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Thank you so much for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child. We admire you for your love for your child and are deeply touched by your courage and strength as you make this adoption plan for your baby. After many years of praying for children and the heartbreak of infertility, we are beyond thankful to have been blessed with our precious little ones, who have come to us both biologically and through adoption. We both feel strongly that we have a space still in our family for a child for us all to love, and our children are already excited and praying for the baby that God has for us! We can't even express how excited and blessed we feel to be able to grow our family through adoption. We are confident that God is leading us to give a child a loving, supportive, happy home, and we are humbled to be a part of this process.

Our Story

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We met in college in 1999 through mutual friends at church and fell in love pretty much immediately! Since Liza was only a freshman, and Jady already a senior, we only had one year together in the same small college town before he graduated and moved about three hours away. That first year we were inseparable, enjoying getting to know each other and talking about our future. Jady waited patiently, and once Liza's graduation was less than a year away, we were engaged. Deciding to get married turned out to be an easy decision for us, since we both just knew we were meant to give our lives to each other.

We have known each other for 20 years now, and have spent that time as best friends who love and support each other-- and have lots of fun! Now 16 years into our marriage, our relationship has deepened as we have grown and been stretched in our roles as parents. We are so thankful for each other and can't wait to continue to expand our family together in the coming years.

Jady (According to Liza)

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Jady is SO, so much fun. Anyone who knows him would tell you that he's outgoing, hysterically funny and loves people. His kindness and contagious humor make him the type of person that everyone likes to be around, and his heart-on-his sleeve openness help him instantly and easily to connect with others. Jady is sweet and sensitive and willing to share himself and his emotions with me and everyone he loves. He is a man of deep faith and commitment, to God and to me and to our family. He's incredibly smart, but also humble and hard working, and he loves his job as a preacher and minister. He's curious and a deep thinker and a loving friend, husband, father, son and brother.

Whether changing diapers, leading us in silly songs or wrestling with the children before bed, he is a hands-on, present, loving father. He is all in for his family, a leader and protector, and he will love your child with all his heart. I am so thankful for Jady, and I cannot wait for you to meet him.

Liza (According to Jady)

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One of the greatest gifts a person could be given is to have Liza as a friend. She is thoughtful, sacrificial, caring, hard-working, and loving, which are all reasons why I'm so thankful that she's my best friend! From the moment I saw her, she has made me think, laugh, and love in ways that I never thought possible. She is a person who is truly beautiful on the inside and out.

Liza is a great helper and encourager to me. I truly don't know what I would do without her! I've been amazed to watch how she mothers our children with love, care, and concern in such a thoughtful and faithful way. To know Liza is to have your view of the world made just a bit better, and to spend your life with her makes every day better than the one before.

Things We Love

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FAMILY - Our family is huge. We both come from loving, happy homes and are so blessed to have supportive parents, siblings, nephew and nieces and more cousins that you could count! Our adopted child will instantly be welcomed by our families, who are nearly excited as we are!

They are praying with us for God to match us with just the right birth mother and just the right baby for us to love.

OUR HOME - We live in a lovely neighborhood, on a quiet street, surrounded by kind neighbors and lots of young children playing and riding bikes. Directly across the street from our house we have a lagoon (pretty common where we live), but ours has a magical quality: there is a bridge leading to a small island with a bench and a huge live oak tree draped in Spanish moss, and from there we love to spot turtles and count fish, to toss pebbles into the water and watch for egrets and ducks.

Our home is a joyful, safe place where children can play and be creative. We spend lots of time in the kitchen, savoring slow meals together and trying new, delicious things. We read, we pray and sing and explore outside together. Liza stays home as a full time mother, which we believe helps to give our children the consistency and foundation for a peaceful home.

TRAVEL - Several years after we were married, we moved to Europe and lived in Germany and then Austria for a total of nearly six years. During that time we fell in love with travel, visiting as many new places as we could on a student budget! Our love of travel, of learning, exploring and experiencing new things, are thing we share and make a part of our family.

CHURCH- As a minister, Jady's whole job is in church, and we love our congregation! Attending services on Sundays is something we both did with our families growing up, and it has been such a joy sharing our love of the church with our own little ones. Each week we leave renewed and encouraged in hope, and thankful for all that God has given us. Our church family has embraced our children and truly helps us give them the full life of fun, training, joy and love that we pray for for each of them. And our children get so excited to go to church any time!

The baptisms of each of our children were such special occasions, celebrated by family and church friends. Another happy day and answer to our prayers (bottom right): the day John legally became a member of our family!

What Adoption Means to Us

Adoption was already near to our hearts, even before we welcomed our son, John, through adoption. Liza grew up with four adopted first cousins in her hometown, and her aunt and uncle are full of wisdom and encouragement about building a family through adoption. Since we graduated from college, three of our close friends have all adopted children into their families, as well as Jady's cousins and Jady's brother and sister-in-law. We are so thankful for the sacrifice of birth mothers like you and the gift of adoption for these precious children and for families like us.

We can't even express how excited and blessed we feel to be able build our family through adoption. We are confident that God is leading us to give a child a loving, supportive, happy home, and we are humbled to be a part of this process.

Thank you!

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