamie adopted while in law school. JoJo is the fastest and most agile of the crew, who all play and sleep together (yes, Buster included), and named after Jamie's late grandfather, Joe. She often races other dogs (and wins) at the parks and lakes near our home.

Our Home

Preston's mom and dad worked together to build our dream home. We love having plenty of space, yet a cozy atmosphere in our home and built our house with entertaining and family in mind. We have a big patio with a fireplace for lounging and enjoying good weather, as well as a backyard fit for some family fun. We are lucky enough to have several best friends and members of our church who live within a couple of blocks with their young children, and we see them often. Our Godchildren often spruce up our driveway up with colorful sidewalk chalk. We love having the freedom to walk over to a friend's home for dinner during the week or an afternoon grill out on the weekends. Your child will experience community and safety in our neighborhood (and an impressive display of holiday spirit from our neighbors and us!).

Christmas at Our House

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Christmas is the grand finale of each year. Being Jamie's favorite holiday, our home is decked out for Christmas, with a themed tree in every room of the house and outdoor lights to match. We love to relax and roast marshmallows by the fire, gaze at Christmas lights all around the city, and attend festivities all month long. On Christmas Eve, we host an all-inclusive dinner with both families (including all of the kids - who love to help decorate Christmas cookies) and close friends, after which we create an assembly line to box up hot meals for the homeless in our city and attend the midnight candlelight service at church. Although Jamie wishes December could stretch on throughout the entire year, we admittedly listen to the occasional Christmas tune or watch a Hallmark movie mid-year (at Jamie's request).

Our Promise

Thank you for wading through our profile. It is hard to put into words how grateful we are to serve you and love your child. We both promise that we will do everything in our power to provide a safe and loving (and fun!) environment in which he or she can thrive, be themselves, and trust in a loving God.

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